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The Unfinished Business of Women’s Equality: Educators’ Guide


Throughout most of American history, the idea of gender equality simply did not exist. Laws and social traditions held that women were not equal to men. This began to change in 1920, when American women won the constitutional right to vote. While the 19th Amendment granted women the rights of citizenship, it did not result in full equality for women, and since then, from the halls of government to the schoolroom to the boardroom and even in their homes, women have continued to advocate for changes in attitudes, customs and laws that inhibit equality.

This guide for K-12 educators provides four types of activity suggestions and related resources for your upper elementary, middle or high school students: class starters; in-depth classroom activities; projects/performances for assessment; and culmination activities.

This guide is designed to be flexible, with the intention that you pick and choose, mix and match based on your classroom needs. Each activity is labeled with recommended grade level and estimated time allotment, includes objectives and corresponding content knowledge standards, and provides ideas for adaptations – variations and extensions. The activities are designed to engage students and allow them to interact with the material and with one another, and the range of choices provides options for students of different learning styles.

Download this guide.