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Habeas Corpus: The Guantanamo Cases

One of our oldest human rights, habeas corpus safeguards individual freedom by preventing unlawful or arbitrary imprisonment. This documentary examines habeas corpus and the separation of powers in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks as the Supreme Court tried to strike a balance between the president’s duty to protect the nation and the constitutional protection of civil liberties in four major Guantanamo Bay cases: Hamdi v. Rumsfeld, Rasul v. Bush, Hamdan v. Rumsfeld and Boumediene v. Bush.

Closed captions available in English and Spanish.

Awards & Honors

  • Award of Excellence from the Best Shorts Competition
  • Gold Award for Best of Show from the Aurora Awards
  • Silver Screen Award from the U.S. International Film & Video Festival
  • Gold Eagle Award from the CINE Gold Eagle Awards
  • Gold Award from CINDY Awards
  • Silver World Medal from New York Festival's International TV & Film Awards