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Census Bureau

The Census Bureau’s website offers far more than its up-to-the-second clocks with estimates of the U.S. and world populations. There is, of course, a general summary of the most recent census. A link from the home page brings up the American FactFinder, which allows the user to retrieve complete census breakdowns of the U.S. population by age, race, home ownership status and many other categories within cities, counties, states or even ZIP codes. The FactFinder is also the place to find complete data sets organized according to congressional district boundaries. The Statistical Abstract of the United States offers an extensive, text-based explanation of the census data, including information about immigration. Census provides annual updates of U.S. household income, as well as data on Americans living in poverty and persons with and without health insurance.

Comments: The Census Bureau provides a wealth of information on Americans, and the website is a valuable research tool.