Takings Clause

  • 1791
    Fifth Amendment Ratified

  • 1876
    Government Can Take Over Private Property For Its Use

  • 1896
    Government Project Does Not Have To Benefit All Members Of Society To Be A Public Use

  • 1897
    Court: Not Every Public Use Requires 'Just Compensation'

  • 1922
    Law Requiring Mining Firms To Pay For Damage After Sale Struck Down

  • 1923
    Definition Of Public Use Is Further Expanded

  • 1946
    Congress Can Define Amount Of Land Needed For Public Use

  • 1960
    Court Expands Property For Which Government Must Pay 'Just Compensation'

  • 1978
    Investment's Lower Value Due To Preservation Law Not A 'Taking'

  • 1987
    Public Beach Access Rule Rejected As 'Taking' Without Compensation

  • 1989
    No Absolute Rule For How To Calculate 'Just Compensation'

  • 1992
    Loss Of 'All Economically Beneficial Uses' Of Land Equals A 'Taking'

  • 1994
    Private Property Owners Given Greater Rights

  • 2001
    Court Eases Way For Property Owners To Claim 'Taking'

  • 2005
    Court: Land Can Be Taken For Private Development