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Migration Policy Institute

The Migration Policy Institute is a nonpartisan think tank that studies international migration. According to its website, the institute “provides analysis, development, and evaluation of migration and refugee policies at the local, national, and international levels. It aims to meet the rising demand for pragmatic and thoughtful responses to the challenges and opportunities that large-scale migration, whether voluntary or forced, presents to communities and institutions in an increasingly integrated world.”

The institute does not lobby for or against specific legislation. Rather, it performs research and analysis to inform policymakers and advocates. Its research covers refugee protection and immigration in the United States and Europe, with a focus on social, economic and political integration. The website offers a number of research papers and press releases and a link to the “Migration Information Source” online journal, as well as an online bookstore.

The institute is funded by donations from a number of international governments, foundations and organizations. The list of donors includes Booz Allen Hamilton, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Rockefeller Foundation and the U.S. Census Bureau, among many others.

Comments: The institute is an excellent source for impartial, well-researched data on immigration. It gives a realistic portrayal of U.S. and international immigration without advocating a particular position.

Political Leanings: None