Right Against Self-Incrimination

  • 1789
    Fifth Amendment Proposed

  • 1791
    Fifth Amendment Ratified

  • 1924
    Right Against Self-Incrimination Applies In Some Civil Cases

  • 1944
    Only Individuals Have Right Against Self-Incrimination

  • 1951
    Right Against Self-Incrimination Broadened

  • 1955
    No 'Magic Words' Needed To Trigger 5th Amendment Privilege

  • 1964
    State Defendants Also Have Self-Incrimination Privilege

  • 1965
    Prosecutor Cannot Comment On Defendant's Silence

  • 1966
    'You Have The Right To Remain Silent...'
    Self-Incrimination Privilege Applies Only To Testimony

  • 1968
    Tax Law Found To Compel Self-Incrimination Struck Down
    Defendants Cannot Be Forced To Choose Between Rights

  • 1990
    Miranda Not Required When Police Are Undercover

  • 2001
    Innocent Can Invoke 5th Amendment Right

  • 2002
    Convicted Sex Offender Can Be Penalized For Not Confessing

  • 2004
    Lobbyist Invokes Fifth Before Senate Panel

  • 2006
    General Is Silent In Prisoner Abuse Cases
    Convictions Of Foreign Nationals Not Told Of Right Are Upheld

  • 2010
    Court Refines Miranda Rule

  • 2013
    Silence Before Miranda Warning Can Be Used Against Suspect At Trial