Women's Rights

  • 1769
    Women's Property Rights Restricted

  • 1777
    Abigail Adams Writes On Women's Rights

  • 1826
    First High Schools For Girls Open

  • 1833
    First College Opens Its Doors To Women

  • 1838
    First All Women's College Is Founded

  • 1839
    Women Gain Limited Property Rights

  • 1840
    Women Barred From Participating In World Conference

  • 1848
    First Women's Rights Conference Held In Seneca Falls

  • 1849
    Medical Degree Awarded To A Woman For First Time

  • 1852
    Women’s Temperance Society Established

  • 1866
    American Equal Rights Association Is Founded

  • 1868
    Fourteenth Amendment Ratified By States
    National Labor Union Supports Equal Pay For Equal Work

  • 1869
    Women's Movement Splits Over Civil Rights Issue
    First Girls-Only Preparatory School Founded
    Wyoming Territory Passes First Law Giving Voting Right To Women

  • 1870
    Women Allowed To Sit On Grand Jury in Wyoming
    15th Amendment Ratified, Allows Ex-Slaves To Vote

  • 1872
    Equal Pay For Equal Work Required For Female Federal Employees
    First Woman Nominated For President
    Susan B. Anthony Arrested For Attempting To Vote

  • 1873
    Comstock Law Is Passed

  • 1874
    Women’s Christian Temperance Union Founded

  • 1875
    Supreme Court Denies Women The Right To Vote

  • 1878
    Susan B. Anthony Amendment Introduced In Congress

  • 1879
    Women Allowed To Practice Law In Federal Courts

  • 1890
    National American Women's Suffrage Association Founded
    Wyoming Gives Voting Right To Women

  • 1896
    National Association Of Colored Women Established

  • 1900
    Women Gain Property Rights In All States

  • 1903
    Women’s Trade Union League Formed

  • 1908
    Ruling On Work Hours Seen As Blow To Equality Drive

  • 1909
    Labor Uprising Occurs In New York City

  • 1913
    Congressional Union Is Founded

  • 1914
    Margaret Sanger Calls For Legalization Of Contraceptives

  • 1915
    Suffragists Drive Across Country To Support Women's Rights

  • 1916
    National Women’s Party Organizes White House Protests

  • 1917
    First Woman Elected to U.S. House

  • 1919
    Federal Government Creates Women’s Bureau
    Congress Proposes Women's Suffrage Amendment

  • 1920
    League Of Women Voters Created
    Nineteenth Amendment Is Ratified

  • 1921
    American Birth Control League Is Founded

  • 1922
    Ruling Says 19th Amendment Does Not Explicitly Give Voting Right To Women

  • 1923
    First Equal Rights Amendment Introduced

  • 1931
    Jane Addams Receives Nobel Peace Prize

  • 1932
    National Recovery Act Is Passed

  • 1934
    First Woman Appointed To Federal Appeals Court

  • 1935
    National Council Of Negro Women Formed

  • 1938
    Fair Labor Standards Act Establishes Minimum Wage Without Regard To Sex

  • 1941
    Seven Million Women Join Workforce During World War II

  • 1945
    Women Industrial Workers Begin To Lose Their Jobs
    Equal Pay For Equal Work Bill Again Introduced

  • 1953
    'Women’s Lib’ Is Coined

  • 1960
    Food And Drug Administration Approves Birth Control Pills

  • 1961
    Court Upholds Different Treatment Of Women As Jurors
    Eleanor Roosevelt To Lead Commission On The Status Of Women

  • 1963
    'The Feminine Mystique' Published
    Congress Passes Equal Pay Act

  • 1964
    Title VII Of The Civil Rights Act Of 1964 Passed

  • 1965
    Law Struck Down Banning Contraceptive Use By Married Couples

  • 1966
    National Organization For Women Established

  • 1967
    Civil Rights Protections Extended To Women

  • 1968
    Sex-Segregated Help-Wanted Ads in Newspapers Ruled Illegal

  • 1969
    California Adopts First No-Fault Divorce Law
    Ruling Opens Former 'Men-Only' Jobs To Women

  • 1970
    Thousands March In First Women’s Strike For Equality

  • 1971
    Court Strikes Down State Law That Excludes Women

  • 1972
    Title IX Of Education Amendments Of 1972 Passed

  • 1973
    Supreme Court Establishes Abortion Right
    Women-Only Branches Eliminated In U.S. Military

  • 1974
    Pregnant Women Cannot Be Forced To Leave Jobs
    Congress Bans Sex Discrimination In Consumer Credit

  • 1976
    Court Establishes 'Intermediate Review' For Sex Discrimination
    U.S. Military Academies Open Admissions To Women

  • 1978
    Employment Discrimination Against Pregnant Women Barred

  • 1980
    Federal Guidelines List Sexual Harassment As Discrimination

  • 1981
    Sandra Day O'Connor Is First Woman On Supreme Court

  • 1992
    Supreme Court Upholds Right To Abortion
    Record Number Of Women Run For Public Office And Win

  • 1993
    Family Medical Leave Act Takes Effect

  • 1996
    Military College Ordered To Admit Women

  • 2003
    Wage Gap Gets Worse

  • 2009
    Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act Signed Into Law