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Should school libraries restrict access to the Internet?

Oct. 3, 2011

By John Vettese, Student Voices staff writer

Today there’s a new battle over censorship in school libraries – this one doesn’t involve banned books, but rather blocked websites. Last week, as schools across the country marked the inaugural Banned Websites Awareness Day, students and educators wondered what level of Internet access should be allowed in the school environment.

As technology has become an increasingly important component to education over the past two decades, schools began to look for ways to keep their students from accessing potentially harmful material online – and to keep them focused on their studies.

This led to website filtering, a practice that began about 10 years ago, when Congress passed the Children’s Internet Protection Act. The law required any public library that receives government funding to place filters on all their computers, preventing children from accessing obscene, pornographic or otherwise harmful material online. The law was challenged by the American Library Association, which argued it improperly required libraries to violate patrons’ First Amendment rights. The Supreme Court ruled in United States v. American Library Association that the restrictions were reasonable in exchange for government funding.

Since then, schools have begun to see some advantages of filtering websites. With the advent of social media sites like Facebook and entertainment sites like YouTube, filtering those sites can keep you from getting distracted watching videos or posting status updates when you’ve got an assignment to work on. Additionally, it provides a buffer to bullying – for your classmates who are picked on through Facebook and Twitter, as well as in person.

But sometimes, because of the way the filters are implemented, legitimate educational websites are blocked from being used in the classroom. One Chicago librarian, Judy Gressel, told the New York Times that her school’s filters prevented her students from potentially working on a history paper about military weapons because it blocks by categories of content – games, violence or weapons. “It just got to the point that it became hard to conduct research.”

Others believe that filtering amounts to censorship. A statement by the American Library Association reads, “Filtering websites does the next generation of digital citizens a disservice. Students must develop skills to evaluate information from all types of sources in multiple formats, including the Internet. Relying solely on filters does not teach young citizens how to be savvy searchers or how to evaluate the accuracy of information.”

Some teachers use the topic of school restrictions on the Internet to get their students to discuss the broader topics of censorship and freedom of speech. Phil Goerner, a librarian in Colorado, told the Times that on Banned Websites Awareness Day, his students discussed whether schools should block sites that encourage neo-Nazi or racist beliefs.

“It makes them think about it in deeper ways than if they were just to say, ‘No, don’t block it,’ ” he said.

What do you think?

Should school libraries restrict access to the Internet? If so, how far should the restrictions go? What do you think of the Children’s Internet Protection Act? Is it constitutional? How does your school handle filtering websites? Do you think it should do things differently? Join the discussion!
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Mr. Faulhaber/ Sidney High School
Schools should not restrict access to the internet. Although there are horrible and obscene sites on the internet, I believe that students should be responsible for the websites that they choose to visit. My school would restrict internet access and the way the filtering works, legitimate educational sites were often blocked. Furthermore, it can also be challenging to conduct research for a school paper when websites are all restricted. If students do choose to be inappropriate with what they search for, they should be punished, either with detention or loss of computer use etc…

Texas Magnolia
The library should accept the library websites and be able to use the computers

yelm washinton
yelm middle school
it should be allowed in the librarys because some student dont have internet at home

Kansas City, Mo
Central Academy of Excellence
I think schools should restrict websites but I also think they should just check it out to make only the HARMLESS sites are banned. When i in class and we have to do a project about something one the sentences are gonna be to do research on how you found out. my problem is basically about banding the wrong and harmless sites, it makes it harder for us to do the work if everything is banned.

Ansonia, Connecticut
Kyle Gore, Ansonia Middle School
If schools had not used the blocking software that is being used, the computer labs would be filled with viruses and students playing games.

Ansonia, Connecticut
Kyle Gore, Ansonia Middle School
If schools had not used the blocking software that is being used, the computer labs would be filled with viruses and students playing games.

Granada Hills Charter High School
For school, there should be no filter on like forums websites because that blocks out a lot of blog sites as well that can be used for research. One day i find a website, the next day it's blocked. I believe that the only thing that should be censored and filtered is illegal content for minors and other distractions such as games and other forms of entertainment like social media.

coventry, ri
coventry high
My school does a little too much to much to filter what we go on. We can't even go on harmless websites. they blocked wattpad and a harmless website only i knew about.

Stroudsburg, PA
Mr. Hanna/Stroudsburg JHS
I don't think that school libraries should restrict access to the Internet because of school work that has to be completed like online work. The Children's Internet Protection act is a fair act. Also it is constitutional. My school handles filtering websites very good and nothing should be done differently.

Stroudsburg JHS
Carlos H.
Mr. Hanna
I believe that school libraries shouldn't restrict Internet. But they should restrict some websites. Some websites can fool kids into doing something they shouldn't. They children s internet protection act is a great idea. But some school are going way too far and blocking many websites that include great information. When I want to work on a project I can't go on some websites in my school because they are blocked. I have to work on them at home. I believe that all schools should block inappropriate websites gaming sites but not ones that have good information on it.

Mrs.Gunsel/Groveport Madison Middle School

Discovery Middle School
I believe that they should only block websites such as pornography. Bullying can be dealt with, and when home alone, and using a school laptop, you might wanna play on some games, or even get on social media.

Mr. Hanna/Stroudsburg JHS
I think school libraries should not restrict access to the internet because if they have project sometimes they won't get done and some teens are responsible enough to know how to handle a computer and if some don't then they should not be able to use the computers

Ms. Jackson
I think they should restrict inappropriate websites, but not games. Kids shouldn't be on social media, but should be allowed to play games when their work is done. If they cut off internet access kids won't get rewards for completing their work. I am basically impartial.

Syracuse high school
i think it should because you have people that will always play games and don't focus on their school work which is always important

North Dakota
Fargo South
As technology has become an increasingly important component to education over the past two decades, schools began to look for ways to keep their students from accessing potentially harmful material online and to keep them focused on their studies. Since then, schools have begun to see some advantages of filtering websites. With the advent of social media sites like Facebook and entertainment sites like YouTube, filtering those sites can keep you from getting distracted watching videos or posting status updates when you’ve got an assignment to work on. Additionally, it provides a buffer to bullying for your classmates who are picked on through Facebook and Twitter, as well as in person.

North Dakota
Fargo South
As technology has become an increasingly important component to education over the past two decades, schools began to look for ways to keep their students from accessing potentially harmful material online and to keep them focused on their studies. Since then, schools have begun to see some advantages of filtering websites. With the advent of social media sites like Facebook and entertainment sites like YouTube, filtering those sites can keep you from getting distracted watching videos or posting status updates when you’ve got an assignment to work on. Additionally, it provides a buffer to bullying for your classmates who are picked on through Facebook and Twitter, as well as in person.

North Dakota
Fargo South
I personally disagree with blocking informational websites or You-tube. You-tube shouldn't be blocked as some projects require you to find videos for them, & honestly, where else would student find videos that they know how to use? Also, factual websites such as Listverse shouldn't be blocked simply because some of their content might not be appropriate for school. If these sites are mainly inappropriate, then they should be blocked. The schools do need to keep an eye on what students are looking up, for a variety of reasons.

Khedar Chuck Jones
Some student are very immature. Schools need to know what they students are looking up. The schools should block some of the things that exist on the internet, but at the library you will need internet what if you have to find something about anything books are not always helpful. Some sites should be blocked because other kids that want fun and games thats all they do. The computer is more to use for projects or homework reasons. I say No.

bellview middle
they are suggesting that we have to stay to our self but they can get on there email and text there friends but what about us.

Diamond Bar, CA
I think school libraries should restrict internet access to a certain extent. Yes, schools should block social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter. But, they should allow access to YouTube for educational purposes such as tutorials on how to complete their assignment or learning more than what the textbook provides. Also, some students do not have access to a computer at home, and taking away the internet makes research assignments almost impossible to complete.

Epworth, Iowa
Kennadee Bockenstedt
Western Dubuque High School
I can understand why schools block specific websites, because they should not be used in a school setting, or at all in my opinion, but schools should not be allowed to take away the wifi completely. Some students do not have access to wifi at home, making it hard to find research for papers, or email group assignments to each other. It should be on the school to give the students access to internet. I understand that there are some students that would take advantage of the wifi, and would do inappropriate things on there, but punish them. Do not punish the whole school, that is causing more problems. Students will begin to find ways they can hack the wifi, they figure out passwords to the schools\private wifi, because that is the only way they can get wifi. They should not block school wifi. It is causing more problems than solving it.

harbor ridge middle school
I think we filter social networking/advertisements/and online chat rooms...

Jacob S.
MrJabro/CreekSide HighSchool
I don't see a reason to ban any websites only because even with the websites banned there are a number of different ways that a student can get into the websites with or without the schools wifi

Stroudsburg/ PA
Karissa B.
Hanna/ Stroudsburg Junior High School
Of course student libraries should restrict certain website accesses. One thing they should restrict that they do not is advertisements. Whilst browsing the internet for research one time I was bombarded by advertisements, all which contained some innappropriate material. Why is it that they name Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter a form of distraction if they allow pop-ups, ads, etc.? I cannot see why they would restrict informational weaponry web-sites and not sex-ed websites. Most teens that use the library computers are responsible enough to know not to participate in reckless websites and actions. If they do not than the librarian can easily punish that individual from the computer and give them something else based on the severity of their actions. Seeing how many things included in school programs could be unconstitutional, there is no reason to call out needed internet restrictions. Especially if these restrictions prevent bullying and distractions. Nothing more is wrong with the restrictions other than unfiltered advertisements and irreasonable research restrictions.

Mr hanna sjh
I think that librarians should let kids access the internet. They already have almost every website blocked which is a bit rediculous. I don't know what they think we could possibly do that they block random websites that aren't even bad. But they should leave at least the internet on for students that can't access it at home for any reason.

Norton Canes High
I think they think we are all online terrorists literally like everything is blocked for example :XNUKE GAMING which is a gaming community me and my mate run has been blocked and they block really stupid things...Internet is there for a reason and if you cant use it its not really worth being there....freedom is something they dont like kids to have yet they dont realize how much censorship has stopped alot of learning

i think internet acsess is crutial for students because, it is for some the only acsess to the internet we have. thank you, a Concerned student

i think all students should have internet access because it helps them study for test and teaches/ research for anything

Las Vegas,NV
Elijah Ethan Lusk
Mr. Donnely P4 Knudson Muddle School
I think that school library internet access should be blocked anyway because school policies block "inappropriate" websites.

Las Vegas
Mrs. Driskill
We need inter net to research topics for projects

Las Vegas
Swainston MS
All kids should have access to ANY source of Internet! It's unfair to have kids struggle in school because they're teacher assigned a project that includes research with internet.

las vagas nevada
doral sinq
i thing kids should have access to the internet

Boston/ MA
Martha Kingman
Mrs. Stewart/ Catholic Memorial
Researchers have already enumerated the benefits that kids can get from traditional media. Watching Sesame Street or Blue's Clues improves children's problem-solving skills and school readiness. Teaching students how to use word-processing software, Web-design programs, and video-production tools is a proven way of refocusing at-risk teens on school, and, eventually, getting them jobs. Social networks can also pull in students who are otherwise disengaged, because they draw on kids' often intense interest in finding new ways to communicate with one another.

Carthage / North Carolina
Mrs. Shea / New century middle school
No I do not think they should restrict access to the internet because just think if you took away the internet access the schools that give kids laptops (for a fact I go to one of these schools ) how are we supposed to do our work if we do not have internet access to do so . so I think it is a very dumb ideal to get restrict internet access . this does not just for libraries this is for classes and an entire school

Vivian Cabaral
I honestly believe it would be a good idea to put some restrictions on the internet on certain websites. But to restrict complete access to the internet I think it is unnecessary. The internet is more advanced than books and maybe students can find certain information online that they can not find in books now. At my school most of my teachers post and keep our own individual work on an online class. So without the internet how would we do our work? It is just easier for us and the teacher. I feel that it in not going against the constitution and I do think it does go with the Child protection law.

Honestly, I believe that it's a good idea to put some type of restrictions on the Internet but only on certain websites that may contain information that is not appropriate for children. Yes, we have books and other ways of searching information, but the internet is more up to date and keeps adding new facts everyday! I believe that it is right for the internet to have some type of restriction for websites that are not for children to view, so I feel that it is not going against the constitution and does go with the Child protection laws.

Stroudsburg, PA
Mr. Hanna/ Stroudsburg JHS
I think that yes schools should restrict students on internet in the libraries because the students might go on Facebook or twitter or other websites like that and, they will not get their work done. Also, if there are websites that are blocked but the students need them to do work the computers could be monitored. In my school all computers are monitored also they have websites that are blocked. I don’t think that’s constitutional because every school has its own rules and how they work. I don’t think schools should do things differently because if they don’t monitor the computers and block websites, bad things could happen and as I said they might not get their work done and they will go on websites that is not appropriate.

Stroudsburg, Pa
Mr. Hanna/Stroudsburg JHS
Computers in the library should be allowed acces to the Internet but restrict any adult related website if you need to search up quesins for your project you need Internet

Mr.Hanna/Stroudsburg JHS
I think its good to put restrictions on what people look up on the library computers because it can either, be inappropriate, something to distract the kids from studying, or the website may hold a virus. The restrictions should not allow students to enter any social media, vidio or movie watching websites, any shopping cites, weaponry websites, or games. I think the children internet protection act is good because kids shouldn't be going on all these social media originally made for grown ups like Facebook and other stuff like that.our school for the library needs to be a little changed, it should not allow us to go on YouTube or games and probably other stuff on there.

Stroudsburg, PA
Mr.Hanna/Stroudsburg JHS
No, school libraries should not restrict access to the Internet because some students do not have access to the internet when they are home. Also if the student did not finish any research paper that they started at home, they cannot finish if there is not internet access at the school. Banning internet access in the library means that all teachers will have to get computers in their rooms for the students to use.

Stroudsburg, PA
Mr. Hanna/Stroudsburg JHS
Yes, I think school libraries should restrict access to the internet because students should not be able to look up bad things. This should only be restricted until high school. The school should only block inappropriate websites, not the whole internet. I try to find one thing on the computer in school and it says how it can't be accessed, but it is appropriate! So, only until a certain age it should be restricted. Schools should definitely do things differently when it comes to this.

Mr.Hanna/Stroudsburg JHS
I believe that school's libraries shouldn't restrict the access to the internet, because the internet is the biggest source of information for kids to use today. I think they should restrict the access to certain website that's inappropriate context for kids. If they restrict the access how could they get their work done, I understand that they have other options such as books, but books aren't updated like the internet is.

Mr. Hanna/stroudsburg junior high
Yes, school libraries should restrict access to the internet because students should not be able to look up bad things. The restrictions should only not let the student go on to innapropriate websites or see innapropriate pictures on google up to a certain grade. After 7th grade the restrictions should be lifted. I think the children's internet protection act is a good idea. No, it is not constitutional because the students should have the right to see what they want to. My school does block off certain sites and pictures. I think they should make more sites available to us because some aren't bad websites and sometimes I can't find a picture or click on a link because the restrictions don't let me even if it's not innapropriate.

Stroudsburg, PA
Brix R
Mr. Hanna/Stroudsburg JHS
I do not think school libraries should restrict access to the internet. If they have to, I think they should only block websites with inappropriate content for children. I don't think the Children's Internet Protection Act should be so strict on what kids are searching. Kids go to school libraries to do research, and the internet is the the biggest source of information for kids today. If the information they need is blocked, then how will they get their work done?

spokane/ washington
Mrs. Cordes/ CCS middle school
i think kids should be trusted and people should be able to roam websites freely

Sidney, MT
Cody Steinbeisser
Sidney High School
I believe that the library should have internet access because a lot of students use this to look up all kinds of differet things and if we dont have internet at all we arnt going to find much. The internet is very limited at our school and it was very much fun trying to find information when i got to do a research project and i cant find anything on the computer because the website is always blocked... So internet should be used at schools so they can get there homework done in school, instead having to go home and look up everything.

Clinton, Mississippi
Clinton High school
Yes, because some students will try to go to these sites and watch porn and other bad things in that nature.

Colorado springs
Cheyenne Mountain High
I think that without the opportunity for students to be given the possibility of choosing an appropriate or inappropriate decision, it will likely lead to even more irresponsible students because they will likely feel like rebelling. as a side note it's highly likely this is why so many students are punished for hacking computers.

kapolei High school
i think, kids need there freedom to be trusted, but at the same time kids in this day and age get on websites that they shouldn't be on. so should there be restictions, yes.

Ms.Mumby/John F. Kennedy
I think that they should restrict some websites in school that arent appopriate. Many student dont have a computer at home so many of them stay at school to do their homework. I also think that the internet is alot of help for the students and for the teachers too. Many teachers use the internet to back up in the lesson plans.

black water middle school
let us get on anything we want on enternet

Faulaber/Sidney High School
I think that Schools should be able to block certain websites, but not all. Like the ones where you listen to music (pandora, grooveshark, yahoo music) i dont think that they should have to block those because some students work well and even better when listening to music while working on their work.

Harrisburg/ PA
I do not think libraries should restrict internet access completely. I feel they should block sites that are obviously bad but especially in high/middle schools they should be able to trust people will be mature enough to handle the freedom of the internet. I think there are some people that cant handle it, but I feel most poeple can. I feel the internet is a great learning source and should not be taken away from people just because some people cant respect it.

It is absolutely necessary to for school libraries to restrict internet access. There is a lot of things online that should not be there and that often times just pops up.I think the Children's Protection Act is constitutional. School is a place to learn, not to be looking up obscene material or to be on social media sites.

Belleville NY
Miss Colby Belleville Henderson
School libraries should not restrict access to the internet. The library is a place you go to work on reasearch papers, projects, ect. Students may not have access to internet at their own home so they should be able to have access at their school library.

faulaber/sidney high school
i believe school libraries should restrict access to the internet. you need to be doing your work and not tweeting or posting on facebook. if you need to look something up for school ok but be smart there is a lot of garbage on the internet that can get you in trouble.

Brad Faulhaber
I think schools should be allowed to block obscene websites or games. Their best interest should be in the students. I think it only helps for social networking sites to be banned, because it helps students use their time wisely.

Norah R.
Nah we need dat access

Nicholas A
Mr.Rimas/Watertown High School
NO. Students who don't have internet will make them very unhappy, and when you have a very unhappy student... that's not good to the school district.

Sidney, Montana
Sidney High School
I think that the school should filter the Internet but not block all websites. I think social networks should be blocked but other websites that will help students study or recieve information should be allowed.

i think they have a right to restrict accesses to the internet. SInce now they can see everything were searching. So whats they whole point. also now there are codes where they can just still access through a website. Though with now and days so many kids search up useless stuff. Thus, giveing them a right to protect what there surroding see.

I don’t think it should restrict access to the internet. If the students don’t want to spend their time wisely then they will pay for it later when the students have to turn in the assignment the next day. I am fine with them blocking pornographic sites since students tend to be under age and aren’t allowed to go there anyways. By blocking youtube you do help prevent students from being entertained when their suppose to do work but it also prevents them from watching videos that can help them like for instance, I have a animation class but I sometimes need reference videos for what I’m doing but I can’t seem to find a good one since all the sites are usually blocked. In a way, I could see that their intentions where good but at the long run it caused more damage.

Porterville, CA
Only completely illegal internet actions should be blocked at schools. No other form of information should be blocked from the students who seek it. Even if this information may be considered distracting, it is still protected under the first amendment as free speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of assembly. Facebook, YouTube, flash games, internet forums, and other sites are protected by the first amendment in public schools.

Porterville CA
No I do not agree with taking out the internet in school libraries. As it is almost every site you try to visit is blocked so why take away the internet when the library is used for recourses for projects which include the internet.

I believe they shouldn't ban completely internet access, but certain sites. Teachers and educators only have the internet in means of using it for resources in order to help students with an educational matter. Other sites, like facebook or any other un educational site, merely take up time which could have been used for work. I've seen in my past years of school that an unblocked computer ultimately leads to time wasting.

GD Goenka
i get that they want to ban porn sites, but at my school, they even banned songwriting advice sites. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT????

CAPA 6-12
limit internet access to web codes, not just the website itself, but it should only block the websites that are pornographic, media sites, and only certain searches on google. do not block google images.

lake stevens/WA
queen/lake stevens middle school
i think that they should trust us and give us a chance. if there is any negitive any thing that effects anyone, then take it away from any person thats doing that. but a lot of people dont have computers at home, and when they finish there homework, they might want to just do some personal searching

Roanoke, Alabama
Handley High School
It'd hard to do school work with websites blocked at school. I understand that they want kids to stick to doing there classwork but you can't do you work if the websites you to work is blocked. I think just there are websites that need to be blocked or "Filtered" but there are some that shouldn't be blocked...

john smith
no , do not limit internet access .

Montgomery, Texas
Emma German
Yes, I think that school libraries should restrict access to the Internet. Because school owned computers are for educational use, I think access should be strictly limited to educational sites. The Children's Internet Protection Act is good because it unables young people from accessing inappropriate material from public computers. I believe it is constitutional because the funding for computers in public and school libraries comes from the government. Our school has very strict filters, but students are still capable of accessing information necessary for research and other educational uses. I do not think things should be different. Restrictions like these are important to have.

Rudyard, MT
Shelby L.
Mrs. Campbell
The reason that libraries exist is to provide books and information for the public. Yes, you can get most research information from encyclopedias and other informative books. But kids are mostly researching newer topics that have happened more recently then most libraries have books for. Or the books only have the older information and not the new information. The student would be able to use the books to research the first part of their subject but the internet is the only other place where the new material would be provided. If libraries are worried about bad websites they are able to block certain websites and unblock others that they would like to use. This might be a “pain” for some teachers and staff but it is the only way to provide internet for the public and monitor what they are looking up. You cannot take the internet away from libraries. It is the new way of life that cannot be avoided.

Benson/ Arizona
Lindsey Ventura
Sorenson/Benson High School
No i do not think school libraries should restrict access to the internet because it is ment for educational purposes. If they take the internet away kids will not have a way to research tings that they need to at school

I do believe that libraries should restrict some content on the internet. A library is educational purposes. If someone want to look up whatever they want, they can go home and use their own computer. Computers at libraries and schools should be used to find information. Libraries even let people search for jobs using the internet. That's great, but using a public computer to go to chat sites is not.

Irving, TX
Diana C.
Bradley/ Nimitz
Libraries should restrict internet access as far as pornography and issues of that matter. First of all, pornography is illegal, and second of all it shouldn't be view in public places Children are all over the libraries and they shouldn't be looking at this kinds of things. Schools sometimes go to far in restricting internet websites. There are educational websites that are restricted because of the guidelines of restricting sites. They should really fix this issues at school.

Mrs. Campbell
What are libraries in schools for? To help students learn. Libraries today not only help students learn by providing books but they also provide access to 21st Century “books”….the internet. The internet offers the ability to get easy access information and lots of it; however, there is much controversy present due to the fact that although the internet is full of helpful data it is also filled with an overwhelming amount of bad, unwanted information. As a teacher, you do not want your students looking at inappropriate websites. These websites might help students cheat, look at improper websites, and distract them from their school work. The Children’s Internet Protection Act, which requires any public library that receives government funding to place filters on all their computers, was put into affect 10 years ago. Our school is affected by this law and it is very beneficial. I think every school library should be required to put this act into effect in their schools. This will not only minimize the use of unwanted websites but it will also make students more academic. Instead of going onto social media websites such as, Facebook, they will only be able to work on school work. Maybe just maybe, school work will be more efficient with the restriction on Internet websites in school libraries.

Nam Pham
I believe that school libraries should always block the internet. Reason because, children tend to use the computers for other purposes than for research and studying. One big major factor in blocking sites is because children tend to play games and do other things then do educational work. However, I believe that with proper supervision the internet can be unblocked for the children to use.

Watertown/ MA
Mr. Rimas/ Watertown High School
Personally, I think it would be beneficial to restrict using certain websites that involves anything distracting to schoolwork. This can involve sites such as Facebook, twitter, YouTube, and more. I believe that using computers in school should only be used for the purpose of school assignments, such as research papers. The websites that are restricted by some schools can easily be accessed at home. Therefore, you have plenty of other time to use them when you're not in school. The purpose of school is to obviously learn, and using entertainment websites will only distract you from completing the work. At my school, these certain websites are intended to be blocked, yet people still find a way to access them. I don't really know how they can change this because someone will always seem to find a way to access them. Overall, I do believe that restricting certain websites is beneficial for students because it will teach them to stay focused on their work.

Mr. Rimas/Watertown High School
School libraries should restrict some amount of access to the internet, and some sites that clearly aren't appropriate for the school settings. The restrictions should allow students to have the right to go onto websites that are currently banned during free periods or if a teacher allows them to do so when they complete their class work. I think the Children's Internet Protection Act does help schools restrict inappropriate websites, but restricting our access to simple game sites, social-networking sites, and other sites should be allowed. Our school does ban certain sites for games and now has even blocked photo booth on mac computers since students like to play around and take pictures on the computers. I believe certain things should be different and other things should be kept the same.

In my opinion I believe that school's shouldn't waste their time trying to block any of the sites or put filters on the computers. The reason for this is because students find ways to get to blocked sites and access things that are filtered anyways. Where I'm from students can easily access Facebook and other sites that could distract us from our studies. Personally I believe that what you do is your choice.. if someone wants to focus on their studies and use the internet at school for practically reasons then hey good for them but if you don't wanna focus on your school work and slack around all day that's on you. Student's are responsible enough to make smart decisions and do the right or wrong thing.

Jennifer N.
School libraries should have restricted access to the internet, but it shouldn't restrict sites like YouTube. With today's advancements in technology, everything is computerized and paperless. People can learn things by watching videos, like watching French tutorials on YouTube. I don't see anything wrong with Children's Internet Protection Act. They shouldn't be exposed to something like that at a young age, it's indecent. My school blocks socializing sites like Facebook and Tumblr, but YouTube is not restricted.

Sidney, MT
Mr. Faulhaber
certain websites should be blocked and that other students who do get on websites that aren't appropriate are ruining the chances for other students who do use the internet for studying and other school assignments that use the internet

Sidney, Mt
I think that schools should ban some websites from students to help from getting them distracted. I think that they should take time and ban specific sites not just categories such as violence, weapons and stuff like that. It is constitutional because when your in school or under the schools supervision you must obide by there rules, your rights don't matter when you in school. For example you cant just go up and cuss out your teacher in the middle of class and get away with it, freedom of speech? Nope. Our school filters the websites I think by categories but I am really not too sure. I really don't think our schools needs to do anything different about blocking websites. Eyah!!

Sidney, MT
I think that certian websites on the Internet should be blocked. For example, Facebook and other enterainment websites should be blocked. Websites that are going to take students away from studying or work need to be blocked but websites that are going to benefit and help students don't need to be. Its hard trying to do research projects at school because the information that you need is on a website that is blocked. It gets pretty frustrating when you click on a link and it is blocked. Websites that have valuable information on them may get overlooked because of the name or creator of the website.

Sidney, MT
Nicole Redfield
Mr. Faulhaber/SHS
Yes, I think restricted access to the Internet helps people use proper cites to use for their papers. I also feel it keeps people off facebook and other cites when they should be focusing on their schoolwork.

Sidney, MT
Mr. Faulhaber
I think that it is a good thing to have certian websites blocked. During school hours students don't need to be distracted by going on their facebook or looking up things that aren't school appropriate. I do believe that the school should have control of taking those blocks off. If a students needs to research a certain topic that is band I think it should be possible to remove that restriction by the librarian or the head of computer tec. I think this protection would work very well as long as the school has the power to change things, not a buisness.

sidney, Mt
Yes I think they should block it because it will help kids from looking at filthy websites. I think they should only be able to use it for looking at books and only certain school work that they really need it for. I think it is good that they have the Children's Internet Protection Act. Our school has blocked certain websites that we can't go on. I think things are fine the way they are with the website because I think it helps kids get the work done and if they didn't have them blocked then i think the kids wouldn't do what they are suppost too.

Charlottesville, VA
Blocking certain websites is an idea I think they should keep. This prevents young kids from stumbling onto inappropriate websites. It also keeps children on task. Blocking social media sites and gaming sites is completely fair. It keeps students from getting distracted. But I think they should make sure to double check some of the sites they block, making sure they don't block site that students can actually get work done on.

Miss. Carr/Widener
Yes, school libraries should restrict the Internet to some extent because students are more likely to get distracted from other websites. But, in educational purposes, no they should not restrict the internet because students will need it to complete their work for school. The schools should restrict the internet for gaming, facebook, twitter, and similar websites. The Children's Internet Protection Act goes against the First Amendment Rights. The Philadelphia School District blocks websites such as youtube, facebook, popular gaming websites, and any other inappropriate websites. I think it is fair because they do not know who is looking at the website or you might need a website for educational reasons.

Vanessa B.
Some student are very immature. Schools need to know what they students are looking up. The schools should block some of the things that exist on the internet.

Angelica R
Bradley/ Nimitz
I think that school libraries should restrict certain websites, but be careful on what it is that they are blocking. Sometimes they enable students to do research. I think websites like facebook and twitter and websites in that category should be restricted. So, I am in the middle for agreeing with the act and disagreeing. My school restricts a lot of websites that could actually help us do our work sometimes, but I guess over all it is only trying to look out for us. One thing I also must say is that students should be more responsible on what they look at because now look where it gets the; not being able to browse around for research.

Portland, Oregon
Mrs. Tormala
Schools should restrict certain parts of the Internet. I believe that the restrictions should apply to the websites that are discussing inappropriate content for students of that age. Depending on one's age it may vary. For instance high school students deal with serious and problematic issues of the current world and elementary students perhaps deal with different issues. If someone needs to look up violence that either is occurring now or for the sake of their paper they should be allowed to look that up. As for the inappropriate or mature websites these should not be accessible because they do not have to pertain to schoolwork. The Children’s Protection Act is not as helpful as I’m sure it once was because most students own computers and if they wanted to looks up something inappropriate they won’t be stopped from doing it. The act is constitutional for the protection of the youth however it looses its necessity. The school I attend has blocks on certain websites that are not relevant to school. The aspect oft he school filtering system that is most helpful is that the teacher of librarian can view every computer in the room to see what content they are viewing. Perhaps blocking some images and websites are now rendered unnecessary due to the fact that the computer is viewed anyway.

Karla R
I think that the school libraries should restrict some websites on the internet because they are some harmful websites that shouldn't be viewed by children and teenagers. But sometimes when websites are being blocked, the ones that are important tools for educational purposes are also being blocked and there's no way a student can do the appropriate research during school. The restrictions should apply to the inappropriate images and websites for little kids and social networking websites like Facebook because they can be a distraction when students in high school are on the internet trying to do their work. I support the Children's Internet Protection Act because it is meant to protect the kids from seeing obscene things that could scar them for the rest of their lives. My school basically filters every website that isn't Wikipedia and Google, which is annoying when some harmless websites are being blocked just because they hold some sort of games and message boards when it could be helpful. In other words, having the internet filtered during school is a hassle but necessary, although it does make it hard when you can't do proper research at school and you have to take the time to go to another place where the internet isn't blocked (when you don't have internet at home).

Juan M
I believe that they should restrict access to the internet at school libraries, even though it wouldn't make a differrence. One of the main reasons is because some students would get distracted easily by youtube, facebook, and other websites. And I'll admit I too get distracted at times by youtube, yahoo, and sometimes facebook. The reasons why believe it wouldn't make a difference whether they would restrict websites or not is because students will find ways eventually how to unblock blocked websites. I think that if they would restrict some access on the internet, they should focus on social networking. The reason why is because students get distracted most by facebook all the time, and it's unrelated to school or school work. I think that the Children's internet Protection did help out a little. Even though I believe that they should block some websites, I still believe that it is unconstitutional. The way my school handles filtering is by blocking facebook, websites similar to it, and unrelated websites.

Yes, school libraries should restrict access to the inappropriate websites. But in doing so, they should not block any of the educational sites. Many people use social networking sites to pass on important information to others. If a student is not well, and does not come to school that day, the student is more likely to get the information from his/her friend through social networking sites. Inappropriate websites should be blocked, but it should never prevent students from doing the work assigned to them by their teachers. Therefore, inappropriate sites should be blocked or it could cause learning at schools and libraries more harder.

Irving, Tx
Jose R.
School libraries have the right to put limitations on their internet but to some extent. Its obvious of the type of websites school libraries should block and restrict. There is no judgment against that, its just that the availability of some useful websites are being affected in the process. The filtering process is easily to use but that doesn't mean its correct all the time. Its hard to believe that with today's technological advancements we seem to fall back in the simple stuff. There should be an even better system that recognizes the noneducational and inappropriate websites without it filtering out some websites that could be helpful. I also understand that its difficult to achieve that goal because of the extreme access of websites but that's just my opinion. The Children]s Internet Policy Act is not really constitutional because it limits the citizens freedom. Its more of an ethical act that helps keep public facilities under control and peaceful.

Fatema J
School libraries should limit access to certain websites that are not used for educational purposes, such sites can impose a negative effect on the students and they ought to be blocked. However, they need not have to block every content in sites that are somewhat considered to be noneducational or in other words, harmful. There are some useful sites that is limited access to, thus preventing the students from getting the proper information required for their assignments.

Sidney, MT
Mr. Faulhaber
School libraries should limit access to the internet to a point. Obvioulsly they should block pornographic, obscene websites, games, and chat sites. It is a privilege to be on the internet in school, but kids in schools need the internet to provide them with information on school work and projects. To block certain sites or completely restrict internet access would be unhelpful to the students. I believe that schools should block certain sites instead of blocking all sites and only limiting the students to a few sites.

Sidney MT
Mrs. Fontana/ Sidney High School
School libraries and school computers in general definatly do need to block some websites like pornographic websites and online chats. However they do need to bring the blocking of websites down a notch. There is no point in blocking youtube and some game websites because kids are going to find a way to get on them anyway. It is also really annoying when trying to do a research project and most of the informative and helpful websites you try to get on are blocked for some dumb reason or another. It is very annoying and inconvienant so they should take down some of the restrictions.

Sidey, Montana
Miss Fontana
Yes there is a limit to where schools need to block sites, but honestly, now a days kids cant even do a simple research because half the good sites people want to use aren't available.

Sidney Montana
Ryan Sullivan
Sidney High School Ms. Fontana
Restricting some of the things that a student can look up at school over the internet can be both harmful and helpful. I know for a fact if Facebook wasn't blocked from the computers I'd be on it more then I'd be studying Trig or Gov. But where do you draw the line? Not being able to look something up because it's blocked isn't only annoying, but it is also conflicting with our education.

Sidney MT
Mr. Faulhaber / Sidney High School
School libraries should limit some Internet sites, they should definitely block pornographic sites and online chat sites. The libraries shouldn't block sites like youtube or game sites because they really aren't harming anything and they are providing entertainment for kids that have nothing to do at school. The blocking of sites sometimes goes too far, especially when you're trying to research a topic you received for a class and you are trying to go to informative sites and the school blocked them. The libraries should take it down a notch on the blocking of sites.

Sidney, MT
Mr. Faulhaber
No, I believe that school libraries shouldn't restrict access to the internet, because some potentially helpful and resourceful sites could and probably will be blocked. There for hendering the quality of the research or work the student's are doing. The restrictions should block all pornographic for sure, but most of the websites contain helpful information.

There are thousands of websites that should not be accessible at schools or public libraries. It is reasonable for these places to restrict access to certain websites. Being a student myself, I have often came across blocked websites necessary to complete classwork or homework at school or libraries, so I understand how people feel when they find necessary websites blocked. It made researching online even harder. However, I often see students not taking their education seriously and they often goof off on school provided laptops. With that being said, I strongly support the Children's Internet Protection Act. It limits the students' access to social networking sites, games, and many other things. At school and at libraries, students should only focus on their homework. They need to use these limited accessible websites as best as they can. Without restricting access to the Internet, without a doubt, more and more students are most likely going to be tempted to visit school inappropriate websites. This act may violate the First Amendment but it is essential to promote a good educational environment for students. Yes, I do support restricting access to the Internet, but I believe libraries and schools need to be a little less strict about filtering sites online because the stricter they are, the more “legitimate educational websites” are going to be blocked. As technologically advanced we are today, blocked educational websites are making learning at schools and libraries harder.

India B.
Schools should restrict access to sites that are blatantly X-rated. However, the ways in which schools restrict websites need to be revised. Filtering websites based solely general content can prevent students from using useful sites that could have educational value. I was trying to do a project on Oktoberfest for my German class and was looking up information using the school's internet. I wasn't able to access a site because it had some content related to alcohol. Oktoberfest is a German celebration, and Germans drink beer. The site didn't promote drinking, it was just explaining an important part of the German culture. Just because the school restricts it, doesn't mean students don't know it exists, and in some cases, it impedes our ability to complete our assignments.

Bradley/ nimitz
I do not think that they should restrict access to the internet because we use it for educational purposes. Yes, there are many websites that we should not have access to and they should be blocked from us. But for some people we use twitter and facebook to communicate, and its not always for pleasure. Most of the time I have questions for my fellow classmates, about classes and important dates. Also, Nimitz uses twitter to get information out to the students so that we we are never behind with school activities. As of right now Irving ISD gave every single student an account on Google apps, so that way we can keep in touch with our teachers and make sure we are up to date in our classes. SO I think that the libraries should not restrict the internet.

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