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Federation for American Immigration Reform

The Federation for American Immigration Reform is a nonprofit organization promoting more restrictive immigration laws. FAIR favors improved border security, an end to illegal immigration and restrictions on legal immigration, which means that the legislation it supports is often spearheaded by Republicans and its concerns correlate with conservative causes. FAIR bills itself as a nonpartisan organization, and it will support Democratic legislation if it restricts legal and illegal immigration.

FAIR representatives have spoken to the media and testified before and lobbied Congress on the subject of changes to immigration law. On its website, FAIR offers data on the costs and prevalence of immigration, some of it based on original analysis. It also publishes policy analyses and reports about immigration issues, including the societal and economic ramifications of immigration.

The organization was founded in 1979 by John Tanton, a controversial, anti-immigration figure. FAIR’s website does not offer a list of individuals or organizations that support it financially; however, the liberal site shows that the conservative Scaife Foundation and its subsidiaries make large contributions to FAIR.

Comments: FAIR is a conservative group in favor of strict immigration controls, which is evident in its reports and publications.

Political Leanings: Conservative