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Should birthright citizenship be denied for U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants?

If you are born in the United States, you are automatically a citizen, a guarantee of the 14th Amendment of the Constitution that has come to be known as “birthright citizenship.” A number of Republican lawmakers are questioning that right in seeking to deny automatic citizenship to American-born children of illegal immigrants as a way to contain illegal immigration. The Pew Hispanic Center, a nonpartisan research group, counted 4 million American-born children with at least one parent who was in the United States illegally in 2008. Eight percent of babies born in the United States that year had at least one undocumented immigrant parent.

The citizenship clause is just one part of the 14th Amendment, which was ratified after the Civil War to deal with civil rights issues when slavery ended. The amendment contains three limitations on state power that greatly expanded the reach of the Constitution: States shall not violate citizens’ privileges or immunities or deprive anyone of life, liberty or property without due process of law, and must guarantee all persons equal protections under the law
The 14h Amendment’s citizenship clause states: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.” The purpose of the clause was to guarantee citizenship to freed slaves and their descendants after the Civil War. Those who challenge birthright citizenship argue that illegal immigrants are not subject to U.S. jurisdiction, and so neither are their American-born children; these children, they argue, cannot therefore automatically become citizens. Since there was no such thing as an illegal immigrant at the time of the amendment’s adoption — immigration was not restricted or regulated back then — opponents also contend that the amendment does not apply to illegal immigrants.

The Supreme Court, however, has upheld the right to birthright citizenship throughout history, granting citizenship to all people born here, except to children of foreign diplomats and Native American sovereign tribes. Supporters of birthright citizenship consider it an important element of the American ethos that prizes welcoming and assimilating diverse people.

Three paths to modifying or repealing birthright citizenship have been proposed:

1) Legislate change at the federal level: Under the proposed Birthright Citizenship Act of 2009, to be considered a citizen, a child must have at least one parent who is a U.S. citizen, a legal permanent resident or an undocumented immigrant serving in the military. Sponsored by 93 Republicans and two Democrats in House, the bill has been sitting in subcommittee, and experts say it is unlikely to survive court challenges if it becomes law.

2) Amend the Constitution to revoke birthright citizenship: Sen. Lindsey Graham and other leading Republicans have proposed hearings on an amendment. But amending the Constitution is an extremely difficult process.

3) Get the Supreme Court to change its interpretation of the 14th Amendment: State Legislators for Legal Immigration, a coalition of Republican lawmakers from 15 states, is drafting state legislation that will deny citizenship to children born in the United States to illegal immigrants, possibly by barring the issuance of birth certificates. Birth certificates are under state authority, but issues of citizenship fall under federal jurisdiction, and so a change in state law that clashes with federal law will likely lead to lawsuits. Arizona State Rep. John Kavanagh said that is precisely the intention: provoke lawsuits that will end with the Supreme Court reexamining the 14th Amendment.

Opponents of birthright citizenship argue that illegal immigrants come to the United States to give birth to a child – a so-called “anchor baby” – as a way of gaining quick access for themselves to citizenship. However, supporters contend that in fact, the law requires these children to wait until they are 21 to petition for legal residency status for their parents.

A study by the Migration Policy Institute, a nonpartisan research group, observes that an end to birthright citizenship would increase the illegal immigration population, not reduce it, leading to “the establishment of a permanent class of undocumented workers.” The study predicts that the number of unauthorized immigrants could swell from 11 million to between 16 and 24 million by 2050, depending on how restrictive new laws would be.

What do you think?

Does birthright citizenship apply to the American-born children of illegal immigrants? What do you think of efforts to deny automatic citizenship to these children? How would denying them citizenship affect illegal immigration in the future? Join the discussion and let us know what you think!
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Somehow, birth tourism should be stopped. Pregnant women coming to the United States to give birth so that the child will be a U.S. citizen is just wrong.

Illegal aliens are not 'subject to the jurisdiction' of anyone or anything here. They disobey our laws and disrespect our borders, and their children should absolutely NOT be citizens.

New York
The 14th Amendment does NOT grant birthright citizenship. The clause "and subject to the jurisdiction thereof" has been ignored. It means that being born here does not grant automatic citizenship.

Los Angeles/CA
There are already pathways to citizenship and there are already visas in place. Illegal aliens need to go back to where they come from, get in the line and apply for visas like everybody else. Congress needs to end birth citizenship, the biggest loophole in the immigration system, and make sure that 1) one of parents must be a US citizen and 2) illegal aliens do not get jobs or welfare (via their US born children). Without income and welfare, Illegal aliens will self deport. No need to build the wall.

Ricky Henderson
south union
I think it should be denied because there parents are illegal and that they just come over the border by purpose just to get there kid here and to be able to stay here. When they could just apply and get a green card. BUILD A WALL

Joe Shmoe
I think it should be denied because they never earned a citizenship. People who are born in the US legally are born with parents who have citizenship. Illegals who are born here never had a family member who earned it.

I think the birthright citizenship should not be denied to the American-born children of illegal immigrants because they were born in US soil and I believe they will have a better life in here than their parents.

I think the birthright citizenship should not be denied to the American-born children of illegal immigrants because they were born in US soil and I believe they will have a better life in here than their parents.

I think the birthright citizenship should not be denied to the American-born children of illegal immigrants because they were born in US soil and I believe they will have a better life in here than their parents.

Charlotte, NC
I do believe that you are a U.S. citizen as long as your parents maintain citizenship or you are born on U.S. soil. This includes the American-born children with illegal parents. I do not believe that we should deny citizenship to these children. As long as they were born on the soil, then they are considered citizens. If we were to deny them citizenship, then illegal immigration in the future would be unpredictable.

Charlotte, NC
Mrs. Tarney Charlotte Catholic High School
I think that children born on U.S. soil to illegal immigrants should from here on out not be granted U.S. citizenship because that allows illegal immigrants to take advantage of legal citizens and the U.S. immigration system. I think that denying these people citizenship would decrease the amount of illegal immigrants because people would no longer illegally enter the country in hopes that their child's automatic citizenship will grant them citizenship.

Charlotte, North Carolina
Tarney CCHS
One possible solution to the issue could be that children of illegal immigrants born in the United States might be granted a temporary visa as well as their parent(s). This is under the primary condition that the parents are given a proper path to getting legal citizenship (Not given citizenship only a path to do so) this means that these parents must apply for citizenship and go through the process as if they were not already living in the states like regular immigrants have to do. Should the parents not follow this rule or should the application be denied then the whole family will be deported back to their country of origin.

Charlotte, North Carolina
Mrs. Tarney / Charlotte Catholic
I believe that a child born in the United States with immigrant parents should not automatically have the right to get their citizenship. If undocumented immigrants choose to have a baby in the US, they know what is going to happen - they are choosing to have their child be faced with all those troubles their whole life. They know when they come to the US when their due date is; therefore, planning to have the child in the US and keeping him/her there. Too many illegal immigrants are doing this and there needs to be a law that stops them from doing this - or even just a law that does not allow pregnant women over.

I believe that they are called amendments because we change them and that the 14th amendment is at the point that it needs to be changed. People are using these "anchor babies" to gain citizenship in the united states which is avoiding the legal process. So we need to modify the 14th amendment to prevent illegals that have babies from staying in order to gain citizenship. By doing this it will reduce the number of illegal immigrants and increase the number legal immigrants.

Charlotte NC
Tarney/Charlotte Catholic
I think that birthright citizenship should be denied to children of illegal immigrants. If this is continued to be allowed, any immigrant can illegally come into America just to have their child, increasing the chances for them to stay with a visa and eventually citizenship. People who are here legally have to pay taxes and dues while the people who come in illegally do not which is not how a citizen of the U.S. participates.

Charlotte, NC
I think that nothing should be changed regarding birthright citizenship for American-born children of illegal immigrants. I think that efforts to deny automatic citizenship are pointless because the process to changing the 14th amendment would take a very long time. I think that if we denied them these rights, then the number of illegal immigrants would rise, therefore not fixing the problem of illegal immigration

Tarney/ Charlotte catholic
Even though the children were born in the United States they should deny it, because that wont change the fact the parents are still illegal immigrants.

Charlotte, NC
I believe that American-born children of illegal immigrants should have birthright citizenship because the 14th Amendment states that anyone born inside of the U.S. Territories are American citizens. Although, parents who give birth to these children should be responsible for the legal documentation of these children. Families should not be completed separated; Mothers should be able to stay with their American-born children until they reach the age of 18. By allowing this to happen, mothers may be afraid to raise their children in poverty because they might be unable to get a job while raising that child at the same time. If they plan on having that child, they should have applied for legal citizenship before the child’s birth. It is unfair to those who applied and entered the U.S. legally if people crossed the borders illegally and had their child.

charlotte NC
Tarney/charlotte catholic high school
No I do not think that if children are born in the US from two illegal immigrants that they should be granted US citizenship because people could easily sneak in to the US in order to have their child and then leave, this would also lead to a major increase in population. In the future this could reduce the amount of illegal immigrants coming into the US.

charlotte nc
ms. Tarney charlotte catholic high school
The Amendment states that anyone born on american soil are automatically a citizen. why should the kid be denied of of a citizenship and be deported because their parents birthed them their?Also this place was founded off of immigration, america is the last place that needs to be so judgmental about immigration

Charlotte/ North Carolina
Tarney/Charlotte Catholic
I think they should become citizens because the 14 Amendment gives them the right to be an American citizen. I think that people should not stupid and come over illegally just to have their baby become a citizen but that is just my opinion and I do not think their birthright citizenship should be denied.

Tarney/Charlotte Catholic High School
I believe that all children born in the US regardless of their parents, should be allowed to be full legal citizens. The child has no control of their surroundings and deserves a safe haven at birth whether that be our country or another.

Tarney/ Charlotte catholic
Even though the children were born in the United States no matter what, the parents are still illegal immigrants and wont change anything so in that case they should deny it.

Charlotte, North Carolina
Mrs. Tarney/ Charlotte Catholic High School
I do not believe that birthright citizenship applies to American-born children of illegal immigrants. I agree with efforts to deny automatic citizenship to these children because it creates even more illegal immigrants. Denying citizenship will lower the amount of illegal immigrants because people will not go into the US only to have a baby in order to gain citizenship for themselves.

Charlotte, NC
Although the 14th amendment states that any child born in the United States is automatically a citizen due to the law of blood, I believe that unless at least one parent is a legal citizen then they should not be granted citizenship automatically. Some people believe that it is unfair to the child to not be granted citizenship but since the child is the responsibility of the parents, the parents should have their best interest in mind and not do something illegal that could affect the child's future. If a parent of a child wants a good future for their child, they should become a citizen legally and put in the effort if they truly care about their child's future instead of breaking the law.

Matthew Kostmayer
Mrs. Tarney / Charlotte Catholic High School
I think if the illegal parent has any history of crime or drugs in any form, than them and their children should be sent back. But if they have a clean record then they should be given access to become a citizen before deportation.

Jake Gargano
Mrs. Tarney
I believe that if illegal immigration is as big of a problem as people make it then this loophole should be shut down. Because any parent wants the best life for their child and will do whatever it takes. If they do revise the 14th amendment then they should make it an easier process of naturalization. Their is not a yes or no answer, but this is an argument where both sides need to come to a compromise.

Sean Rogan
The fourteenth amendment states that if a child is born in the United States even if both there parents are illegal citizens that they are still Natural-Born Citizens. I think that you must have at least one parent that is a legal US citizen for the child to be a US Citizen. If the parents want there child to be a legal citizen they should be willing to become a US citizen also and go through the process instead of sneaking into the US illegally.

Charlotte, NC
Tarney/ Charlotte Catholic High School
I believe once a child is born in the US they are legal citizens and no matter if their parents aren't they deserve all the rights any other citizens do. If a child were to be denied their rights because of their parents the government would not be withholding their promises to citizens of the US. So therefor a child should have the right to stay if their parents are sent back to their home country.

Sean Rogan
The fourteenth amendment states that if a child is born in the United States even if both there parents are illegal citizens that they are still Natural-Born Citizens. I think that you must have at least one parent that is a legal US citizen for the child to be a US Citizen. If the parents want there child to be a legal citizen they should be willing to become a US citizen also and go through the process instead of sneaking into the US illegally.

Charlotte, NC
Mrs. Tarney/ Charlotte Catholic High School
I think birthright citizenship should apply to American-born children of illegal immigrants. With this being said, I think the parents should be punished or be deported because illegal immigration should not be tolerated. There should be a place to care for the child but it is no way fair for the parents to take advantage of the country.

Charlotte NC
Tarney / Charlotte Catholic
I believe the 14th amendment, along with the other information stated in this document, is inaccurate . I think that denying citizenship to these children is unreasonable . Everyone should be granted citizenship , in my opinion , if they were born in the United States . Unless the parents of the child put them in danger or have not lived in the United States for more than 5 years , I think the child should be able to receive a birth certificate with both parents' signature .

Charlotte/North Carolina
Mrs. Tarney/Charlotte Catholic High School
I think birthright citizenship should apply to the American-born child but not to their parents. I think if things get way to out of hand there should definitely deny automatic citizenship to these children. Denying them citizenship would make the illegal immigrants think more clearly on the process of it all before getting into it.

Tarney/Charlotte Catholic High School
I believe that all children born in the US regardless of their parents, should be allowed to be full legal citizens. The child has no control of their surroundings and deserves a safe haven at birth whether that be our country or another.

centerline micigan
Hallie Hayes
Byrn centerline highschool
i beileve all peoples are of and should have legale citizenship no matter what

Chesapeake/ Virginia
Morgan Mowery
Mrs. Bristow/ Western branch
i think we should stick to the birthright citizenship act of 2009, where a child should have one us citizen parent in order to receive a birth certificate.

chesapeake virginia
Mrs. Bristow
I think we should just stick to the Birthright Citizenship act of 2009. where a child should have one parent as a U.S. citizen.

Children born in the United States of America should retain the citizenship of their mother, since the mother is the only indisputable parent of said children.

sligo middle school
what is a major problem in immigration rights

Mr. Jabro / Canyon Academia
Undecided, this is a complex problem and it isn't about being xenophobic, its about numbers, numbers that could effect the economy, Yes there are successful immigrants but that doesn't go for all of them, its an uneasy scale that tips, the boom in population can be a serious problem, illegal immigrants are a "can of worms" its unpredictable at best, denying illegal immigrants and descendants of them sadly would only slow down these effects, it wont stop them. only problem are the amount of variables that are involved, it is wrong to assume that all illegal immigrants are shining beacons of exemplary citizens that should be legalized, and when those who support them cant do anything else but protest to help them is just a shame, no wonder this debate is still going on, the only way for them to be legalized harder than the illegal way. But overall it would be unethical to just kick out whole families and those with "anchor babies" if anything they should be put in refugee camps until further process is taken.

Atlanta, GA
Enzo Bonelli
Mr.Green/White Mountain High
Birthright Citizenship should absolutely NOT be repealed. Literally Millions of people born to undocumented immigrants have ongoing lives in the country and are every day people just like everyone else. There are Honors high school students and College students who would have their hopes and dreams brutally denied because of the Ignorance and Xenophobia of a few. These people are just like all other american children and teenagers. They shouldn't be punished for being born to parents that are from another country, i.e: SOMETHING THEY HAVE NO CONTROL OVER. Put yourselves in their shoes: Imagine if you woke up one day and were suddenly not a part of the country you were born in raised in! Worse yet, imagine if you were completely stateless; this is the situation those poor wretches would be looking at. There is plenty of statistical evidence that undocumented immigrants do not, in fact, harm of hurt socioeconomic aspects in the United States. As a matter of fact, they actually BENEFIT the economy and are overall less likely to commit a crime than a native born american. Also, we're all forgetting the important historical context of the 14th: it gave citizenship to emancipated slaves. You'd all be just as bad as the confederates for repealing it.

Waukegan, IL
Waukegan High school
I believe the 14th amendment speaks for itself. If they were born here then they should get their citizenship. If they get their citizenship then they get everything that comes with. Even citizens aren't citizens because they all migrated so if they want to try and bend it for immigrants now then they are going to have to receive the same consequence.

austin, txo
travis high school
In my opinion, if an illegal mother comes to the United States to have her kid. She should b responsible for that kid, until that kid reaches adult age 18. Anchor babies shouldn't be receiving government assistance of any kind. If she has a kid that means she is ready to support him/her. Not us. Most of the time the parents make enough $$$$$ to where they don't need assistance. But since they have no social , they not on radar. N lie wen they go to the medicaid/food stamp office.

Lanham Maryland
Duval HIghschool
Honestly we should have this right because we are far more diligent and competent. Also, we immigrants are the reason the United States has such high income. Instead of the "natives" complaining that we steal their jobs and such, they should think about how they aren't competent enough to actually do it. You people only look at the selective few that have done horrendous actions against the U.S and not the robust actions that we have done in favor to them.

Birthright citizenship under the 14th amendment has 2 conditions: being born or naturalized in the united states, AND being "subject to the jurisdiction thereof". How can a child born to illegal immigrants be subject to the jurisdiction thereof when his or her own parents are not legal citizens? Birthright citizenship may grant automatic citizenship to the child of legal immigrants, not ILLEGAL immigrants.

I think that they should be allowed in because they were born in the USA and its there parents descion to leave there country

They should get to stay if their parents are willing to better them selves.

I don't think kids should be born here if their illegal it's their parents fault for having the kids here when they weren't legal themselves. USA citizens have to obey laws of other countries so should theyb

Keyport, New Jersey
George Headden
Washington not counting Obama need's to vote to Repeal the 14th Amendment like so many other countries have in the past and ALL children born to Illegal’s and Refugees Past, Present, And Future be classified as Illegal and deported with their parents. This way Obama cant cry about breaking up their families and there will be no way that the children that reach 18 years old can not petition to have their parents brought to the United States. I think all Tax Paying US Citizens should take a Burth Right Child on their Income Tax as a Dependent. HEY WE ARE SUPPORTING THE ILLEGALS AND THEIR CHILDREN. The Illegal men that do day labor for cash and others that have fake SS # live in houses 6 to an Apartment and send 60+ % back to their families across the border and this is depriving the US of money that is made hers and nothing going back into our economy. What happened to Obama’s BS about people sending money out of the country to avoid taxes, The illegal’s are doing just that… THIS HAS TO STOP. SEND THEM ALL BACK ACROSS THE BORDER THEY CROSSED TO GET HERE. NO SYTIAN MUSLIM REFUGEES, LOCK OUR BORDER TIGHT NO WORK VISAS, NO EDUCATION VISAS, HUNT DOWN ANYONE THAT OVER STAYED THEIR VISA AND MAKE THEM LEAVE IMMEDIATELY NO MATTER IF THEY HAVE A HOME, JOB OR OTHER...

Westland, MI
Mr Summerman/John Glenn HS
Quit saying American Citizenship! It is United States Citizenship or United States of America Citizenship! If it were just American citizenship then all citizens of both North and South America and Central America would also be eligible!

Dr. Leniece Smith
Birthright citizenship should be denied for U.S. born children of illegal immigrants. I believe they abuse the 14th Amendment by sneaking into our country and having children purposely so that they can stay. They should deny automatic citizenship because the parents did not seek American citizenship legally. If precautions are not taking to stop this problem, illegal immigrants will continue to abuse the fourteenth amendment.

Hartland, Wisconsin
Arrowhead High School
Conservatives have started with the premise that we must deport all illegal immigrants, and their children as well. So, they look at the 14th amendment and simply refuse to see that it ever even granted birthright citizenship to begin with. Essentially, we and the courts have all been wrong and there was never any birthright citizenship for anyone not a former slave. Some are suggesting no need to change the Constitution, as this is not needed to fix a misreading as they see it. One MAJOR problem with this is what happens to all the previous immigrants who came here illegally and now have had generations of children? How far back would they no longer be considered citizens? If conservatives continue down this line of reasoning the end might be very reminiscent of the rising party in 1930's Germany.

Houston/ Tx
Juan Rodriguez
Ms. White
I think that if the U.S. really cared about immigration and all the drugs and killers supposedly coming from Mexico they would interfere like they do overseas. The U.S. sends troops into Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, to "help". I was always taught to help yourself before helping someone else. North America is it's own backyard. The U.S. is LETS all this (drugs, cartels ex.) happen. Too much money would be lost if they stop it. Would everyone should do is their homework on why people want to come to this GREAT COUNTRY. The opportunities everyone here takes for granted. Look and see how education south of the border is. Job opportunities are slim to none, unless you know somebody. Kids starving worse than in Africa less than 2 miles from the U.S. border. The constitution was written a long time ago and things have changed. The men who wrote the constitution were thinking into the future and got it right. If you start shedding a little bit of fat here and there, where will it stop!! One could say i f the natives were better prepared and not welcomed all the strange people on boats would this country be here. You know there was that one guy or girl saying "Don't trust them".

Los Angeles
Round Meadow
Illegal immigrants that have children in the US should not have a birthright in the US. If a US citizen goes to Germany and has a child while they are in Germany that does not make their child a German citizen. This policy has been misinterpreted and abused over the years The 14th amendment should be revised.

I think that they should rewrite the 14th amendment because a lot of people are coming to the us for a short time and having a kid

Midlothian Middle
I think that those with parents who were born here should be able to become a citizen. If your parent was not born here and is not trying to gain citizenship themselves then I don't think that those children should be allowed citizenship. As said in the article "A child must have at least one parent who is a U.S. citizen, a legal permanent resident or an undocumented immigrant serving in the military." That sounds fair and reasonable. It's not made to the point where if you were born here you aren't a citizen or if you were born here illegally you aren't either.

Midlo Middle
I think they should take the right away from the illegal immigrants coming to the U.S to have there baby's, but i don't think they should take the right away from the kids who actually stay in the U.S and there parents aren't there ilegally

Midlothian Middle
It all depends on perspective. I believe that if they are born in the United States they are automatically citizend ONLY if one of there parents are citizens. This puts a split between having citizenship with two parents or non of the parents have citizenship. So if the parents are not citizens of the United States, the child isn't either. American needs to really deal with immigration. Kids shouldn't automatically citizens if there parents aren't.

I think that they should change the law because to many people are coming over here and having their child. You shouldn't be aloud to visit her when to close to your due date or they hould tighten the law about parents not being citizens and make it more clear because people aren't very aware

Midlothian Middle
It think it matters how your familly came to the U.S. If your family is leaglely living in the U.S(with a green card or Visa) and they had a kid he/she should be a citizen. If the famiy is here illeagley in the U.S the child should not be a citizen.

Richmond, Virginia
I think that they shouldn't get rid of it because the child was born here just like I was.

Manchester Highschool
I think that atleast one parent should be a legal citizen to have a child. I don't think it's fair to use a child as a way to stay in the United States. If you want to move to the United States you should do so legally. By applying for citizenship and passing all the tests. I think if neither one of the parents are legal citizens then they shouldn't use they child as a way to be granted citizenship.

mr. Wilkins
I don't think that the kids should be U.S. citizens deport them all

Garland, Utah
Bear River High School
Citizenship should definitely not be granted to someone simply because they're born in the U.S. If other people have to earn citizenship, then they should once they're old enough as well. America is soon going to be much more than half Hispanic. Now don't get me wrong; I don't mind Hispanics in any way. I'm not racist, and I think they're great people. But, we need to realize that we can't always take people in. We need to kind of 'calm down' at some point. All I'm saying is, if they're not born by American citizens, I just think they should do something more than be born to be counted as American citizens as well. For example, the citizenship test. Other people have to take it, so why not them? I don't debate well or provide good enough arguments, I know that. I'm not looking for people to agree with me necessarily; I'm just stating my opinion. Sorry if this upsets anybody!

Brooklyn, NY
Mr. Devita
There should be a path to immigration for illegal immigrants

Beaumont, Texas
The 14th amendment does not apply to illegal immigrants. The key word here is illegal. The Migration Policy Institute favors immigration of any kind so they are a partisan group even though they claim to be nonpartisan. If you end the birthright citizenship situation then you will have a good starting point to control illegal immigration. The fact of the matter is most illegals come here to work and have a better life. They do have babies while they are here since they are humans like the rest of us. We first need to have better border security. Then this country needs to set up immigration centers and let illegals apply for citizenship at these centers. We need a center in every county and parish in our county so we can start documenting them and make them pay state and federal taxes. Clarify the 14th as of today’s world. Remember this law was writen recently after the Civil War when there was no such thing as illegal immigrantion. SO HOW CAN ANYONE SAY THIS LAW GIVES LAW BREAKING IMMIGRANTS BABIES THE RIGHT TO CITIZENSHIP. As for the Chinese man who was born here and challenge the 14th. His parents were immigrants here legally. They were not here illegally. As the law states he is a citizen.

Juliza Raza
Judge Barefoot Sanders Law Magnet
in my opinion i think that citizenship should apply to the american-born children of illegal immigrants becuase our 14th amendment does support this. Many people disagree by saying that we mexicans and others dont support the united states and that we bring the economy down with is not true because for everything that we pay for has a tax on it so we are paying our taxes in almost everything that we buy. Also our work force is increasing becuase more hispanics are working long hours to support there family with the basic nessesities for life. My question is why does donald trump want to go with law when his parents are not even US citizens?

Helen Bradley
When it comes to the topic of denying birthright citizenship to the American-born children of illegal immigrants I strongly disagree due to the reason being that they to are entitled to every opportunity and freedom that the United States has to offer. If we do proceed in the process of revising the 14th amendment & move forward with everything that wants to be done in denying the citizenship of these children it will greatly affect our future in the sense that our workforce will go down due to the working of the illegal immigrants residing in the United States, that would later be deported back to their mother country,and therefore decreasing and destabilizing our economy. When it comes to the efforts that are being put forth for denying citizenship to these children I feel it is more so cruel & unnecessary because we are a country that was built up & based upon a nation of freedom and opportunity. When one really steps back and takes a look at the whole picture , you realize and begin to ask why are we denying the rights of these innocent children ,for we are all immigrants we came here on this land that we call the United States of America looking for that free will & freedom for a better life to our future generations.

San Diego, Ca. 92131
Jackie Bhagat
Jackie's Spanish Tutoring Class
I think the children that were born of illegal parents should be entlitled to the 14 amendment Birthright of 1968. Those children are at no fault of having been born here. They had no say on that. Why should they be penalized? It is the parent's fault...Not their's. I think, it would inhuman to deport those children (people) whom had no choice on that matter. What I think, is the following: A decision must be immediately taken that no one should enter this country illegally. It is our duty to enforce it. If those undocumented people can freely enter this country, who is to be blamed by not securing the border? children born here of illegal parents, must be given the choice of staying here if they so choose. My only intention for writing this article is, defending the right of those people who are at no fault of such occurrence. They must have a voice now that they are already born, which they did not have prior to birth.

Portland OR
Madison HS
So you think a woman who is pregnant who sneaks across our border ILLEGALLY and then three months later has a baby should expect it is a US citizen? What a bunch of hogwash and never mind later the horde who will be part of that 'american' family They deserve ZERO..... My family, both sides, came in steerage LEGALLY...it is a mockery to my family and all who came legally to let these people go to head of line

Somerset, NJ
SMS Cath
Illegal is wrong, NO legal righr or benefits should be giving; Return trip back to their Country

Uvalde High
So, you go to Russia , you have a baby, now your baby is a Russian citizen. You go to China, have a baby, and now your baby is Chinese citizen. It will never happen there. And the 14th amendment was never written to give people from all over the world duel citizenship. But the supreme court has trashed the nation, and is bringing it down by dividing it. If this does not change and we stop this, this country is done. Its all about money, and the love of money, people being paid off on the backs of the taxpayers. So what we have is this : the love of money is the root of all evil. You see it everywhere.

Milwaukee, WI
It isn't even pregnant women crossing the border. I know people who have lived in the US for years illegally and have had 5 kids or more. They have established a life here and don't plan on returning and the kids they had in Mexico and brought here are now old enough to be Dream kids and have jobs, plus drive their family around so they don't get into trouble for driving without a license. I have heard, though I can't confirm that a lot of these families rely on government programs like WIC, Food Stamps, The forward card, or programs for people with low incomes. What confuses me is how they qualify while here illegally. I think that no one really checks to see before issuing benefits. Someone should look into it really.

I find it funny how many people assume all immigrants are Latin Americans when there are also many Asian and European immigrants as well. It is true that denying citizenship to children born to illegal parents would discourage immigration but it would also lower the countries income these people consume products pay rent, etc.here in the usa and never claim benefits from employers and the benefits they do seek such as food stamps, etc are for the children most of the time and the children will pay them back some time in their life with taxes. Obviously the government is not seeking a way to stop immigration completely because immigrants provide a former of cheap labor that no us citizen would accept. The government thinks about economy and right now having immigrants benefits them so as long as this keeps being the case they will make no major attempt to scare immigrants away. Denying citizenship to these children is not what would benefit the government which is why it hasn't happened. If this were to happen, however, it would be a very sad thing for the children for the country they were born in would not grant them citizenship and the country their parents are from wouldn't either.

Union City, Ca
Judge Applebent
JFK Hing School
Let's follow the birthright citizenship! it is in the constitution. We the people...

Yadkinville, nc
Surry Central High School
You don't think immigrants are coming here for that exact reason? To have children that will be automatic citizens, therefore being entitled to food stamps, government housing, county medical benefits, cash assistance from the government. Of course they are! Fix this and you will stop the influx of immigrants. Because the e verify system is a joke if you don't enforce it! Same as our gun laws. We don't even enforce the laws we have

ls angeles. CA
if non-usa citizens would have kids with same rights with actual u.s citizens what would be the meaning of being u.s citizen or american ?

Grundy Center, IA
Grundy Center Middle School
There aren't any illegals going to our school and I think that if there was, it would depend on how they act that I decide if they are good for fellow peers.

Newport Beach
Newport Harbor
Actually Congress could pass the Birthright Citizenship Act as a definition of "subject to the jurisdiction thereof" and deny appellate jurisdiction to the Courts under Article III, Section 2, clause 2.

I believe that these children should not be denied just because their parents are illegal immigrants. Majority of these people are refugees, fleeing from violence. Many people are being so dismissive because they don't take time to think about the struggles that people in other countries have to go through. If the US seems to be the gateway to opportunity to those children, then I believe that the children should gain the right of being considered citizens. What happened to "the children are the future" ? There were a few other commentators before me that mentioned something about "if people want to be legal here they should abide by the law, first". Well let me tell you something. If it were so easy and if the people were guaranteed citizenship by actually filling out the required paper work and abiding by the laws then everyone would have done it and the numbers of illegal immigrants crossing borders would not be so high. The process is a long 10+ years, it takes a lot of money, and even then there is no guaranty. America is a nation of immigrants and that is what makes America so bold and different. Assimilation is the problem. People should explore the different ethnic groups, language, etc. It is beautiful to see so many different people. Immigrants are willing to do all the jobs that many legal citizens aren't willing to do! But you know what, go ahead and try to send all immigrants back to their countries and then all these people that are against immigrants will see how bad America will fall back.They want it that way, right?

Sacramento, CA
Daniel Kim
Rosemont High
As a legal immigrant, many of us have waited as many as 20 years to migrate so why would our stupid American Supreme Court, lawmakers and people do not just follow UK back in 1980's get rid of 14th Amendment of our Constitution which was hundreds of years ago when NO ONE care to come here!?!?

I think birthright citizenship should apply to children of a parent or parents with legal status, (citizens, and other legally here, not children of illegals, temporary visas, tourists or foreign diplomats. Canada is the only other developed country in the world that still grants birthright citizenship, most have abolished it. ( UK, France, Ireland , India, just to name a few that have done away with it) It causes to many people to break our laws.

The birthright citizenship doesn't apply to American-born children of illegal immigrants. Efforts to deny automatic citizenship to these children should be applauded. If someone wants themselves and their children to be a citizen of our country, they should start off by obeying our laws. One of the previous comments mentioned that we are all technically illegal immigrants. Their reason was all the people in history that immigrated to America for freedom and lower taxes are considered invaders. They also stated that we are hypocrites for not letting other illegal immigrants into our country. The fact is there was not a set government at that time. Therefore, it was perfectly legal for the English, Spanish, and French governments to come over and set up a government. Only after a government is set up and in session is it possible for people to commit illegal acts against that country. That person also stated that if God has allowed us to come over "illegally" then why are we going against God's will in this matter. The early immigrants prayed and asked God for wisdom before they came over. Most of them also had permission from their own government to travel to the Americas. It is never God's will for a person to commit illegal acts. They further stated that no one can go against God's will. This statement is also false. Any and everyone has the ability to go against God. But that doesn't mean they can do so without being punished by God for it.

Charleston SC
If you read the 14th amendment, it specifically addresses what the law makers called "anchor babies" and that it is illegal to have an "anchor baby". They really brought home the pledge of allegiance. I pledge allegiance to one nation; their parents cannot come here illegally and give birth and that child be an automatic American citizen. The constitution of the US lays out the path to citizenship which includes the parents giving up their other citizenship and pledging allegiance to this country and this flag. In no other situation or setting can you do something illegal and get a legal product out of your illegal activities ie if a drug dealer is busted and they determine that all of his assets were gained by his illegal activities, then all of his assets are confiscated. They were gained by ill-gotten activities and thus illegal products. The founding fathers in the 14th amendment use California as an example in their explanation of not allowing an illegal alien coming across the border and dropping a baby and the child being legal. It/he/she is an illegal alien not a legal citizen. Without assimilation, you have faction of people who want special privileges/consideration, and don't want to become part of the culture of the whole union but rather demand that everyone change the culture to theirs. Why are our children’s educations being harmed in schools because there are so many children not knowing our language and requiring that everyone else speak the foreign language? Assimilation and being proud to be an American is required to continue our great country and our wonderful culture.

Roanoke, VA
Cave Spring
I think this legislation will have a positive impact. I know a lot of Chinese people come here to give birth and leave just so their child can have this glorified US passport. This law will combat these people who I think are doing something that is morally wrong

San Jose, CA
Able So
No debate. My answer to your question is "NO'.

Irma Dart
For all those people out there who always talk bad about illegal immigration all I have to say is go back in history and learn about all the events in the USA history. We all know that we all come from immigrants except for the natives. If we go back in history, the first immigrants came from England because they wanted according to them more freedom and also lower taxes. Now at the time for the natives, Europeans and any other immigrants were considered invaders. I kind of makes me sad how much hypocracy some people take with the immigration topic. For those so proud to call themselves 'lawful citizens' all I can say is that you lack a great sense of sympathy for the ones in need because what some people are doing right now coming to this country illegally it's the same principle as when your ancestors came here years ago. So please don't tell me that when Europeans first got here they were all welcome because we all know that's not true plus a good part of the population except for the Natives pretty much forced themselves into this country. Everything happens for a reason after all God is the one who decides how our history will be written and if God so far has allowed illegal immigration then all I can say is who can go against God's will? Oh my God nobody absolutly nobody.

I don't believe that, even though they were born on U.S. soil, that they should be permitted to become legal citizens. Their parents, if both illegal immigrants, would be deported back and not be with their kids. Yes, the edu. is amazing, but without support, nothing could easily be done. Also, if the immigration law isn't enforced properly, it could follow up with over-population as well as a shortage of jobs for legal citizens.

Charlottesville, Virginia
Most immigrants come to the US for a better future for them and there kids. They come to live the American dream. If you think about it immigrants work in hard conditions in which citizens wouldnt even last a week. they work in cold and hot day while US citizens get to stay in a office building. Immigrants help our country in many ways and people dont see that.

Charlottesville, Virginia
most immigrants come to the US

Fullerton California
South Kitsap
Where i live there are a lot of illegal pregnant immigrants put up in houses until they have their babies If we deny citizenship for their babies then they would stop coming here, citizenship is all they want! If we don't act now there will be more of them and & less of USA legal citizens as of now in the state of California legal citizen are the minority! What happens to us if we keep letting them get away with this? We have to take better control of the situation. It's bad enough our government allows illegal immigrants to march against us and DEMAND RIGHTS! Isn't that a oxymoron? We the USA have a proper & legal way of becoming a US citizen but they don't think that's fair! What's not fair is the USA has to defend our selves to the illegal immigrant about our laws. So lets pull it together and stand our grounds on this matter, We must stay in control!

Roanoke, Alabama
BroadChurch Academy
It may be true that one who is: 1) born in the United States of America is a "birthright" citizen, and 2) indisputable that one who is born to parents who are themselves citizens of the United States of America, no matter the birth location, is automatically a United States citizen. But this means nothing to a Passport Services or Social Security Administration bureaucrat. All that matters to them is that the person applying for (or application is made by a duly authorized representative) presents a certified copy of a birth certificate that was filed within one year of the date of birth stated thereon. Delayed birth certificates mean nothing to them. The federal government is not bound by Article IV, section 1 of the US Constitution, the "Full Faith and Credit" clause. It is merely by the grace of the US congress or the agency that any documents are accepted. SSN applications and filing are at no charge. Passport applications are NOT free, whether the bureaucrats' whim is to issue or not to issue the passport. The application and any documents submitted can be rejected for any or no reason. Even a state or territorial birth certificate filed within one year may be rejected with or without justification.

Port St. Lucie, Florida
School of Life
At the time of the 14th Amendment, immigrant quotas were not in place nor did the founding fathers or political bodies at the time of the 14th Amendment ever expect the need. Since then due to the increased influx of peoples from around the world, quotas have had to be put in place. If the latter is constitutional, then so should be an exclusion for children born of illegal immigrants. Those children would be deported with their parents and not retain a US citizenship.

The 14th amendment shouldn't apply to illegal immigrants it gives their children power over us true americans. They should go back to Latin America and stay forever

West Ridge High
While I do see the argument that every American who is not from Native American descent is an illegal immigrant, I believe that we cannot operate on events that happened over 400 years ago. Today, Anchor babies give benefits to illegal immigrants who do not pay taxes like legal citizens. I see this as unjust to American citizens, and especially unjust to immigrants who have come here legally.

Wilmington, NC
School off Life
Intent of 14th Amendment was not addressing illegal immigrants. Children born to illegal immigrants have no right to citizenship of the USA. Their parents are Mexicans and here illegally, the children should have been born in Mexico and therefore Mexicans here illegally.

South Carolina
Greenville High School
I think they should be able to become citizens because technically everyone here was born of "illegal immigrants." I mean, think about it, the native americans were here before us, so wouldn't be there land then? Then us Europeans and Asians and what not just came in and claimed it as our own. That probably isn't ok in many people's books.

North Carolina
Wilson Christian Academy
i believe in America

Bayshore high school
If we even take away the 14th amendment from the Consitution that this Country was built on technically we are all immigrants no one was really born on this land so then we are all immigrants. There is no such thing as a real American cause all of us migrated here

Bronx,New York
South Bronx Prep
they should not have done that.

Arcadia High School
Amend the constitution to deny us citizenship to children of illegal parents, period. This should also apply to children of non-immigrant visa holders in the country legally for work or studies.

ashburn, VA
I think you guys should do ( 1) Legislate change at the federal level: Under the proposed Birthright Citizenship Act of 2009, to be considered a citizen, a child must have at least one parent who is a U.S. citizen, a legal permanent resident or an undocumented immigrant serving in the military. Sponsored by 93 Republicans and two Democrats in House, the bill has been sitting in subcommittee, and experts say it is unlikely to survive court challenges if it becomes law.) That because it is true i know many illegal immigrant and the women do come here illegally and get pregnant on purpose so that their child is a citizen and not only that they appy and are granted free medical insurance and are given food stamps. I am a Citizen of the United states and not even i ask for that much help from.my country. They lie of their incomes and give wrong information to get help from the goverment. I think at least one parent should be US Citizen or Legal Recidence for their children to be US Citizens.

Long beach
Amahn Mallett
Long Beach Poly
I believe that no matter what what race or culture you are, if you want to immigrate here you should have to prove that you have a skillset or specialization that can help the U.S., whether it be cleaning to custodial to teaching. A teacher from japan, or a gym teacher from south america. Otherwise, dont even try to come over.

Norwalk Ca.
Steve Vreeken
Nick Nicholson Bellflower High
I believe that it is totally wrong that I work hard for my money pay taxes. Then I witness illegal imigrants come to this Country don't have to pay taxes because they have Social Security number. And just because they are a baby making machine they get to stay in this Country I think it is just wrong. It should be a privilege to live here not a right if your illegal. I mean they make more money than I do with no education. JUST WRONG.

winterset, iowa
winterset senior high Mr. Fitzpatrick
i firmly agree but only if you are born in the united states, should you be a citizen of the us, as well as you parents. i however do not agree that an illegal immigrant that just came over should not be a citizen

Rimas/ Watertown High School
I believe that even if your parents are illegal immigrants but you have been born in the U.S you should be accepted as an American citizen because like the 14th Amendment states, all people born in the United States are citizens. Illegal Immigrants having children in the U.S usually do it for their children's benefits like getting a good education, or a good job and having the right to freedom. Any child deserves that right.

Rimas/ Watertown High School
I think if you were born in America but have illegal parents that the child born here should be an American but the parents would have to do the whole process of becoming a citizen.

Mr.Rimas of Watertown High
I think birthright citizenship does apply to American-born children of illegal immigrants because even though they were the children of illegal immigrants they were still born in the United States. Due to the fact that they were born in the United States means that they should be even though their parents were illegal immigrants. I think they're just trying to protect the country from illegal immigrants so i don't see anything wrong with what their trying to do, but I still think the birthright citizenship applies to them. I don't think it will affect illegal immigration even when they try to deny it.

Rimas/Watertown High School
Babies born in the US but are children born from from illegal immigrants should not be denied citizenship because they are born in the the US and they will be razeing them in American society.

Chicago Il
Queen of Peace High School
Illegal immigrants are "ghosts" so then they do not exist here... so then neither should their children. They are doing nothing except for draining any system set up for Americans. They are being taught English while paying no property taxes and because of that we are cutting everything in the schools. Get rid of them... I don't care if they are Mexican, Polish, or any other race. It is not fare to people who worked so hard to get here legally.

Round lake Beach
Ms Moss Sally Potter
no they shouldn't

Las Vegas, Nevada
Brenda G.
Ms. Mclaughlin
I'm honestly not sure what I believe. I guess you could say I'm neutral? Children born to illegal immigrants should be granted citizenship because citizenship is based on birth, not ethnicity. The children can't help that they were born on US soil. But, they shouldn't be granted citizenship because why award those who break the laws?

las vegas nevada
i agree with the fact of the 14th amendment to give children of illegal immigrants the right of citizentship

Las Vegas, Nevada
Ms. Mclaughlin
Yes, children of illegal immigrants who are born in the U.S be citizens. they were born here and the right to be here.

las vegas, nevada
i agree with the affirmatve

Indianapolis, IN
Avon High School
I enlisted in the marines and picked my MOS which is what job you do in the Marines. I choose signals intelligence and was denied because my parents are not legal citizens can somebody answer me on how that works?

I have cousins from Mexico that came to the u.s. with a travelers visa, apllied for Medical, received it no qestions asked, had there children here and went back to Mexico 2 weeks after. They make it really easy here in California and its becoming a trend. I am opposed to it, but there is not much I can do when the goverment is allowed. My sister in law that is self-employed had to pay ot of pocket for her childrens birth, but my cousin that has never lived or worked here, got it all paid. Does not make any sense.

Grand Island, Ne
The simple fact is the law needs to be changed on letting a child of illegal immigrants become a citizen. Think of the stupidity of this law when it comes to illegal immigrants. First of all they break the law and then we reward them by paying for there babies being born here and then we make the child a citizen.


Sophia C
Bradley/Nimitz, Irving, TX
If we take away birthright citizenship, in a way we take away prospects for others to pursue the American Dream. While we joke and say we're going to run away to Canada if a certain candidate becomes president, and while we complain about taxes and the recession, there are tons of people out there that don't care about the economy, or the government. They immigrate here and have children to create a better life. They escape war-torn areas and third-world countries so that they and their children can have hope for a better life. To take this right away, or to put sometimes impossible stipulations on it, would be constitutionally wrong, and it would defeat America's proposition: that you can make a better life here, and future generations can benefit as a result.


Jessica A
Bradley/ Nimitz High School, Irving, TX
How much does race play into this situation? Imagine Lithuanians crossing the Atlantic in order for to live in the 'prosperity' that is America. They're illegal, but when they have children, what would they be considered? American citizens because they were born on American soil, with the same rights as everyone else. According to the 14th, a person is an American citizen if he or she was born in United States, and that shouldn't be taken away because of his or her heritage. And if we were to take away their citizenship, would their children be legal? Or their children? When would they be considered actual American citizens if there are always considered illegal? Wouldn't it be possible for the United States government to exclude certain peoples because they were 'illegal'? It isn't right for the US government to punish the children when it was their parents who decided where their children would be born, and by denying the citizenship to the children of immigrant, America would be spiting on the foundation it was build upon: immigrants coming to America to get away from the hardships and persecution of their homeland for better lives.


Maggie S.
Bradley/Nimitz High School, Irving, TX
We absolutely cannot deny the right of people who are born on American soil to be considered Americans. Sure, it might deter some of the people who are crossing the border illegally, but this isn't the way to control illegal immigration. If we took away that right, would every child of an illegal immigrant therefore have to go through the long process of becoming a citizen? A third grader would go to school, come home, and get quizzed on the Civil War? There's no telling what kind of troubles this would unlock, making illegal immigration an even bigger problem, bureaucracy playing an even biger part. If you're born on American soil, you're an American; if that changes what is next?


Nimitz High School, Irving, Tx
According to the law, as of now, these children are American citizens. Regardless of how they were able to be given birth to in America is not their fault. Parents make decisions that a child has to live with. No child is asked to be conceived or birthed, therefore they shouldn't be punished and denied the “American dream. No one complains about illegal immigrants when they're hiring them for cheap labor, but as soon as jobs are be being taken by them, it becomes a huge problem. I thought America was supposed to be a place where dreams were made true? Seems to me that we've become selfish. This country was built upon immigrants and now we've come to a time where we want to turn our backs on what our nation is about.


Nimitz High School, Irving, Tx
According to the law, as of now, these children are American citizens. Regardless of how they were able to be given birth to in America is not their fault. Parents make decisions that a child has to live with. No child is asked to be conceived or birthed, therefore they shouldn't be punished and denied the “American dream. No one complains about illegal immigrants when they're hiring them for cheap labor, but as soon as jobs are be being taken by them, it becomes a huge problem. I thought America was supposed to be a place where dreams were made true? Seems to me that we've become selfish. This country was built upon immigrants and now we've come to a time where we want to turn our backs on what our nation is about.


Bethany H.
Bradley/Nimitz, Irving, TX
The reason the 14th amendment was passed was because of situations that happen between families who are torn because some of them are illegal and some are legal. The 14th amendment states that we each have the natural right of a "birthright citizenship." The affection that comes upon denying a citizenship greatly frowned apon. If we were to deny the citizenship of someone who was born in the United States but is not born to parents that are citizen, that does not go forth the right that 14 amendment said we each are born to.


bradley nimitz, irving texas
i think that citizenship should not be denied to any baby born here in the United States, if that baby was born here he or she has the right to their citizenship. i thinkg that illegal immigration does bring alot of problems to this country but i don't think that this action would make any difference or fix anything because immigrants will continue to come legally or illegally. What is a baby born here going to change we still dont know how that innocent child is going to grow up and affect the united states government in any certain way. america should be proud that people come and face difficulties here in search of a better life and better opportunities and that opportunity should not be deinied to anyone who wants to progress by dening them their citizenship


Uyen V.
Bradley, Nimitz High School, Irving, TX
The topic of immigration has been a major issue through our entire life. What I think about illegal immigrants giving birth on U.S. Grounds, should definitely mean that the baby is automatically a citizen. It doesn't matter if their parents were illegal immigrants. Each and every baby born on U.S. Territory were born with the rights and citizenship to this country. And with the 3 things that the government could do about this problem, is way too much work to just change up the meaning, or reword, the 14th Amendment. Plus, it's not the baby's fault that he/she was born and that their parents turned out to be illegal. What could a baby do? When he/she turns 21, wouldn't they be really upset with the U.S. Government and it's cruel system, something may go really wrong by then. So just make everyone's life easier and just give the baby's his/her birthrights.


Bradley/Nimitz, Dallas, Tx
I do believe that children of illegal immigrants should be denied citizenship, because it will deter those who came only to be able to live here and support their American child. When my grandpa first came to the U.S., he came to work and gain a solid job and has recently retired as a citizen who was a contractor and now has six kids, three who were born here. However, he didn't come to America just to just start a family and stay here, he came to live the American dream. After a few years, my grandma came here and they've stayed ever since, but they had their first child when they were settled here. They had a stable money supply, and weren't using my newborn mom as a reason to stay. That's what separates them from the illegal immigrant who decides to come here and have a baby or get married to a citizen, which is well "cheating" in my opinion. Skipping the hard work that has been historically done by the immigrants. Yes, the government shouldn't fight for the past births but for the future ones.


Bradley/Nimitz, Irving/Texas
Just like most people, I also believe that the birthright citizenship should not be denied to the U.S born children of illegal immigrants because it would cause an overflow of people trying to gain citizenship later on in the years. So the better solution to that is to just grant them citizenship when they are born here to reduce future complications. It is not the baby's fault for being born in another country in which they parents entered illegally. If denied this right, then I believe it is a violation of the promise s made in the fourteenth amendment of the constitution. There is no point in trying to twist the words of that amendment to fit the country's situation today. Every U.S born baby is granted citizenship no matter what. That is all there is to it.


Highschool, Ca
I think everything should stay the same. what harm can an inocent child do to this country or are republicans afraid of future votes? who knows. I think all this that is going on it shows how those so call americans are unsensible. we have to understand that this is a small world and it belongs to all humans born on it.


La Place/Centennial, Ohio
Anyone born in the US should not be denied citizenship, regardless if their parents are illegal or legal citizens. The 14th amendment states that anyone born in US territory is a citizen of the US. I honestly think it is stupid for everyone to make such a big deal out of illegal immigrants coming to the United States and giving birth to children here. They come to America for more opportunites and better lives.


Montgomery HS/ Metgzer, Montgomery Texas
Yes, because we shouldn't have to allow people who came to our country to have kids and legalize them. It's dumb. We already have enough illegal immigrants. If they feel that they have to come to OUR country to have kids, then they're dumb. We need stronger border patrol and really start being rude to them. Bring out the guns. I mean come on. This is pathetic. No one who is an illegal immigrant and has kids deserves to give their kids citizenship.


Bradley/Nimitz, Irving/TX
Birthright citizenship should not apply to the American-born children of illegal immigrants. This can be related to the old-time interpretation of royalty passing down the crown down the line, where in this situation you must be legal, or legitimately in the process of attaining citizenship (Having the royal blood, or having an infusion.) to have a newborn be able to attain the birthright citizenship. For those in the process of attaining citizenship, their child should not be considered legally a U.S. citizen until said parent/s gain citizenship, by which time both parent/s and child gain the jurisdiction and protection of this countries freedoms, rights, and privileges laid out by our forefathers. By denying the citizenship currently, there will be no true effect on immigration in the future, until more issues arise where illegal children enrolled in school run into issues. But any infringement on what is already going on will not only depend on who is called illegal or not, but how well the laws and restrictions and tracking are upheld and enforced.


Leticia C.
bradley/nimitz, irving
Citizenship should not be denied to U.S born children of illegal immigrants. If the citizenship were denied, then there would be more problems with immigration. At the end the U.S would be benefiting,since the children will grow up and provide their work for the US. Illegal parents may come to the U.S just to give their children full citizenship,but it's not the child's fault.


Mary S.
Bradely/Nimitz High School, Irving, TX
These parents come to this country illegally because they know, if their child is born here, they will be allowed to stay to take care of the child. I don't believe we should grant automatic citizenship to children born here if their parent or parents are illegal. We are only fueling the illegal immigration problem by keeping this law in effect. If we deny this right, in the future, illegal immigration will drop some, but it will still be a problem. I do not agree with the statement that doing this will only make illegal immigration more of a problem, because parents would have less of a reason to get into the country and live off of our tax money.


Sidney High School, Sidney,Mt
No i dont think that the U.S. should deny the citizenship of an U.S born child, because it says in the 14th Amendment of the constitution that if you are born in the United States them you are automatically a citizen. Plus our country can give a better life to the baby than what country the parents came from.


skyler hardy
sidney montana, sidney high school
no i tdont think they should be legal to live here since they were born here i think it would incourage illegagl immigrants to have there kids in america


Sidney High School, Sidney,MT
No i dont think that we should take there citizenship away because what there parents did to get that citizenship even if they came over illegally and have lived here for along time its not that childs fault that there parents are illegal immigrants


Sidney High School, Sidney, MT
Yes I think that citizenship should be denied to children born of illegial immigrants because that could be part of the reason for all of the illegal immigrants today. They sneak in to have a baby, and if it didn't grant the baby citizenship then less people would do it.


Sidney High School, Sidney MT
I don't think that birthright citizenship should be denied for U.S. born childrent of illegal immigrants. I think that if people back in the olden days didnt worry about it then neither should we. If they are born here then they are American. If my parents are North Dakotans and I am born in South Dakota then am I not a South Dakotan because my parents are a North dakotan. I think not.


Bradley/ Nimitz High, Irving, TX
Birthright citizenship should not be denied for U.S- born children of illegal immigrants because they are legit citizens by being born here. The citizenship process is difficult and we shouldn't have to subject little children who were born here to it just because their parents aren't legal. This simply isn't right. The efforts of our fore fathers would be wasted. Granted, that this originally applied to slaves, but I feel like they knew this would eventually happen. Illegal immigrants are just trying to give their kids a better opportunity for a good life. The efforts to deny this right are ridiculous. If congress would put this much time into matters that are more important, America would be a better nation. This shouldn't even be in our minds.


Sidney High SChool, Sidney MT
I think that the birthright citizenship of illegal immigrants should not be taken away. Hopefully by allowing the children of illegal immigrants US citizenship they will be able to flourish and be upstanding citizens for by having access to public education and other oppurtunies not had by their parents.


Mr. Remis/Watertown High, Watertown,MA
I believe that these children should not be denied, they are born in the United States so therefore they are considered a citizen. Everyone should be able to live where they want, I don't see the huge deal.


Faulaber , Sidney MT
I think that this is wrong this is just a easy way to become a U.S citizen and i think that a lot of people are just gonna be jumping the border to have kids so it will be harder to kick them out and it will be way to easy to become a american.


Rimas/Watertown High, Watertown MA
Technically, citizenship for kids with at least one parent who IS A US CITIZEN is granted to kids who are born on US soil. I agree that birthright citizenship should be denied for U.S. born citizens of illegal immigrants. It is a shame that it has come to this but I honestly think that this is the best way to contain illegal immigration. I do think that all of these kids would eventually become naturalized citizens if they could get their papers in order (difficult because these kids weren't born in the country their parents are from). The exception I would make to the 1 parent being a citizen rule is if both parents are here in United States LEGALLY.


Rimas/Watertown High School, Watertown/MA
I do feel that citizenship of U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants should be denied. This is simply because their parents use child birth as a method of staying in the country. I feel that, especially in democratic states, many people are sympathetic for these people with hard lives and would feel bad deporting a parent, forcing them to leave their child here in the states. However, if laws passed making these infants illegal, there would be no disputes and hassles deporting both people.


Alx D.
Bradley / Nimitz High School, Irving, Texas.
I personally agree with the first listed, proposed method. I think that children born in US should only become citizens if one or more of their parent's are legal citizens themselves. I think that a lot of illegal immigrants see the birthright amendment as a way to bypass illegal immigration. I agree with a lot of the proposed methods of solving this problem. I feel that if they changed the interpretation of the law, then we would probably lower the rate of illegal immigration, as some immigrants do come over just to have their child born in the US. I believe the best course of action would definitely be along the lines of either amending the law or changing the interpretation to exclude illegal immigrants.


Benjamin A.
Bradley, Nimitz, Irving, TX
Personally as a child of two legal residents who immigrated legally to the U.S.I think that they need to pass legislation to prevent children of illegal immigrants to gain citizenship because it took my parents 12 years of waiting and 3 years of processing to gain residency. So, when illegal immigrants who refuse to go through the legal system and have there kids become citizens and eventually gain citizenship themselves in about 5-8 years. This is what I I consider ridiculous and unfair to the people who waited a decade and a half to get legal residency. I think the U.S. should pass legislation as in the U.K. in which only the children of both parents being residents can gain citizenship other than the children of citizens. I think that this push would decrease illegal immigration and help regulate immigration better.Also at the same time I don't think nativism should rise again since the U.S. is a country of immigrants.


Benjamin A.
Bradley, Nimitz, Irving, TX
One of the speak-outs said "Everyone should be able to live where they want, I don't see the huge deal. " Logically this is crazy. If everyone was able to live where they wanted then we would have the homeless person living in a million dollar house in Beverly hills. And where people live shape who they are almost all the time. If you go to school in a private school you have a better education than an education in a public school because of its exclusiveness. So where people live is a huge deal. A people should not be automatically accepted into that and they should go through a legal process to do so.


Breanne B
Mr. Faulhaber, Sidney Mt.
Yes, i believe if you are born in the United States that you should not be denied citizenship. Dening them this right to help contain illegal immigration would help stop it. But the law states that if they are born here they should not be illegal, i do not think that this should be changed. The Mother and Father of the child do need to take the citizenship test and pass or they need to take their child back to their country.


Sidney High School, Sidney Mt
I think that kids born in the U.S. but whos parents are illegal immigrants should be deported and denied citizenship because their parents are only doing this so that they can stay.


Sidney High School, Sidney MT
If the parets are fust coming here to have there kid so they can become a citizen an easy way I don't agree with that. If other famillies come to the United States they have to take the citizen test this is no different they should too.


Joey E.
Sidney High School, Sidney, MT
Yes i think that that the citizenship should be denied to children born here in the US that are immigrants. because it could be a way to not get deported and work. But if they get accepted they should be required to pay taxes and take a citizenship test.


Brooke S.
Sidney High School, Sidney, MT
No, I don't think that U.S-born children of illegal immigrants should be denied because personally i don't think that they did anyhting wrong, and they shouldn't be punished for what their parents did. Although i do think that it is wrong that illegal immigrants are coming to the U.S. for all the wrong reasons, i still think that is a right of the child to not be denied citizenship. They were still born in the U.S., and just like everyone else in the U.S. that is born here, they shouldnt be denied.


Sidney High School, Sidney, MT
I think that they should not allow them to become citezens, unless one of the parents is a U.S. citezen. As siad in the article, it would decrease the "Anchor Baby" problem. If neither of the parents are a U.S. citezen, i feel like it's giving the illegal immigrants a free ticket to citezenship by giving birth to a child in our country.


Ryan J
SHS, Sidney Mt
I dont think birthright citizenship should be denied because it is not their fault they were born into that family and you never know they could one day better themselves and become a very important body in the United States and to the American govt. and or military.


Bradley/Nimitz High School, Irving/TX
In my eyes, birthright citizenship should be denied to those who do not have at least one legal parent. My support for this is personal. My parents had lived for twenty plus years in Vietnam after the war under the rule of a very hard-lined communist regime. After my parents and my family came to the U.S. In 1997, we still had to wait ten years before we applied for citizenship. I myself only received citizenship through my parents in 2009. It doesn't seem fair or right that my parents and myself have had to wait through he long arduous process of legal immigration when some illegal can just cross the border and give birth, providing for their children something that took my family at least thirty years to obtain. Citizenship means a lot but why should someone who hasn't done anything get citizenship immediately while those who work long and hard have to wait years and years. If this is what America wants to happen, I am not surprised that your work ethic has gone into utter decline and that one day this country will become a third world nation. If citizenship is just handed out in this method then citizenship means nothing to me and maybe this is why people don't vote or participate in the election. They don't know what citizenship really is.


none, DC
Of course we should keep the 14th Amendment. First off, it's an amendment and a big deal. We fought the civil war to ensure that all people in the US, regardless of color, would be given their due rights. We can't start to mess with that idea now. Too much is at stake.


Sidney High, Sidney
i think yes . if the parents werent able to come here legally why should we accept there kids. they shouldnt be able to have the same right as a true american. i also stongly think that ANY legal immagrant should be required to speak english before crossing the border.


Krissy H
Sidney High School, Sidney, MT
I dont think the "birthright citizenship" should be denied to these children. they were born on U.S. grounds, therfore they are American citizens. Because they are babies its up to their parents to either choose to become legal citizens themselves or make their children citizens of their country.


Sidney High School, Sidney Mt.
I think that we need to focus on the illegal immigrants that are coming into the country and not worry bout their kids. i guess to me it doesnt really matter wether the kids get citizenship or not. What i believe is that the problem of illegal immigrants needs to be dealt with.


Sidney High Schol, Sidney, MT
I don't think they should be denied it. It wasn't their choice that one of their parents or both were illegal immigrants. They were born in the United States therefore they should get the rights that come with that. So they should be aloud the birthright citizenship.


Sidney High School, Sidney, MT
Yes i think that if an illegal immigrant has a child in the U.S. the child should be a legal citizen. The 14th amendment gives them that right and it should not be taken away from them. It is not the childs fault tha one or more of their parents are illegal immigrants.


Zack Borchert
sidney high school, sidney, MT
we should allow the children of illegal immigrants to becaome natural born citizens. Denying the natural citizenship is denying them fourteenth amendment. But there should be a limit on when they could take it away. They could deport them if they were pregnet when they came to america, but they could not in a way deport them when they got pregnet in the U.S. then hade the child. Alos by not deporting them it would also add a divesity of people.


Cody Keller
Sidney High School, Sidney Montana
No, because the 14th amendment allows the to be citizens and we shouldnt change that.


Sidney High School, Montana
I think it shouild be denied to an extent. Yes it would be a hastle to change the 14th amendment, but I personally think that child should be born where the mother came from if it turned out she was an illegal immigrant. If the mother was a U.S-born citizen, again I believe the baby should be staying in the U.S.


Colin B.
Sidney High School, Sidney, Montana
I dont think it should be denied cuz then it goes against the 14th amendment and plus how is the government going to kick out all of the illegal immigrants that are already here.


Sidney High School, Sidney MT
I think babies shouldnt be denied citizenship. Its not the childs choice where they were born and they have a better chance here too


Heaven (Gamet)
Faulhaber/SHS, Sidney/MT
I don't think birth-right citizenship should be automatically given to anyone. I think you should have to register to be a citizen. But I also don't think the testing should happen--I think we should just get a social security number and hand over a fingerprint scan to help criminals in the future and be on our merry way. I think parents who are illegal immigrants with children born in the U.S. should be given the option of registering their kid but knowing full well that anchor-babying ain't gonna happen and that they have to register just like everyone else.


Sidney High School, Sidney, Mt.
I think they should change it because right now 4 million kids with parents who are illegial is alot of different jobs that could be alot of american jobs for american CITIZENS. If you want to become a U.S. citizen do it the right way there are thousands of people waiting for a chance and people are cheeting the system to get into america.


Sidney High School, Sidney, MT
I think that if at some point in our ancestors time, they had to become a citizen, it would be only fair for the illegal immigrants to gain citizenship. We are citizens because of our ancestors. For the children of illegal immigrants to be called citizens the parents should gain that first, instead of just having an "anchor baby" to stay in the country. The 14th Amendment does say that any person born in the U.S. are citizens. That being there really isn't away around that. Nevertheless, the intake of illegal immigrants due to "anchor babies" or for whatever reasons, could contribute to the loss of jobs, taxes and so on and so forth.


Sidney High School, Sidney MT
I think if the child is born in the U.S then they should be a citizen. Its their parents who crossed the border and brought them to the U.S. If we take the Natural born citizenship away then we take it away from everyone.


Sidney High School, Sidney, MT
I don't think we should get rid of the 14th Amendment but stop pregnant immagrats form crossing the border.


SHS, Sidney,MT
yes, because obviously its a way around gettin shipped back. If they started lettin that happen every immigrant would get someone prego jus so they could stay illegally.


Sidney High School, Sidney, MT
No, because their parents had the baby in the US and the 14th Amendment protects them but the parents should be shipped back to where ever they came from.


karen/HRC, seattle/WA
I think that its very un fair to the illegal parents and they should become citizens if they have children born in the USA


Sidney High School, Sidney, Montana
the amandmants should be changed. One U.S. citizens per household!


Sidney High School, Sidney, MT
I believe that children born to illegal immigrants should be denied birthright citizenship. Their parents are just trying to find an easy way of becoming citizens and I don't think it's right.


shs, Sidney
If their born in America then their Americans it's that simple. Nobody should have any right to deny them citizenship.


Nimitz High School, Irving, Tx
I think that taking away the “birthright” from a child is obviously unconstitutional, the fourteenth amendment, and just mean. It may make illegal immigration go down but it also may make it more stealthy where immigrant find more ways to go unnoticed. So it may cause an immediate problem but start another problem down the road. Most immigrants come to America for a better life, and have their children in America to give them a chance. I have sympathy for these people who have it so badly, and their motives are purely for good. I don't care that Americas workers are upset by this because most Americans are better off than all of the immigrants combined. Immigrants come to America to make their life better. This could even be taken as a bit flattering to America. Maybe I have too much sympathy for people who are worse off than me, but I feel like America should stop worrying about immigration so much and deal with Health care. I feel like all the issues that the government is addressing are not as important as what they could be addressing. I know my comment will not be taken seriously but I don't feel it would be right to take away a birthright. Its simply said in the word itself that it should be something your born with (“birth”--“right”).


Sidney, Montana
I think that the government should deny citizenship to children born in the U.S by illegal immigrants. Even though they might be born in America their parents are still illegal immigrants and are breaking the law. They just cross the border so their child could be born in Ameria and have citizenship.

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