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National Immigration Law Center

The National Immigration Law Center analyzes proposed immigration legislation and litigates on behalf of immigrants’ rights. The NILC partners with community advocates in states that have high immigrant populations and works to help low-income immigrants get legal, medical and social assistance. The NILC’s website includes a number of publications and resources having to do with immigration issues, including in-depth analyses of legislation on driver’s licenses, employment, Social Security and public benefits.

While the NILC has an undisguised agenda to promote immigrants’ rights, its policy analyses are usually straightforward. The website does link to and contain biased resources, but the NILC provides solid overviews of legislation and state and federal rules regarding immigrants, as well as updates on proposed legislation.

The NILC is funded by foundation and individual donations, grants from state and federal government agencies (including the Department of Justice), publication sales, and attorney fees. A list of major donors is available.

Comments: The NILC frequently goes to court to defend immigrants’ rights, but its website is also a valuable resource for information on relevant cases and legislation.

Political Leanings: Pro-immigration and immigrant rights