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Should in-school advertising be allowed?

Feb. 10, 2011

By James Horner, student

The side of your bus features an ad for a popular sneaker. When you arrive at your stop, an electronic billboard greets you with a sale ad for a local car dealer. Inside your building, corporate logos are etched above the entrances to some rooms. Later, at the place you have lunch, a food company is passing out samples of its latest pasta creation. On the way out, you pick up a flier with a bunch of ads on the back. Nothing too unusual here, except that the bus is your school bus, the billboard is planted right outside your school, the logos are above the school gym and library entrances, the lunch place is the cafeteria, and the flier is a field trip permission slip.

With school districts facing critical budget shortfalls, many are trying to raise funds by inviting advertisers to promote their products on school property. The idea of exposing children to ads in school has met with reluctance, but increasing numbers of parents and administrators are concluding it is a necessary alternative. “As uncomfortable as it may be for folks, it’s less comfortable to get rid of programs or go through more layoffs,” Melissa Infusino, director of partnerships for the Los Angeles Unified School District, told the New York Times.

The possibilities for in-school ad placement have led to some novel approaches. For instance, lockers are a prime location for catching attention, and several Minnesota districts are testing plans to cover 10 percent of all surfaces, including lockers and floors, with ads that are expected to bring in nearly $200,000 a year per district.

In New Jersey, yellow school buses can now have ads on their exteriors as the state joins a half-dozen others in a move that could generate $1,000 per bus. Four Albuquerque, N.M., high schools located on busy streets will earn a total of $40,000 annually starting in March by leasing out space for electronic billboards that will flash ads and school announcements. One concern about bus and billboard ads is that they will distract drivers and lead to accidents. School buses are yellow for a reason: to alert drivers to be extra cautious because children are present. Exterior ads will alter how school buses look.

School websites have not been overlooked either, with numerous districts selling page space to companies that run ads with links to their own sites. Virginia’s Prince William County Public Schools reports raising $75,000 in its first year of selling web ads. One of the more unusual ideas was implemented in Peabody, Mass. The school district is printing 10 business card-sized ads on the back of all notices that go home to elementary school parents, including permission slips. The venture is expected to generate up to $24,000. In nearby Hull, Mass., the high school’s location along the flight path to Boston’s Logan Airport has led administrators to consider selling ad space on the school’s roof.

Corporate sponsorship provides another lucrative revenue source. Los Angeles just became the largest district in the country to agree to sell naming rights to various school settings and activities, including its football field, cafeterias and some extracurricular teams, for a potential gain of $18 million. The district will also permit approved food companies to hand out samples on school grounds for a fee.

Most districts prohibit ads for alcohol, tobacco and gambling; some schools also reject ads for unhealthful foods or political advocacy ads. Still, some parents and educators object to the ads because students are a captive audience. “They think we’re trying to franchise our kids,” National PTA president Chuck Saylors told the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “They’re in school to learn, not to exercise their purchasing power.”

Drawing the line on certain types of ads could also prove a challenge, experts note, as districts seek to maximize the dollars they can earn. “This is really tricky stuff for school districts,” Richard Colvin, director of the Hechinger Institute on Education and the Media at Columbia University, said in an interview with USA Today. “They have to be very careful about the image they’re projecting.”

Critics of mixing ads with education also point to a 2006 study in the medical journal Pediatrics that showed that students who watched Channel One, an in-class public affairs program that runs 10 minutes of news and 2 minutes of advertising or public service announcements, remembered more ads than news stories.

What do you think?
Should in-school advertising be allowed? Which types of ads are not acceptable? Should school districts restrict where the ads can be placed? Will schools be able to draw the line at what is appropriate? Does your school have any advertising? If so, how has it affected you? Join the discussion!
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brendan 2
Slippery Rock HS
But I think it's a good idea because it's a great way to spread Business

Slippery Rock HS
then what if one of the advertisers spouse got in trouble with the law that would put a bad name on them and the school

Sunshine coast
Ashley Freeman
Mrs Brutnell/ILC
Advertisements in schools provides funds for poor schools that desperately need them. New Jersey Assembly Education Committee allows sponsoring on buses, which could bring in up to $1000 for schools. California's Sweetwater Union High School District is allowing ads inside of its 15 schools which they say could generate 1 million dollars a year. With advertisements, they can save classes that may be cancelled if they don't have enough money. With the funds, valuable objects can be purchased such as sporting equipment. Advertising funds expand school budgets, and lower tax rates, thus, taking stress off local parents. With lower tax rates, parents can invest in other things, educational or not.

Stroudsburg, PA
Madison T
Mr. Hanna/Stroudsburg JHS
I believe that in-school advertising should be allowed. It will bring in money for the school and district, and help with all the teachers getting laid-off. Ads that represent doing wrong things, such as drugs or bullying, should not be allowed. Ads should not be allowed in bathrooms, lockers, or floors because students will get easily distracted. But, having ads anywhere else will spark kids imaginations and help bring in more money for the district. That is why I believe ads should be allowed in school.

Stroudsburg pa
I believe that schools should gave advertising on school buses because they can make more money each year by putting ads on buses so that they can pay the teachers more, do fun stuff for the school, and re-renovate if needed

Although advertisements may seem bad, allowing them to an extent would be better for increasing funds, rather than asking families to pay for programs and activities. If schools had enough money, they wouldn't be selling advertisement space. With allowing companies to advertise themselves, schools are saving themselves from budget cuts and families from paying more.

Sutter Middle School
Advertising should be banned from schools. Beause they are allowed in schools, obesity, diabetes, and cancer is occuring quickly in children.

Mr.Faulhaber/Sidney High School
I believe advertising in schools should be allowed but limited. Schools have the right to advertise for other companies and they could use that money for useful things, but schools should not advertise so much that it disrupts the education of the students.

NO ADVERTISING SHOULD BE ALLOWED JUST STOP IT!!! There is reason why because nobody cares and that nobody is me.

Advertising is a waste of money and should not be allowed in school. Because all that money that goes to buying advertisements, can be used for things our school needs.

a little tiny kid
advertising is not good because we spend money for what they advertise about and yo wassup WMS people

please no advertising again

Little kid
I think there should be no ads at all. Period, wheather its on buses or not. Its possible that drivers could get into accidents its like talking on the phone in you car. But then I thought to my self what about music, well music is singing and ads are talking to different things I don't really no but I just think No ads. and what brought this to my mind is were righting in my English class about this so ya NO ADS VOTE YESSSS

little kid
no ads is not good for kids.

wahiawa middle school
No because parents would be wasting there money on those junk that is being advertised

wahiawa middle school
No because parents would be wasting there money on those junk that is being advertised

no advertising please

Joshua Delasierra
Wahiawa Middle School
I do not think there should be advertising in/on school campus because it may distract kids from learning. btw hi wms students -_-

wahiawa middle school
no because we dont need commercials or advertisment to make kids buy their product

I don't like ads

Mr. black/WMS
Schools should not advertising in school

Schools should not advertising in school campus because students will be more new like you see new stuff on ads.

Nope. No advertising in school.

Diamond Bar,Ca
I believe that advertising should not be allowed at school. This is because a school could advertise something that a kid really wants but, maybe can't afford it. Lets say that a lot of other kids see the advertising for skateboards, and they can afford them so, they go out and buy one. The kid who couldn't buy one, would feel jealous and feel like they aren't good enough. The students would be more focused on the ads then actual school. School should promote like books or to do homework, not objects that somebody could feel jealous over. Every kid wants to buy something that is populaur so they can "fit in" so, like as said before, maybe if they don't get the product they would feel jealous andn ot feel like they "fit in." In my opinion, ads should not be put around school.

Diamond Bar, CA
I do not think that advertising should be allowed at school. Additionally, the school might send mixed messages, which can also distract students. It can distract students from their main goal in school- learning. Instead of thinking about school itself and what they learned, they might be thinking about what ads they saw on campus. Also, advertisements in a school setting can lead to peer pressure, which schools tend to warn against giving into. It leads to peer pressure because ads might be pressuring some students to buy certain products because it is popular.

Advertising should not be allowed in school

Pine Valley Middle School
Imagine going to school in the morning, walking down the hall and seeing Nike swooshes and pictures of McDonald’s burgers along the walls. How would that be in the perspective of a student? Advertising should be allowed in schools. Advertising in schools would benefit the school in good ways. Schools would get more money. More money leads to better equipment and foods. Students, people passing by, and staff would see the advertisements and may think they are interesting so they buy from the company. Unfortunately, schools will be flooded in advertisements and may become a distraction. This essay will show why advertisements should be allowed in schools. As a matter of fact, having advertisements could lead to more money for the school. The company would pay the school for showing their product(s). Having this money in the school could lead to the school becoming too expensive to attend to. Having more money means more money will be leaving too. Less wealthy families may have to move elsewhere due to the price of the schools and area being more expensive. Schools should think about the effect on others with advertisements. Correspondingly, with more money coming into the school, schools would have better equipment and foods. “This is our commitment to users and the people who use our service, is that Facebook's a free service. It is free now. It will always be free. We make money through having advertisements and things like that.” said by Mark Zuckerberg. Having more money means the school can afford to have better quality items for students. If the advertising is discontinued, the school would be left with items that are expensive and may be hard to replace if broken. Not having the money needed to maintain expensive items can damage the school’s balance very much. If the school has advertisements, the school would have to keep them otherwise the school’s money would severely drop.

San Dieguito Academy
I think school advertising is a good idea, but there has to be a limit to it. I am a student and i have personal experience with the lack of money public schools have right now. Some of my friends have divorced parents and we can't even find a couple extra textbooks so we don't have to move textbooks from one house to another every week. It would be really nice to have textbooks that actually have covers too. In an essay prompt that I got from school it says that "some schools accept money to require students to watch Channel One, a news program that includes advertising" (2008 AP English Language Essay prompt). I think that forcing students to do this is totally unacceptable. Knowing the news is great, but this is not directly related to student's assignments or education so it is just burning time.

Stephen Springstead
Student Redmond high School
I think school advertising would be great. and not just because i like advertisements i Relive it will make kids more aware of advertisements and what they are trying to make you do. not just that but my school does plenty of fund raisers and the advertising would help profit well of our stuff. my football team hast to fundrais for its self. with these advertisements i feel the money coming from that would pay for all our new gear and more. i feel this would be a great opportunity for school anywhere.

Stroudsburg/ PA
Mr. Hanna/Stroudsburg JHS
I believe that in school advertising should be allowed. If the company tells the school they can, then they can. If they allow them, then the company should be paying the school. They could use the money for field trips or lunches. If the ad is inappropriate, then it shouldn't be in schools. Ads should only be in schools if it is appropriate. If the school is on the bigger side, then the company should be paying the school even more money. The more kids that buys the product, the more money the company makes. A lot more of the money should go back to the school for helping them company get more money.

Mr. Hanna/ Stroudsburg JHS
I think that school advertisement should be permitted in school. The company can pay the school to sell it and the money could go to the school. The money could go to a program that cant find a way to raise money. They could help buy new equipment and jerseys for sports. Advertisement could really help our school! I don't know about your school or if it could help your school but what i know is that the business and gain more buyers from this. It would be money for the school and the company! It would work out for both people!

East Stroudsburg/ Pennsylvania
Mr.Hanna/stroudsburg junior high school
Now I have enough local advertising in my school about companies and products and I think that school districts should have the full control over if advertising it on the property or not. Now do I think that advertising on school property is right. I approve of local advertising on School property but I think there should be a limit in advertising because you don't want the whole school to be a advertising magnet. Like it was said in the article that the reason of having yellow school buses is to alert others that that is a school bus and there are children and students present so I wouldn't put any advertising on school buses because there's a really important reason of having school buses the way they are yellow. The certain types of advertising that should be a limit in school is local appropriate advertising. There should absolutely not be any advertising about sexual contact or bad society there because then everything will go wrong. So I approve of local advertising on school property but there should only be a limit and there should be the right appropriate type of advertising.

Stroudsburg, PA
Mr. Hanna/ Stroudsburg JHS
I believe in school advertising should be allowed. I feel not only the business would gain from this but also, the company should be paying the school for being a big advertiser of the product that's being advertised. One big place advertiser would be on lockers. The kids who see this would take in confederation of the product. This is good for the company, but like I said this is great for the schools making a huge profit for advertising! Helping the school buy new equipment and adding on would defiantly help the schools in need of revenerating.

Wolfe city
ads should be allowed in schools to generate money for school programs to not make school days dull and boring.

Mrs.Pope Mill Creek Elementary

San Franciso
Miss Smiley
School Ads should not be accepted. I have heard over and over again from many students that they can't focus when they are trying to think about their school work. It's hard.

st charles high school
i an doing a research writing i need help deciding

Kamiak High School
I would say no...for multiple reasons. One is that its not healthy for students to be constantly bombarted with ads in a learning environment. Its not beneficial for the students. Sure Ads can bring in needed revenue, however; if it sacrofices the learning environment of the students, and it will, it would further hamper the future of the students of the future. Not only that but in-school advertising is based upon capital not morals. Its a slippery slope because of the fact that religious institutions can also become advertisers. This type of situation is not allowed under the first amendment which is agianst the establishment of a single religion in a public establishment. And to have a religious advertisement war wouldn't be beneficial either.

Heritage Middle School
I think bud=s advertisements shouln't be allowed on buses because drivers might look off the road for a second to see the advertisent on the bus and they might crash.

Watertown, Mass
Yes it is uncomfortable, and a corruption of most educational centers for finacail profit for big business. Unfortunetaley it would be necessary to keep certain aspects of school afloat. As long as a fall play does not have comercials during intermission, and the choir is not singing company jingles. Then it would be a necessary evil.

Sidney, Montana
Ashleigh McGhee
Mr. Faulhaber/Sidney High School
Advertizing in-school should be allowed for many reasons. On reason that it should be allowed is all the money that it would bring in. If schools would allow for companys to pay them to put up advertizements, then the school would generate enough money that they are losing with all the budget cuts and stuff. They would be able to put all that money toward extra-curricular things including clubs, sports, and things for around the school. Another way advertizements would bennifit would be students would be able to see what is a quality product that the school would support for them to look into. This would allow them to see what to get and what not to get. The down falls of in-school advertizing would be that they could create a distraction from the learning inviroment. If the students are focused on the ads they might not pay attention to the education they are reciving.

samantha garcia
kelly monument
i think no because a car can crash if it reading it.

Rosa Coad
Saint George
I think they should be allowed. For two reasons. One: It could help kids get a job. Two: It gives kids ideas to study in collage and study for the job in collage sio they can do the job. Well that is my statement!

Old Town ME
Why is there advertising in schools this should be iligil its just not right

Chattanooga, Tenesseeee

Advertising in schools should be allowed if it pertains to school. Otherwise it's most likely distracting. Advertising companies and schools get a win/win

Advertising specifically to children is unethical because they have little or no money of their own and have to persuade their parents to buy the products for them. Rather than advertising directly to parents, companies use a "nag and whine" campaign that leads to hostility between parents and children. They rely on pester power to make adults spend money they don't have on things they don't want to buy, and which their children may well only play with for a few hours for example. Advertising which presents products to children as "must-have" is also socially divisive, making children whose parents cannot afford them appear inferior, and creating feelings of frustration and inadequacy, as well as leading families into debt

Humber Summit Middle School
they overbalance the kids into wasting thier bucks on something that they think is good for them.

Short Kid
Berkley High
No. Schools should not let advertising into our schools. It can easily distract us. It gives companies more power than they need, and that much power handed to them could be really bad for all of us. Besides, the point in school is not to be advertised to, it's to learn. I don't want to go to school and see a huge add for some stupid fizzy drink plastered all over my locker, and I definitely don't want any strangers coming into our cafeteria with free samples of their food. It's just weird. And it's also just a low thing to consider...advertising companies are dishonest and sneaky. I don't want my school to be a part of that business. You know, I feel the kids don't have enough of a say in this. I could be wrong, but I don't see any teachers/administrators or even parents asking the kids what they want. Sure, the younger ones may not know the difference, but what about the Middle Schoolers? High Schoolers?

In school advertising should not be allowed. School is a place to learn, not to find deals on different products. Advertising for commercial products should not be allowed.

jostad/bentonville high
i think that companies should advertise on school grounds because it lets schools keep music or sports programs or have school clubs

rudyard, MT
Mrs.Campbell / Northstar
Well i think its ok for advertising things just to let people know what is being for sell. Like this year the senior class had to sell alot things to raise money for their senior trip to D.C.and it helped alot when we advertise our stuff.Like Erin from belleville henderson school it should be educational related advertising or raising for senior trip. So yea the schools should let advertising go through the schools.

Belleville, NY
Colby; Belleville Henderson
Schools should allow advertising. However, it should be school/ educational related advertising. Also the advertisments should consist of posters and announcments. Not huge billboards in front of the school or free food samples at lunch time.

chicago illinios
ms. lozada avondale-logandale
should children be allowed to go to school

i believe that school advertising shouldnt be allowed. They would have alot of controvarsy with this issue. Such as many people can get affended. Though it can also have a negative influence within the children. Thus it wouldnt be a good idea to have advertising with in schools.

Porterville/ CA
In my perspective, schools should allow advertising to an extent. They should advertise companies that involve school related products. Some students might question where they can a school supply for a certain product. Or wonder how much a product is for school, if they make it school related or have a product like a refreshment or food. If advertisements include smoking and drinking or other things involving that, that would be a different story. It would be obvious to anyone that they wouldn’t allow it in school. Certain things ads should be shown in school that are of good influence.

bais yaakov of baltimore
i am a student and i am writing a persuasive essay about how schools should not be allowed to have advertisments. though this may be benificial to the corporations its not that great for the kids. it could lead to jealousy, its a distraction, and not everything is appropriate for everyone. i strongly disagree with this article

Jones-Prettyman/Baltimore Talent Development
I say yes because schools are being benefited.

Jones-Prettyman/Baltimore Talent Development
Yes, I believe that in-school advertisin should be allowed. This would help advertisers get their brand out there. Money paid by advertisers to schools would help schools buy needed resources, like books.

Jones-Prettyman/Baltimore Talent Development
They should just not be able to put an advertiser's name on a school uniform. But, then again that might be cool.

Hellstern Middle School
Why would students buy a car?

i dont think that school advertising should be allowed because students should be treated as students not customers! Anither thing is that if the students get distracted by them then they could preform badly in school.

mrs.francis deranoski
I think there should be a law that ads should nut be allowed in school. That is why I am doing a project to stop in school adverisising.

Sidney, Montana
Mr. Faulhaber Sidney High School
In-School advertising can be a very good thing, it expands the students into the community. Out school does have in-school advertising but most of the time it's for after school jobs, community projects, and small bussiness that just started. It doesn't hurt any of the students to have advertising in schools, students are there five days a week and for eight hours a day. It's the greatest oppurtunity for them to know whats out in their community.

Sidney, mt
Sidney high school
Yes. Advertising for a business is a good thing. It can make them known for their products. As long as the products are appropriate it should be fine. It also brings in money for the school

Manatee Middle School
Yes because advertising is like you know doing stuff for like the stuff in the like school anyway and schools need the stuff which is known as money and kids can ignore the ads anyway so wtheck.

Mrs. Campbell North Star School
I think advertising has it's place in school, however I think it sould be more regulated than the examples used. The school bus option is not appropriate because they detract from the fact that it was a school bus and drivers must be cautious that children are near. As for the lockers and such, that is up to the school to decide. If they is the only way they can increase their revenue then it is inevitable and necessary. My only hope is that the school invites the promoters instead of the companies mauling the schools.

Rudyard, mt
Elizabeth Campbell/ North Star
It depends if it is neccessary to allow the school to do that on school property. And do they have a good reason why they are doing this? I guess it's because they want to speak out, and get everyone's attention. I dunno what other people think about this add, but I believe it is important when I read it. But if they are using ads by alcohol, or drugs. Then it is a problem with the school, and the students parents to be concern.

Zach R.
Greencastle-antrim highschool
I believe that advertising in schools is perfectly fine. If having a few companies put logos can help keep programs and teachers in the school I’m all for it. My school is currently getting a revamped sports field and is planning to have some logos to pay for the fields. In the long run it will generate more income for the school. Advertising from major companies can bring in $200,000 in revenue for the school district. Many schools have opened things like lookers to the buses for advertising. For companies to advertise in schools is ok unless it gets out of hand. Putting advertisements school presentations is taking it a little too far. There is no need to bombard high school students with ads more than what they already are.

Greencastle, PA
Greencastle-Antrim High School
I think that in-school advertisement should be allowed. Obviously, ads about tobacco, alcohol, and gambling would not be acceptable to be advertised in school. School districts should also restrict where they place these ads. For example, there should not be ads put on a school bus, because then that would be a distraction to drivers who might be trying to read the advertisement instead of paying attention to the road ahead of them. According to Fox News, a bill before New Jersey's Assembly Education Committee would allow school districts to sell ad space on the sides of school buses, which sponsors say could bring in up to $1,000 per bus. I believe allowing ads to be on the sides of buses is only adding distractions to drivers and possibly putting the children’s safety on the buses in danger. I believe if the regulations on what type of ads are made, and where these ads are placed, schools will be able to pull this idea off successfully. Although this may start an issue of if a school advertises for one company, but does not advertise for another, how will that be solved? Will companies then have to be advertised at a different school rather than in the same school? Also, will each district be able to choose which brand of products they advertise? This decision gets into a very deep concept that I think we have not thought about enough.

Indianapolis, Indiana
Ben Davis High School
If the schools allow the advertising to take place, then it is okay. Children have the choice on whether they want to pay attention to all of the advertisements or not. Nobody is forcing them to pay attention to them or purchase anything. On a personal level, I think the advertisements are a bad idea. It's a school. Not a mall. The idea of raising money for the school is thoughtful, but not the way it is explained in the article.

Boothbay ME
Ms. Sirois Boothbay Region High School
I think it's a cool idea to have advertisement adds on school property. I never really thought of it but then I saw it on here. If schools did do this, then I'd think the adds would be the school baseball or basketball team. Maybe the companies they get their food from, or textbooks. All in all, I think it's a cool idea.


Baldemar Martinez
Bradley/Nimitz, Irving,Tx
It seems like a good idea for schools to advertise ads. It help the students learn about the crisis where in and things that schools must do to get their required materials for them and to acknowledge and take care of their school. It also gets the students involved in some economic structure of the economy, just as in our schools with school club posters.


Bailey M
Bradley/ Nimitz, Irving, TX
Having advertisements in schools will boost money flow to the district and the district that I am in now is in need of money. The teachers that are around me are nervous about the fact that they could loose their jobs due to the budget cuts that the state is putting on education. If our district decided to put ads in our schools, then that would make up for some of the budget cuts. Some ads that should not be allowed in schools are ads that promote alcohol, tobacco, and unhealthy foods and drinks. The school district should be in charge of what advertisements should be restricted in the schools. At my school there are Dr. Pepper machines with all of the different Dr. Pepper products advertised all over it. At the football games there are bunches of advertisements throughout the whole stadium. The ads are just apart of my normal life and I don't notice any real effect that they have on me. If there are already advertisements all around us in magazines and on the road sides, then why not get some extra money for the school districts. The money will be used to keep the extracurricular activities going and help the teachers hold their jobs.


David B
Bradley/Nimitz, Irving/TX
In-school advertising is not a bad idea at all. In fact, it will generate revenue which will then benefit schools. God knows they need it; Irving ISD has announced recently that they will soon lay-off as many as 200-250 teachers by next school year. But there are some limitations I agree that should be enforced. For example, nothing R-rated should be allowed in elementaries or even secondary schools. Anything that won't disrupt the learning process is fine by me.


Shelby Z
Bradley/Nimitz, Irving,Tx
I don't see a problem with in school ads if they are absolutely needed, they wouldn't cause any harm to students. However, I do think that they should only be allowed in certain places so that students do not get distracted with them, and can do their school work properly.


Josh J
Bradley/Nimitz, Irving, TX
In school advertising in my opinion is only going to corrupt the students that are present at schools. Even though schools can moderate what advertisements are present in the school, some schools still can not control all of the ads that can be placed in their school. In my school I only have advertisements that include school activities on campus. Those are educational ads that require no legal tender to be able to have to participate in the program or item. I mainly feel this way because last year there was a Red bull car that pulled up to my school and was distributing cans to all of the students after school. This is a completely unsafe way to get students interested in an energy product. The people handing the cans out only wanted to try and hook students on their product, they had no concern for the possible side effects that their product could have had on some students. In conclusion, if schools allow ads even that are appropriate to the students of their school, there will always be some ads that make their way into the school system that will eventually corrupt the students in some way.


Bradley/Nimitz, Irving/Texas
Ads should be allowed in school but restricted. Ads that promote activities or products that are required by federal law to be 18 years of age should not be shown on school grounds because of the presence of minors. The ads will cause a distraction in the learning environment, but also create a much needed revenue. The ads should not be in any classrooms, because they be a major distraction. But, the ads will be like what everyday students see at home. My current school does have ads, they are called sponsors. They restrict what you can buy in school, so it is an odd way of advertising.


Sharon J
Bradley/Nimitz, Irving/Texas
School Administration is always concerned about things they classify as distractions. How would you expect students to concentrate when adds geared towards them are everywhere they look? Imagine a fifth grader trying to learn his math lesson with his favorite cartoon character staring him in the face trying to sell them his favorite candy bar. How about expecting a middle schooler trying to pay attention to the information needed to pass these standardized tests our states are so concerned about, when her celebrity crush, Justin Bieber, is endorsing his latest item. Granted, these may be the extremes, but do things have to reach their extreme outer limits before they become a problem?


Bradley/NImitz, Irving/TX
Although in school advertising is a last resort on behalf of schools it should not be allowed. Children will be easily distracted and having constant eye catching advertisments in their faces will not end well for any students. It is the government's job for public school funding and public education should not be cheapened by means of advertising. This will guve the school a bad look and is not very respectable.


Josh A.
Bradley/ Nimitz, Irving, Texas
I think that in-school advertisement should be allowed if need be. If there are no alternatives to cutting a deficit, in-school advertisement should be used. However, I believe that cutting programs and jobs should be attempted at least. I think that in every district, there is some needless program or some teacher who is not efficient at his or her position. With these programs and teachers removed, the school district is improved, not degraded. This is because the school district becomes more efficient as a whole with with spending its money. Basically, I believe that in-school advertisements are an option, but should not be first option.


Lisa P
Bradley/Nimitz, Irving/Tx
I don't think that in-school advertising would be harmful at all, that is of course if the ad's are posted with discretion and in a non-distracting way. A lot of schools are going through budget cuts and laying off teachers, so if in school advertising could help I think it would reap benefits everyone would like to see.


Jennifer K
Bradley/Nimitz, Dallas/TX
Being a student myself, I understand how there might be concern with the distractions in-school ads may provide throughout the school day. However, I also know that there are an enormous amount of teachers, who have dedicated their lives to their work in helping students, and yet found that all it amounted to was being laid off by a district that couldn't afford them. If in-school advertisements would be a way for teachers to retain their jobs, as well as a way for the district to receive more money to help its students succeed, I think that they would be a great idea. However, the advertisements should be limited to certain areas of the school instead of being sporadically placed. The cafeteria could contain healthy food ads, the gym could show off tennis shoe ads and sportswear, and maybe even some of the fashion classes could get some clothing ads around their classrooms. If the plan to place advertisements within our school is something that the district wants to implement, as long as they go about it in a smart and idealistic way, I think they will be successful.


Bradley/Nimtz, Irving/Texas
The Irving ISD, as well as most other schools in Texas, are in the talks of a major budget cut, meaning less money for teachers and aid for college bound students. As a part of a district that is financially struggling, I feel that in school advertising should be condoned for the right intentions. Around the school are walls filled with overly redounded reminders that students pay very attention to. Instead, advertisements that can be beneficial in remedying the financial situation that we have come to face. Obviously there should be discretion as to what advertisements are used and where they are placed, but I have faith in our administrators to assign advertisements in the best way that is least distracting to students and most helpful in enhancing the budget. School advertisements are an easy, cheap way to pull the Irving ISD and other school districts in Texas out of an already deep hole, and I see no reason as to why it should not be done.


Wiz K
Mrs. MJ, Black n Yellow, Pistolvania
My opinion is that there should be no problem with advertisements in school unless it benefits something bad or non-school appropriate. The ads that are not acceptable in school are ads about alcohol, tobacco, weapons, and gambling. I also don’t think it should matter where the advertisements are as long as they obey the rules about what should and should not be advertised. Many magazines have ads with these school-restricted ads. So therefore, I feel that, schools should only have magazines that are for school related topics. They can also have newspapers in school because they only have ads for things at the grocery store and basic needs for living. Our school does have ads, such as the newspaper and things on the television in the morning. According to http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/home/51130091-76/ads-buses-bill-bus.html.csp “school ads be “age-appropriate” for riders and forbids content that is sexual or promotes substances that are illegal for minors, such as alcohol and cigarettes.”


Dennis N.
Bradley/Nimitz, Irving/TX
In-school advertising should be allowed in school to bring in revenue for the school for educated purposes, athletic purposes, and other organization purposes such as band and orchestra. Ads that are not acceptable for school would consist of alcohol, drugs, gambling, sexually explicit material, political influences, religious influences, and unhealthy foods. School districts should be able to restrict where the ads can be placed so the school cannot be filled with ads. Schools should be able to draw the line at what is appropriate and what is not however, schools could also be drawn in with how much money they are receiving and ignore the inappropriate ad but I doubt that would happen. As of right now, I do not think that my school has such ads but I expect them to appear soon.


Mirna L.
Bradley/Nimitz, Irving, TX
I think ads in school can have both a positive and negative effect. The real question here is how far school districts are willing to go to raise money. I don't see the problem with ads in the hallways or cafeteria, but I think ads in the classroom would be highly distracting. School is a place to learn, and the classroom has to be a place in which you can easily concentrate. If the walls are filled with ads, there's a possibility most students will pay more attention to the ads than to their teacher. Also, what the ads contain is highly important. Ads in schools shouldn't advertise inappropriate things like alcohol, cigarettes, or even movies. I haven't seen any ads around my school, and I actually hope we don't get any.


Demi S
Bradley/Nimitz, Irving/Tx
Speaking from the perspective of a student, I can say that I would not mind seeing advertising symbols around my school, especially if they brought in more money. With the current economic situation, many teachers are facing the probability of being let go- a situation also placing a lot of stress on clubs within the school and athletic teams. Some say that school is a place for learning and that advertising only distracts students from what they should be doing, and I agree with this statement to an extent. I will admit that it could be distracting for some, but I think it is up to the school districts to chose wisely when making their decisions upon what type of ads to place within the schools and how they go about doing it. For instance, I do not think ads that cut into to educational videos and placed within the classroom are acceptable because advertisements are more attention grabbing and would negatively effect the learning environment. I do not believe they are a bad things, but I do believe it is up to the schools to know how to properly regulate going about choosing and placing the ads within the school. I can say that I would much rather see advertisements in my school, then be forced to see my favorite club, teacher, or athletic team removed simply because of funding issues.

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