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What are the civil rights issues of today?

By John Vettese, Student Voices staff writer

When the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its decision in the 1954 case Brown v. Board of Education, the impact was felt across the nation. More than simply a document written in legal language, the ruling was a catalyst that sparked a movement: the civil rights movement.

In Brown, the court decided that the “separate but equal” doctrine was inherently unequal; it violated the 14th Amendment’s promise of “equal protection of the laws.” The country’s public schools, some of which made a practice of separating black students from white students, were officially required to desegregate. This inspired citizens around the nation to rally against all forms of institutionalized racial discrimination – from voting rights to equal access to public services to workplace rights.

In the decades that followed, significant progress was made, including the Civil Rights Act of 1964 – a law banning all forms of racial discrimination – and the appointment of the nation’s first black Supreme Court justice, Thurgood Marshall, in 1967.

And the movement didn’t stop there. What are some contemporary civil rights issues?

Women’s Struggle for Equality

When women were granted the right to vote by the 19th Amendment in 1920, they weren’t suddenly elevated to a level playing field with men. Inequality and discrimination continued, particularly in the workplace. After Brown, the women’s movement turned to the 14th Amendment in its fight for equal rights. The Supreme Court case Ledbetter v. Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. in 2006 brought into focus the wage gap – the statistical 80 cents on each dollar that women are paid now compared to men. Although the Supreme Court ruled against Lilly Ledbetter (based on its interpretation of the statue of limitations to file a lawsuit), Congress later passed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009, giving women more leeway to fight discriminatory pay.

Gay Rights, from ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ to Marriage

Discrimination based on sexual orientation is also prevalent today. Ironically, one of the laws viewed as discriminatory – the U.S. military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy – was intended as a progressive act. Signed into law by President Bill Clinton, it allowed gays to serve in the military. But they could do so only if they did not divulge their sexual orientation, and their commanding officers were prevented from asking about it. As it played out, the law was criticized for forcing gay military personnel to conceal their sexual identities, effectively living a lie to serve their country. In 2010, a federal judge ruled it violated the First Amendment right of free speech because gays could not openly discuss their sexual orientation and the 14th Amendment’s due process clause. This month, repeal of the policy took effect, but the battle for equality continues on other fronts. The right of same-sex couples to marry has been an intense debate for the last decade and a half. Advocates say the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause guarantees gays and lesbians the right to marry. The Obama administration has said it will no longer enforce the Defense of Marriage Act – the 1996 law defining marriage as a legal union between a man and a woman – meaning the issue is entirely in the hands of the states. Some states, such as Vermont, Iowa, New York and Massachusetts, have passed laws allowing gay marriage. Other states allow civil unions for same-sex couples, and others still have passed outright bans – most recently California’s voter-approved referendum Proposition 8, which is expected to be heard by the Supreme Court.

Americans with Disabilities

The right to equal facilities and equal access for Americans with disabilities is not based in the Constitution but is a federal mandate. Before the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, it wasn’t required that public buildings, schools and workplaces have curb cut-outs and ramps for people in wheelchairs. A key problem with the ADA, however, was that many people had a very narrow view of “disabilities” – wheelchairs – and the law in practice wound up limiting the rights of other people it was trying to protect. In 2008, Congress passed and President George W. Bush signed the ADA Amendments Act, broadening the language of the law to make it clear that the word “disability” refers to any impairment, physical or mental, that limits the activities a person is able to participate in.

Immigration Rights

After the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the country became more suspicious of and resistant to immigrants. The issue of illegal immigration became a hot topic in the media, as well as in political debate, and states began passing tough laws targeting illegal immigrants. But even if someone is in the United States illegally, the Supreme Court ruled over a century ago in Yick Wo v. Hopkins that noncitizens are also covered by the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment.

What do you think?

What are the civil rights issues of today? What can the federal government do to better protect the rights of women? Should the federal government be involved in protecting the rights of gay citizens? Should the Americans with Disabilities Act be broadened further? Should illegal immigrants receive equal protection of our laws? Join the discussion!
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Bowling Green, KY
Monica Valencia
Mrs.Clark/ Bowling Green High School
Todays civil right issues includes not giving people of different sexuality the same rights as those that are straight. For example, not giving them the right to marry in most states. The government can regulate oppurtunities for women.Yes, because they are defenseless compared to the entire u.s population. No, it is good as is and should not be changed any further. It depends on where they're from and their situation.

Bowling Green, KY
Majlinda Mirena
Mrs. Clark/Bowling Green High School
Civil rights issues today include discrimination when it comes to voting rights, economic opportunities, education, and poverty. For example, those who are in a lower class sometimes aren't able to find a job that will help them provide for the essential needs to properly raise their family because of discrimination. I think the federal government can make people more aware of the issue, so that others will be on board when it comes to doing a better job at protecting the rights of women. The federal government should be involved in protecting the rights of gay citizens because they're still human and it's the right thing to do when they are protecting the rights of citizens. The Americans with Disabilities Act should be broadened further since many people with disabilities are discriminated in getting jobs and that isn't a way to live. The illegal immigrants that have don't have a criminal record should receive equal protection because they are humans as well.

Bowling Green, KY
Jeton Ademi
Mrs.Clark/ Bowling Green High School
Today there are many Civil Rights that are not met. There are racists, sexists, and many more. They can pass more laws and more strict laws to enforce the equal rights women should have. I feel like the government can protect gay laws, but shouldn't have a say in them, like who can and can't get married. I feel like today we have a pretty good system with the Disability Act and it ensures enough safety and equality to them. I feel that illegal immigrants should have the opportunity to become citizens and hard workers of this country, but yes after that they should receive equal protection, they're still humans.

Bowling Green/Kentucky
Clark/Bowling Green High school
i think a person should be able to love who ever they want. if the person is the same sex then so be it. if they are different then that's cool too. it is up to them if they love someone they cannot be told who they can love.

bowling green ky
joseph f
mrs. clark bowling green highschool
People with disablities are like normal people but just need a little more help to move around. When making bills the people there trying to help should always be in mind.

Adrianna Musa
Twin Falls High School
gays are equal to lesbiens but not straights

Twin Falls, Idaho
Adrianna Muse
Twin Falls High School
Gays can get marriage, but I will not support them. I was born in a Religious home. So i don't care do as you will just don't bug me with it.

I dont like discrimination, but it will never go away and neither racism.

New Jersey
Robert R. Lazar Middle School
WOW... Those are lot of civil rights issues America! YAY AMERICA!! serisouly those are a lot of issues!

if everyone was created equally, then why are some of us discriminated against??? why is it illegal in some states for gays to be married? why do women only make 88 cents when men make 1 dollar? how is this fair in any way???!!!

People need to stop discriminating people just because they are different, If someone is different than you, you need to GET OVER IT

Everyone deserves there civil right this is unfair FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS!!!!

Northwestern Middle School
Everyone should have equal rights it's not fair for someone to have more rights than you!!

Allendale Sc
Allendale-Fairfax High
im not gay but i think its fair that they should be able to get married

Ms keion/Stem Academy
Gay right is not right but let people do what they do

STEM Academy@Bartlet

Ms keion/Stem Academy
Gay right is not right but let people do what they do

Savannah, GA
STEM Academy at Bartlett
I think Immigration Rights is a huge problem.

The stem Academy
I think the the gay rights is a big issue because people shouldn't be judged on who they like

STEM Academy
Gays should be able to get married and not be judged about it. My friend is in a gay relationship and she is judged a little but she doesn't let it affect her.

STEM Academy
I think gay rights is just people thinking that it is bad but it is really not .my friend she has a gay relationship and people in our school and people don't care just like what if you have a gay relationship would you want people to be treating you that way so why do you treat people like that

Twin Falls, ID
Twin Falls High School
Taking away human rights goes from being an "opinion" to dehumanizing people. It is ridiculous to see how many people are against equality for all. I agree with Mejrima; all people are equal and if you are a human being you deserve rights. People are claiming that the bible says no but as Mejrima said, things are different now. I want everyone that is against it to think about how same sex marriage effects you that doesn't involve religion. The bible was written by people thousands of years ago. Times have changed. And if you believe in god, god isn't supposed to hate anyone - that's kind of his whole thing. We are all humans and are supposed to have civil rights and freedom of speech. And most of these people haven't even developed their opinions on their own. That's what they were taught by their parents and their religion and they are too scared to branch outside of what they are taught.

Twin Falls, ID
Twin Falls High School
I am very outraged as I look through all these ignorant comments. Outraged to hear that women shouldn't have equal rights. Outraged to hear that gays shouldn't be protected and allowed to show their affection to each other. Outraged to know that racism is ok to some people. Civil rights is defined as, the rights of citizens to political and social freedom and equality. Civil rights are basically human rights. As long as you are a living human being, you deserve to have human rights. You deserve to live how you want to and choose what you want. You deserve to be equal. The bible has no say in this. The bible was written by humans thousands of years ago and the time era has changed. Your god may not approve of it but think for yourself. The bible allows human sacrifice and the degrading of women. If you don't support that then don't say you don't support gays because of your religion. Most of the children that commented in the discussion posts have no idea what they are talking about. Its sad to see the world so negative about each other. We as human beings all deserve human rights. Just because you don't like it or support it, it doesn't mean you can dehumanize half the population.

Collinsville Middle School
Gay people were born the same way as straight people.

Sequoyah High School
Gay people are human beings just like everyone else. So why cant they have equal rights like the rest of us.

north carolina
ms hanly
Let gay people get married

Chico, CA
Burton PVHS
Woman deserve entirely equal pay and collages need to stop defending men who raped woman to defend their "good name" because of the situation. Rape is rape.

Ms Burton, PVHS
Men are always favored for certain jobs because employers think that only men can properly do that job.

additional civil rights issues of today are judging people on the color of their skin. The federal government can treat women as fair as men to better protect the rights of women. The federal government should protect the rights of gay citizens cause it would help make other people think of the rights for gay citizens.

Chico California
Evan Oelrichs
Mrs. Burton/ Pleasant Valley highschool
1. The racial steriotypes and racial tension between blacks and whites. 2. On job applications do not list color or gender. 3. Yes I believe that their should be equality for all no matter their sexual orientation. 4.I do not know enough about the issue to make an educated opinion, be however I do think broadening it would be helpful. 5. I do not believe that they should, because they don't participate in the workforce as much.

Chico, CA
Octavia Wilkins
Ms. Burton/PVHS
Gay rights and People with disabilities. protect the rights of women by paying them equally the way you do for men. give them jobs that you wouldn't normally give to them. treat them like they're men if that's how they want to be treated.

I think immigrants should get the same equal rights. They are still people

chico california
liliana granados
beth burton, pleasant valley
What are the additional civil rights issues of today? Women struggle for equality, gay rights, Americans with disabilities, immigration rights What can the federal government do to better protect the rights of women? They shouldnt check for the gender when you vote because if we are all "equal" then it shouldnt matter. Should the federal government be involved in protecting the rights of gay citizens? Why or why not? Yes, they should be involved because every human being has the right to happiness. Its in our amendment. Should the Americans with disabilities act be broadened further? Why or why not? I think that the disabilities act should be kept as it is because there is already support for them and a law about the ramps. Should illegal immigrants receive equal protection of our laws? Why or why not? Yes i think that they should. Just because there were born in a different place, doesnt mean that they dont deserve the same rights as everybody else that lives in the same world. And Americans have that right.

Everyone should have equal rights. :P

malieahrose w
ms. b, pvhs
The federal government can fully support the women rights. I think the federal government should protect the rights the rights of gay citizens because they should have the choice to do whatever they want. I think immigrants should have equal protection because if they came to the Usa or anywhere else, they oblivously don't want to be where they were before

Mrs. Burton
Everyone should be treated by the way they treat other people. Its not our life to control others life by not giving them rights to do whatever they want. Well, not to do bad thing but let them make history about them self. The color skin doesn't matter. What matter is what you do and be a good role model so everyone can follow tour steps. Everyone have the right do marry the same sex as them or not. That's what the want and feel. Everyone just wanted to be happy, and live a life without no one judging them and be with whoever.

chico california
Mrs. Burton pvhs
racial discrimination specifically the Ferguson case is a civil rights issue. Also, gun control is a big problem too for a lot of people. women deserve more rights, they need equality with man even though its said in the constitution that we are equal not all people follow that. we have gay rights because of the people but if the gov. didnt pass it there would be no rights for gays. people with disabliities should have help with there life more and get more support provided so they can maintain a happy life like everyone deserves. i think immigrants should be protected illegal or not in the U.S. because if they made it from a bad place to the U.S. then they dont deserve to be sent back

Chico, CA
Ms. Burton/PVHS
Racial Discrimination is still a civil rights issue of today Equal wages, equal chances should be involved in protecting the rights of women The federal government should be involved in protecting the rights of gay citizens because they can make laws to help them to get married to the people they want to. The American with Disabilities Act should be broadened because some people look down on people with disabilities like they're not as good as them. Certain illegal immigrants should receive equal protection of our laws because some immigrants are good people and some are bad.

chico, ca
Ms. Burton / pvhs
racial discrimination specifically the ferguson case more woman in office yes, because without the federal goverment there wouldnt be any rights for gays yes, because they deserve the same rights as people without disablilties yes they should because they arent all terrorists and they are just people ike us

I think that China which is a communist country has similar civil rights issues because of how their government system is. The people there have no real rights their.

I think the Americans with Disabilities Act is fair enough with the institution of ramps and curb cut outs in public areas and should not be taken any further.

Ms. Burton, PVHS
1. Racial discrimination 2. Paying equal wages and getting equal chances 3. Yes,because they are equal but they just believe in different things 4. Yes, because they are people but just born differently 5. I don't know because some people are good and then some people are bad like terrorists

Ms. Burton Plesant Valley HIgh School
Gays in the united states should have the same rights as straight people because they are all ligal citizens in the us and they are legal. Americans with disabilities shouldn't get any more attention because there is nothing else we can really do to help them in public places other then what we have already done to help make there lives easier. Illegal immigrants shouldn't have the same laws as us because they are here illegally and shouldn't have the same rights as actual citizens.

What other places besides U.S.A have the same issues or similar issues as they had back then?

Chico CA
Ms Burton PVHS
Very touching i hope that this beomes a non issue in the future we can do it america.

Amy Elizabeth
Ms. Burton PVHS
They can pass more laws against discriminating women. They should get paid the same amount as men, also, they should make the jobs that are for "men" the same jobs for both genders. And just everything thats for one gender or the other, for both genders.

i honestly have no idea

Mrs. Burton
thanks for the info............................................................................................................................................................

I don't think that illegal immigrants should have equal protection of our laws because they aren't legal immigrants and so they shouldn't have the same protection that a legal american has. If they want equal rights they would need to become a legal americans

atlanta ga
ms.james csk middle
whats the similarties between civil rights era and present day

Yonkers/New York
this website is extraordinary

Mrs.Burn/Pie Elementary
i do beilieve i it

Ambarvale, New South Wales
Thomas Reddall High School
I think the simple fact that here in Australia, single mother's rights are becoming more and more ignored. They are getting less financial support from the government and their health and medical benefits are not taken care of. These are women with no one but themselves and extended family to support them and their children. What ever happened to being a Good Samaritan and lending a helping hand. The government seems to just turn a blind eye to the fact that these women are struggling to raise their children right, earn money and give their children a life they deserve. Many single mother's a homeless or living in government houses because they just don't have the financial support they need.

Yukon high
I agree with the gay rights and as of a few days ago it is legal here.

Yukon high
I agree with the gay rights and as of a few days ago it is legal here.

Seriously, it doesn't matter if whether or not if your Bi or Gay or Whatever, be who you want, its your life.

What does it matter whether the bible says homosexual relationships are ok or not? I mean it was written like 3,000 years ago. Things have clearly changed since then, don't rely on a book to tell you what's right or what's wrong.

garner case and brown case in ferguson are glaring examples of ineffective civil rights of TODAy..........

Weinberg/North Medford high school
why do people have to do this to other people we are all brothers and sisters so why do we have to do this to are brothers and sisters so that is my comment.

Pilgrim High School
To me I think that we should not have a women president because i feel like that when she is on her period all she would do is bomb a country

all people deserve a good education.

Santa Monica
Everyone needs to have equal education or else there is no education!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone is created equal no matter the skin color or orientation. If you don't like it, too bad. We're all human so we should have all the same rights. Gays and lesbians still bleed the same red blood as everyone else.

Mrs. Stewart/owl creek
Everyone life should be fair

People say oh it's against my religion. so then you(the person) don't do it. Don't force your religious beliefs on others. That's is why we came to this country to escape forced upon religion.

Fayetteville Arkansas
I think. People should have the right to choose who they love, if some one wants to love the same sex than they they should have the right to choose

Fayetteville Arkansas
I think. People should have the right to choose who they love, if some one wants to love the same sex than they they should have the right to choose

Dejha Showrs
How come there's so many people saying that people shouldn't judge others but they don't do much about it.

houston texas
shelton aldine ,iddle school
I don't really now what this is I'm just adding a comment because I want to

Women deserve the same rights as men come on

Why should it matter what color u are if every body bleeds the same color.

It does not matter if a person is gay, a woman, or black. we are all people

Orofino Jr. Sr. High School
To all of you who are against gays, lesbians, and what not. You need to understand that it is also in the bible to forgive. We should have the ability to love whom ever we choose. If the choice gets us damned to the underworld then so be it. I personally feel like the United States is to uptight about these this to begin with. I have seen far superior homosexual parent then heterosexual parents, and frankly its none of your business, or mine, to judge some one on who they love.

Springfield, MO
KK Vantas
Central High School
To David Lathrop and anyone else concerned with the opinion presented by Miranda: I understand what you are saying. Yes, homosexuality is presented as a sin in the bible. However, this is not a viable reason to restrict gay rights in America because of the due process of law and the first and fourteenth amendments, which establish a separation of church and state. No laws should be made on the basis of religion because of this. If you can find a reason that gay marriage or gay rights in general should not be legal that is not based on religion, feel free to state that.

suprise arizona
mr.mendez parkveiw elementry
i think that if you are born in America you should be equal, but we are not equal men get paid more than women we cant marry who we want people who are different get treated poorly it isn't fair. last time i checked the constitution said that all men are equal but we aren't no one is equal anymore the government spends are taxes on unwanted wars are economy is going to hell. immigration rights is a big issue we should give them rights as long as they have been here for sometime. but hey im just an 8th grader from Arizona.

Sandy, UT
David Lathrop
Intermountain Christian High
To Miranda, It is in the Bible. In Leviticus 18: 22, it states that "you shall not lie with a male as with a women, it is an abomination." This is openly stating that homosexuality is morally wrong in God's eyes. Also, if you are looking at the way that our bodies are arranged to have kids, men and women are made so that they will come together and have kids. Kinda obvious that men cant have kids with other men.

Everybody has their own will, and every will has its own way.

Duncanville ISD
Daniel Intermidate
I also agree with Miranda it is really bad and it is against gods will.

Jemez Springs, New Mexico
Jemez Valley High
I think that is Gay marriage was so bad and they say "Its against god's will" Then how come it isn't in the bible? I mean if you love someone then love them. Who cares if they are the same sex or not. My mom always told me "Follow your heart. Fall in love with who ever. Doesn't matter what they are male or female. As long as they love you too." Why would anyone care. My opinion is that it is beautiful. So all those people who are gay, lesbian, or bisexual. Let it go! Let it show! Be proud of who you are! Don't let anyone hold you back.

Mrs Lacoste
Well, Japensesee so its like the army dont ask dont tell you now what i aying

Well I think this was a great way to explain Civil Rights issues of today.

Claremont, CA
Ranney/ Claremont High
honestly i dont understand why society doesnt want to accept that people who are different. it's really upsetting to me that homosexual and trasngendered arent able to enjoy things that people who are hetersexual are to do. theyre denied the right to do things like for example, compete for miss universe or get married, and same sex marriage is really big one right now. i think that everyone should have the right to get married to who they want to regaurdless of gender. I'm so happy that some parts of the US are actually legalizing same sex marriages. i really hope that our society will make it legal in all parts of the US and like other parts of the world too

Gargia Wagshton
A good way to lean about our history!

Columbus, OH
DaViont Bradford
Columbus City Schools
Im a winner

Savannah ga
(don't take anything the wrong way) People have no right to discriminate against people who do something different like gay marriage. They can't help who they are...they can't help what they do! People who discriminate against people are just plain wrong. I belive in god, I belive that it's not exactly right BUT I want people to be who they are, I want them to be proud of it. They don't need to bottle it up. Let who you are shine??

Ms. Thornton
I believe that gays should have equality no matter what people say take the show The Fosters for example there are to women who are lesbians and they are discriminated everyday but they know how they feel and no one can take them away from them.

Miss Thornton
Discrimination. Based on sexual orientation is wrong. If the laws were pasted for. No gay couples, and you were a gay, you would feel horrible. People have right and people need to respect that. Even though gayness may be against some religions, there is not just one religion in the world

chillicothe ohio
whitney dement
chillicothe high school
This is amazing

West Columbia, SC
Stevens Henager
I think that everyone should be protected. Why should someones sexual preference be any of your concern? You think that if gays are able to adopt then they will just raise gay children, think again. Most gays come from a heterosexual home. We are all gods children made in his image. That's what I was taught anyways. Think about that for a minute before you discriminate.

Little Rock ar
mrs. wright lisa west
I think that everyone should have their own right who cares if their gay or not they don't bother anyone and even if it did theres nothing wrong with being gay or lesbian

Little rock
Lisa Academy West
I think Saida is correct. We are all the same and we should be treated with equality as said in popular speeches. We all deserve freedom. So I think gay marriage should be protected.

I think gay marriage should be protected . I know it might be against some religions , but deep down inside we're all the same .We also deserve to be treated the same .we are all human being gay is not a disease. If you weren't able to love who want to . It makes them feel horrible. What i'm basically trying to say here is that we are all equal and all deserve to be treated equally.

I think gay marriage should be protected . I know it might be against some religions , but deep down inside we're all the same .We also deserve to be treated the same .we are all human being gay is not a disease. If you weren't able to love who want to . It makes them feel horrible. What i'm basically trying to say here is that we are all equal and all deserve to be treated equally.

Little Rock/ AR
Wright/ Lisa West
The us constitution says that Americans have the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If marriage of your same gender makes people happy, it should be allowed. On the other hand, if murder made you happy, that doesn't mean you can do it because it is illegal. I really dont know what to say about this matter, so these are both sides of the story

Little Rock Arkansas
mrs. Wright/Lisa academy west
The Ten Commandments don't actually say that there can't be gay Marriage and nobody actually truly knows what they say.

Little Rock, AR
Mrs.Wright/ LISA West
I totally agree with Audrey, Happiness is everything. But not having American origin, I know the country I'm from probably does not allow same-gender marriage in both male and female.About Women's Struggle for Equality, I didn't know women still have to fight for rights! Women deserve the same rights as men, not just in the U.S, but everywhere in the world. Without women, men would be no where.

Little rock AR
Lisa west
I dont think gays should be protected. Their actions may be disgusting but it may be against many religions. If a gay family goes to a place to a restraunt with other children in it, it would look bad in front of them. Gays and lesbians would increase which wouldn't be so good, in my opinion, gays should not be protected. This should not happen??

Hey! MM, homosexuality is BIOLOGICAL. so if gays where given BACK their right to marry and adopt children, they wouldn't "turn gay" and make the whole world gay. and yes, everything you described is you being homophobic, which is not biological, but a choice. Learn from our ancestors in Little Rock, how the thought African Americans shouldn't have been allowed to integrate in "their" schools and that they would make their children "dirty".

little rock, Ar
Marrage allows a person to have more freedom such as, adopting, will, and 'insurace shares'. So if 2 gays became married they would have these right too, including adopting. If two gays adopt a child that child would be raised to be gay also increasing the gay population, personally i wouldnt want to live aruond a lot of gays, one might ending up liking you. I have nothing against gays but I dont one all on me!

Little Rock
Lisa West
some people could be happy blowing things up, but just because they are happy, doesnt mean that the government would allow it. same with gay marriage, its illegal in some places, and it makes people happy, but the government wont stand for that.

Little Rock
Lisa West
Gays shouldnt get protected. The actions are disgusting. In this world men are suppose to be with woman not their own gender. Probably all religions say that you cant get married to your own gender. Yet they make gay churches and such. This is why I think gays and lesbians should not be protected in any state.

little rock, AR
LISA west
Our constitution says that Americans are able to pursue happiness,so if gay marriage makes them happy, let them have it.

Little Rock
Lisa West
Gays shouldnt get protected. Not only are there actions disgusting, but also unbiblical. in the Ten Commandments, it says that a man shall not lay down with another man, neither shall a woman do the same. they say its okay, and that they were born that way and couldnt change if they tried, but thats a lie. there is biblical proof that says they chose to be that way. not only do we dislike them, but they are also sinners in the eyes of the Lord.

Emily Desilets
Mrs. Shafer/Dodge Middle School
Why do we have hatred against things we can't change!? It's not like you can wave a wand and suddenly be what everyone wants you to be. Not just American citizens but people around the world should not have to fight for equalality.

I need a straight foward issue. now.

Bret Harte
Come on! This is rediculous. How could you degrade someone just as important.

Anderson, Texas
Anderson-Shiro High School
It's ridiculous to me that there are still people who hate people because of the way they love. It's 2013. Marriage equality shouldn't be a debate. Anyone should be able to marry who they love, regardless of gender.

Traverse City, Michigan
Grand Traverse Academy
All this Racism is a bunch of bullcrap! This isn't when slaves were working for whites! This is the 21st century. Just forget all about this white is better than black stuff! Everyone is the same! The Framers established that when they created the Amendments. So, everyone just stop with all the racism and make America just a little more better to live in. Please?

Denver, Colorado
Grant Beacon Middle School
Honestly people need to grow up, this shouldn't even have to be an issue right now, there are more important things this country should be worried about, like this thing with Syria. Why can't we all just get past the racism and the stereo types, and worry about more important things.

raliehg nc
william rosario
we should be equal

Chicago, IL
I believe that if we pride ourselves in building up a country that our forefathers started we should shape our lives by the laws the made. All men are equal. Yet we used the term White Supremacy and we discriminated against people who look different. That's just sick.

Indianapolis, Indiana
Willy Gross
Mrs. Young / Broad Ripple High School
I think people who were adopted should have access to their biological family's medical records. Why doesn't anyone ever discuss the stereotypes of adopted kids when talking about civil rights? It's time to star this discussion. The rights and dignity of people who were adopted is THE most important civil rights issue of the modern era.

China Grove, NC
Rachael Javurek
Jesse C Carson HIgh School
Being from the south we are very much unsegregated. That is a stereotype and I resent that comment. A lot of us are very liberal.

China Grove, NC
Rachael Javurek
Jesse C Carson HIgh School
Being from the south we are very much unsegregated. That is a stereotype and I resent that comment. We are not dip licking hilly billies down here. A lot of us are very liberal.

Grand Rapids , Michigan
Shardinay White
Union High School
I feel that the southern need more help with the segration . They're still racist down there ..

Janensville Wisconsin
Parker High School
i personally think there should be gay marrige, and i know this because of a personal experience and belief

I think us gays should be equal to the straight Americans.

Janesville WI
In my opinion I thin immigrants shouldnt get the same equal rights. They should not be treated as Americans because they are not Americans..

whats the most crucial momvment

I agree people should have the right to do as they please to a certain extent. That extent not being sexual orientation or skin color or even religious views.

I'm HIGHLY against umm racism and segregation. Why the umm?

Everyone should have the same rights as everyone, African americans should be equal (which they are now) Gays should have the right to marry, etc.

home schooled
gay people need to have the same rights as everyone


We have the right to speak our mind but some people are taking it to far and getting in trouble

Porterville, CA
We should grant illegal immigrants equal protection under the constitution. They do not wish to harm America; they just wish to integrate with it. They help us by doing all the jobs we don't want to do ourselves, they help stimulate the economy with their earnings, and most of them even pay taxes without expecting welfare in return. Illegal immigrants should not even be considered illegal in the first place, since it is a very demeaning descriptor. We should completely open our borders to any immigrants who wish to come in, or at the very least allow the "illegal" ones here to be granted citizenship through a similar process as the legal ones, where they must pass an immigration test or something equivalent.

Mrs.Tormala/St. Mary's Academy
Today a hot topic in civil rights is the issue of gay marriage. The Equal Protection Clause is supposed to protect against discrimination, but it still occurs today in everyday life. We have a right to marriage and our freedom of expression of what we love and who we love. Our sexual orientation doesn’t make us less intelligent or less of a person. As Martin Luther King Jr. once said we should be judged on “…the content of [our] character.” We discriminate against what we fear and what we are unknowledgeable of. Education is the only way we can turn people away from discrimination.

Even though the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution states that women, gays, and people with disabilities are not to be discriminated against, they are suffering from discrimination that still exist today. I believe that the rights of women should be explained clearly and thoroughly in the Constitution. By that, I mean the federal government should do something about the 19th and other amendments that concern the rights and liberty of women. Women have the ability to do anything men can do. All men and women are created to be equal. People's sexual orientation should be protected wholly by the federal government. It does not matter if a person is gay, lesbian, or bisexual, he still deserves the right to obtain the rights others have. He has the right to marry, to have jobs, and to own lands. People, straight or not, are protected under the Constitution of United States of America. As a deaf person myself, I have noticed numerous of discrimination against people with disabilities today. They are not being treated fairly. They can't find jobs. They don't have equal access to things as compared to people without disabilities. People with disabilities should be mentioned and be protected under the Constitution as well. The Americans with Disabilities Act should be broadened. This law should be implemented and mentioned everywhere. Everyone needs to understand people with disabilities do have the abilities to do as well as normal people can do. To do well in life, all they need is an equal access to everything. Illegal immigrants are illegal, thus, I don't think they should receive the equal protection under the American law. They should first obtain citizenship before being protected by the Equal Protection Clause under the 14th Amendment. I believe that the Constitution protects only American citizens and those with green cards. There are many civil rights issues that need to be confronted today, or else, discrimination will continue to thrive today.

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