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Search and Seizure: Mapp v. Ohio

In 1957, Dollree Mapp stood up to police who tried to enter her home without a search warrant. Her act of defiance led to a landmark Supreme Court ruling in Mapp v. Ohio that limited police powers. This documentary explores the Fourth Amendment case in which the Court ruled that evidence illegally obtained by police is not admissible in state courts. The 1961 case redefined the rights of the accused.

Awards & Honors

  • CINE Special Jury Award
  • CINE Golden Eagle Award
  • Clarion Award
  • Certificate of Merit from the Chicago International Film Festival Television Awards
  • Award of Excellence from the Best Shorts Competition
  • Chris Statuette from the Columbus International Film + Video Festival
  • Silver Award from the International Academy of the Visual Arts
  • Award of Excellence from Videographer Awards
  • 2013 Silver Award from Davey Awards
  • Gold Award from the Aurora Awards