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Four books may be downloaded at no cost, by chapter or the complete book. Our Constitution takes an in-depth look at the Constitution. Our Rights draws on historical case studies. The Pursuit of Justice analyzes 30 widely taught Supreme Court cases. Understanding Democracy explains the core concepts of democracy in an A-Z format.


Ready to play? Students may choose from these games, which will help them learn about the Bill of Rights, the executive branch, court system, how a bill becomes a law, the three branches of government, and media literacy.


Teachers will find standards-aligned lesson plans to accompany the videos in Annenberg Classroom. Lesson plans that teach critical thinking skills are also available.


Timelines connect to each of the articles and amendments in the Constitution as well as to topics, such as health care, energy and the environment, and women’s rights. Also available is an interactive in which judges explain the parts of the Sixth Amendment.


The video library contains two series: The Constitution Project, which comprises award-winning documentaries of landmark Supreme Court cases, and Conversations on the Constitution, in which Supreme Court justices discuss constitutional topics with high school students.


Here you will find Annenberg Classroom’s sister sites, our recommended sites for research, and best civics sites for teachers.