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Environmental Protection Agency

The EPA was formed in 1970 by President Nixon and Congress as an independent government agency to coordinate and oversee the preservation and protection of the environment. Previously, various environmental programs had been handled by different departments.

The agency’s website contains a wealth of information and is easy to navigate. Visitors can use the Quick Finder to locate material on a particular topic, the Programs page to find out about EPA initiatives, or Laws, Regulations and Dockets for information on legislation. In addition, there is a hub specifically designed for high school students, which includes information on environmental issues and careers, scholarships and awards programs.

Finally, the History page provides links to the agency’s past accomplishments and its annual performance and accountability report, which recaps the year’s programs and finances.

Comments: The EPA’s site contains a great deal of useful information on environmental issues, the nation’s laws and EPA initiatives. While the agency’s priorities are often dictated, to a greater or lesser degree, by the occupant of the White House, the EPA is considered by many to be a solid source of information on environmental issues.