Right to Vote - Women's Equality

  • 1769
    Women's Property Rights Restricted

  • 1777
    Abigail Adams Writes On Women's Rights

  • 1848
    First Women's Rights Conference Held In Seneca Falls

  • 1866
    American Equal Rights Association Is Founded

  • 1868
    Fourteenth Amendment Ratified By States

  • 1869
    Women's Movement Splits Over Civil Rights Issue
    Wyoming Territory Passes First Law Giving Voting Right To Women

  • 1870
    15th Amendment Allows African American Men To Vote

  • 1872
    First Woman Nominated For President
    Susan B. Anthony Arrested For Attempting To Vote

  • 1874
    Voting Not One Of 'Privileges Or Immunities' Of Citizenship

  • 1878
    Susan B. Anthony Amendment Introduced In Congress

  • 1890
    National American Women's Suffrage Association Founded
    Wyoming Gives Voting Right To Women

  • 1896
    National Association Of Colored Women Established

  • 1913
    Congressional Union Is Founded

  • 1915
    Suffragists Drive Across Country To Support Women's Rights

  • 1916
    National Women’s Party Organizes White House Protests

  • 1917
    First Woman Elected to U.S. House

  • 1919
    Congress Proposes Women's Suffrage Amendment
    Congress Proposes 19th Amendment

  • 1920
    Nineteenth Amendment Ratified
    League Of Women Voters Created

  • 1922
    Ruling Says 19th Amendment Does Not Explicitly Give Voting Right To Women