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Federal Judicial Center

The Federal Judicial Center is the “educational and research agency for the federal courts.” Its website contains research on federal court operations, procedures and court history as well as educational resources for judges and court employees. Congress created the center in 1967 to study the court system and propose improvements to it. The chief justice of the United States chairs its board.

Profiles of all federal judges since 1789, histories of individual courts and summaries of landmark judicial legislation can be found in the Federal Judicial History section. The extensive publications section includes detailed guides – such as manuals on complex litigation and scientific evidence – to help lawyers, judges and judicial employees. The site also links to notices of class-action lawsuits, information about other prominent litigation, and helpful resources such as the U.S. Sentencing Commission and the Supreme Court. Additionally, the center  lists and describes all educational programs attended by state and federal judges since 1900.

Comments: The Federal Judicial Center is a very useful resource for nonpartisan and comprehensive information regarding all aspects of the judiciary.

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