First Amendment

  • 1798
    Editors Imprisoned Under Alien And Sedition Acts

  • 1836
    Efforts To Stifle Debate About Slavery

  • 1918
    Sedition Act Punishes WWI Critics

  • 1919
    'Clear And Present Danger' Exception Recognized

  • 1948
    No Religious Instruction In Public Schools Allowed

  • 1961
    Symbolic Speech Is Protected

  • 1962
    Prayer Not Allowed In Public Schools

  • 1964
    Supreme Court Places Limits On Libel

  • 1966
    Freedom Of Information Act Passes

  • 1976
    Money Spent In Political Campaigns Considered Speech

  • 1989
    Limits On Religious Items Displayed Around Government Buildings

  • 2010
    Corporate Spending Limit Rejected

  • 2011
    First Amendment Protects Funeral Protests
    Ban on Sale of Violent Video Games to Children Rejected

  • 2012
    U.S. Can't Require Graphic Warnings on Cigarette Packs
    Person's Right to Lie Is Protected

  • 2014
    Court Rejects Overall Political Donation Limit

  • 2015
    Intent Cited in Online Threats Case
    Town Ordinance on Signs Struck Down
    Muslim Inmates Allowed to Grow Beards
    Court Says Texas May Reject License Plate Design
    States May Limit Judicial Candidates' Fund-Raising Requests