Right to Assistance of Counsel

  • 1791
    Sixth Amendment Is Ratified

  • 1932
    The 'Scottsboro Boys' Case

  • 1938
    Indigent Have Right To Counsel In Federal Cases

  • 1942
    Attorney With Conflicts Cannot Give Effective Counsel

  • 1954
    Denial Of Counsel Is Ruled Unconstitutional

  • 1963
    Right To Counsel For Indigent Extended To States

  • 1964
    Counsel Must Be Present At Questioning Before Suspect Charged
    Counsel Must Be At Questioning After Suspect Charged

  • 1966
    'You Have The Right To Remain Silent...'

  • 1967
    Defense Attorney Required To Follow Through On Appeal
    Right to Counsel Applies At Pretrial Identification Lineup

  • 1975
    Counsel Cannot Be Forced On A Defendant

  • 1977
    Type Of Questioning That Triggers Right To Counsel Widened

  • 1979
    Possibility Of Jail Not Enough To Trigger Right To Counsel

  • 1980
    Rules Clarified On Identifying Lawyers' Conflicts Of Interest
    Right To Counsel Exists When Someone Other Than Police Gathers Evidence

  • 1984
    Court Defines Test For Ineffective Counsel
    Standby Counsel Does Not Violate Self-Representation Right

  • 1985
    Assistance Of Counsel On Appeal Must Also Be Effective
    Ineffective Counsel Standard Applies To Plea Bargains

  • 1986
    No Police Questioning Can Occur After Attorney Is Requested

  • 1993
    Defendant Must Be Mentally Competent To Waive Counsel Right

  • 2000
    Court: No Self-Representation Right On Appeals
    No Absolute Requirement To Appeal Client's Conviction

  • 2002
    Ineffective Strategy Does Not Mean Ineffective Counsel

  • 2003
    Court Restates Right To Effective Counsel In Capital Cases

  • 2009
    Limits Eased On Questioning Suspects