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Path to the Presidency: Why is it important to vote?

Every year, many students like you turn 18 and cast their first ballot on Election Day, fulfilling the most basic action in a democratic society. Voting is a fundamental process that keeps our system of government working. Through elections, citizens have the ability to decide on who represents them in government, be it a local official, a state or national representative, or the president.

On Election Day, voters will not only be able to select their representatives in government for the next term, but they also often have the ability to decide on measures like bond issues that grant the government permission to borrow money for construction projects and other developments. And sometimes voters cast their ballots on social issues such as allowing same-sex marriage or banning smoking in restaurants and bars.

Reading up on the issues, the candidates, and researching the ballot is also the responsibility of the citizen voter and a responsibility that should not be taken lightly, because it is your voice, with the many others, in unison, that can change the direction of a community, state, nation, and even the world.

Given the importance of elections in the United States, why would do so many people choose not to vote? Why do some refuse to participate in elections when the officials and issues voted on have such strong influence on nearly every aspect of their lives?

Many argue that their vote really doesn’t count. Some say that they don’t know enough about the issues and think they shouldn’t vote. Others still say that they do not know where or how to vote or how to register. News stories about voter ID laws may deter some people from voting.

What do you think of these reasons and how would you respond to family or friends that used them? With a government elected by its citizens and that effects every aspect of our lives from schools to health care to homeland security, voting is an important right in our society. By voting, you are making your voice heard and registering your opinion on how you think the government should operate. Enough voices in unison can elect someone to office, reaffirm or even change the course of our government.

Most candidates also have websites that detail their ideas and goals for the office. To find out where to vote, you can contact your local board of elections and they will tell you where to go to vote.

What do you think?
Why is it important to vote? What would you say to your peers or family members to convince them to vote? Do you think you would be interested in volunteering at your local precinct? Have you already voted in an election? If so, what was your experience like? Join the discussion and let us know what you think!
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edwards middle school
All people should have the right to vote all over the world. Voting is good for some people because they want their voice to be heard. We need informed and active voters at the local, state, and national level because it helps the economy, honor history, and it changes communities. People like to vote to help their economy. For reasons they like to keep their country safe and well protected. Some people are very serious about how they live and how the economy is in their location because they want to have good economics. people know what is best for the citizens so when it comes to voting they vote for the best one. People vote to effect change. People vote to make differences they want for them self’s so they could feel better. People may not be happy for what kind of vote other people want for example people protest just to make a voter vote for who they want. Some people may not have a chance to vote so they make someone vote for someone else. Some vote so they could change their communities. People want the ones who will change their communities and make them good/great for all the ones that live there. From most people they like to keep their homes safes and they want to keep them that way and they make sure nothing bad happens to it. Some people vote for the ones that are going to keep and helps the communities be safe and stay well take care of.

Daphne Brown
Petrusville High School
As a matriculant I think voting is important because we want a better future for the upcoming generation.I also think that voting will make our voices clear enough,to let athe right candidates run OUR country.With our voices clear enough we can be assured that we are going to have a far much better future.

Sidney, MT
Mr. Faulhaber
Most people do not vote because they feel they do not know enough about the candidates or the issues people talk about. Maybe they feel their vote will not matter in the long run. Which is wrong because every vote counts. They also could think they are not old enough or mature enough to vote for the younger age group of voters. Voting does matter and is very important because you do live in this country and every decision does affect you maybe not directly at that moment but who becomes the president will affect you and everyone around you who matters. Voting is participating in your country it is a way of showing that you care.

Sidney, MT
Mr. Faulhaber / Sidney High School
A lot of people choose not to vote because they feel that they don’t know enough about the candidates or feel that their vote will not matter. While it’s true that a lot of Americans don’t pay attention to the presidential candidates, or other candidates, it’s still important to vote. And thinking that a vote will not matter is a common misconception, because every vote matters.

Mr. Faulhaber/ Sidney High School
I think voting is important, but at the same time I believe a person needs to be informed and educated on the issues and candidates on hand. There are many uninformed people voting, who are ruining our country; they are voting for who looks the best or sounds the best, not for who is truly the best for our country. I think people should be voting if they are informed.

Mr.Faulhaber/Sidney High School
Voting is a very important thing to do because it helps our democracy. It gives the people of a state, and our country the right to have a choice in our government. You can choose who you think is a great leader.

Sidney, MT
Mr. Faulhaber/ Sidney High School
By voting you are able to have a say in the people that are elected into office. It gets you more civically engaged in your community.

Sidney montana
Kyle Mueller
Mr. Faulhaber/ SHS
It is important to vote becuase it will help you express your opinion when it come to the way you want things done. I wouldnt convince anyone to vote becuase it is not my choice if they want to vote or not. I would in no way be interested in volunteering at my local precict.

Sidney, MT
Clay Fox
Mr. Faulhaber/ Sidney High School
To me voting is no where near the top of the list as far as priorities go. I totally agree with those who say that 18 year olds are a bad new voting group because of the fact that almost all 18 year olds are going through a difficult stage in life and don't have the time and effort left over to put forth to voting. However I do see the importance in it for those who do have the time and effort to spare. It is important to a lot of people what kinds of laws and little acts get passed, and ballots are a very effective way to get your voice heard. Some say that "I'm just one person, how will I influence anything?" The thing is that a lot of people say this and it eventually adds up to a huge influence.

Sidney, Montana
Kaitlyn T.
Mr. Faulhaber/ Sidney High School
Being able to vote is huge. It is very important; it is also important to know what you are voting about. You should prepare yourself with the knowledge of each candidates ideals and platforms before you feel ready to vote, especially if this is your first time voting. Take a little bit of time to study up on each candidate to know what they support or oppose. If a candidate supports your same ideals you might cast a vote in their direction. If a candidate is against what you support and you don't realize it, you could vote for someone who you actually don't want in the White House. That is why voting is important.

Mr. Faulhaber/Sidney High School
I think voting is important. I think being able to vote can express your way about the government. I also think its important if you are educated in the government then you should most definitely should vote.

Sidney, MT
Heather Chreiman
Faulhaber/ Sidney High School
It's important to vote because you get a say in the government officials. And if you're educated enough you'll want your voice to be heard. So therefore you should vote.

Sidney, MT
Hunter Nice
Mr. Faulhaber/Sidney High School
I feel like voting is very important. Voting not only lets you vote for who is going to run the United States. You can think more locally and focus on issues brought up like smoking in restaurants. Voting makes you apart of something and lets you have a say on what is going to change or not change in your town, county, or country.

Sidney, MT
Mr. Faulhaber / Sidney High Schools
It is important to vote because that is how you voice your opinion on the government. Being able to vote gives you many options to change something you don't like. Also, you may be the one vote that ends up changing the policy. So I believe when you have the right you should vote!

Sidney/ MT
Mr. Faulhaber/ Sidney High School
It's important to vote because it gives you a say in the government. The government is supposed to represent the people and the only way that happens is through voting. I would tell people that voting is a great way to change something that affects you. Voting is a great way to get involved in the government and every vote matters.

Tel Hermanson
Mr. Faulhaber/Sidney High School
I think that voting is very important. Being able to vote in government officials is what seperates the United States from other countries around the world. I think that people should be smart with voting. If they do not know a policy or candidate very well then they should not vote on the issue. People who blindly vote on things they do not know about can cause some complications. I do believe voting is the one of the only ways to voice your opinion on the government. I think that in national elections people's votes from montana dont matter because the election is basically already decided, but in state and local elections are votes really do matter.

Sidney, MT
Kade Jacobson
Faulhaber/ Sidney High School
It is important to vote for you can help be a decision maker on many issues that are present today. It is a fundamental right to be able to vote on who it is that runs the government locally, statewide, and nationally. To encourage others to vote I would bring up issues that they deem need to be changed and inform them of who it was that closely resembles their views. As far as volunteering goes at the local precinct, I would leave that to more qualified hands for I have yet to vote for the first time to know how the process goes.

Sidney, MT
Mr. Faulhaber/ Sidney High School
Voting is important because that is a right that we receive that most do not. Many other countries do not have the option to vote. Would I be interested in volunteering at the local office? No, I would not. I do not agree with the standards set for those who are allowed to vote, and for the way votes are said to be “equal” when in reality, they are not. I have not voted already, but would be able to in the coming election.

Sidney, Montana
Mr. Faulhaber/ Sidney High School
I believe that no matter how much you know on all the issues you should still vote so that you have a say in the issues that you do know and care about. Voting gives you the right to help decide what things should be done to make the country a better place for everyone. Just like in the article, voting gives you the opportunity to decide on thing like bond issues that grant the government permission to borrow money for construction projects and other developments. I think everyone should take voting seriously becasue everyones opinion matters.

Faulhaber/Sidney High School
It is of importance to vote as to show that you are a part of society and at least have a little interest in government. Personally I find no interest or determination in convincing others to vote or get involved with voting as it is their choice.

Sidney, MT
Mr. Faulhaber
Its important to vote because you pay in all this money to the gov. so they can run the country off of your hard earned money. Why not vote so you know what your money is being used for. Alot of people dont understand the importance of voting and its sad to see our country going into such termoil because very few stand up for what they believe in and vote for people that will benefit the country.

sidney, MT
Mr. Faulhaber/SHS
I dont think voting is all that important. By the time you vote in montana the decision is already made. Maybe if Your in a state with more votes then it might matter.

Mr. Faulhaber/Sidney High School
I would say that these are valid points made by the community. Many people who are in the community do not spend large amounts of time getting to know the issues being debated on in D.C and where some of the candidates stand on such issues. For people who have just moved, it can be difficult to find out where you can vote and if the methods are the same as where they have come from. The prospect of voter ID is deterring considering some families wouldn't be able to spare the expenses to go through the process of getting one. I don't know exactly what I would say considering the possibilities of situations where a seemingly simple answer to you would do no good to them.

Sidney, MT
Mr. Faulhaber/ Sidney High School
It is super important to vote because enough votes together can change anything. Voting not only decides who will be in a certain office but it also can decides major issues as well. I would to tell people that their vote means a lot more than they think to get them to vote. I would also tell them if they wish to see change that they must vote for change. I would not mind volunteering at my local precinct. I think if I did that I would be able to help others and be able to push people to see my views. I have not voted yet, but I plan to vote this year for sure.

Faulhaber/Sidney High School
It is important to vote because it is part of democracy. Our founding fathers fought for the right to vote rather than to just have virtual representation. I would tell peers and family member that it is not just their future that is at stake when voting but their children's as well. Much of what we vote for the government to do influences the role that our government will take. I would be interested in volunteering in a local precinct. I have not voted yet.

Sidney, MT
Mikayla Holley
Mr. Faulhaber/Sidney High School
I think it is important to vote to give your opinion, but it can be drowned out by the clear majority. Personally I take the time to do research on a few of the topics that are discussed during debates, mainly because I like debating, but some people don't have as much time on their hands as I do. So some say why vote when not a single vote really counts. and I'd have to agree with that. If you aren't the majority, you are ignored. I have no clear solution for this dilemma, for each one I think of only leads to more chaos. I think keeping it the way we have it for now would be the best and safest way we take action.

Sidney, MT
Tayler F
Mr. Faulhaber/Sidney High School
I think it’s very important to vote. There are a lot of people who complain about not having a say in government when they have the opportunity to vote. People often use the excuse that they don’t know how to vote or that they don’t know much about the candidates, but I think that it is their responsibility as a citizen to figure it out. It doesn’t take much to look up the candidates’ websites to learn more about them, or to look up how to vote or even just ask someone since there are so many people willing to help. Voting gets people involved in government which I think is important and I also think that citizens should take part in deciding how they are able to live and what rights they have.

Mr. Faulhaber/SHS
Voting is important because it is a way of having your voice heard. I think that it isn't important to vote for everything, though. If you are uneducated about the topic then it would be pointless to vote.

Mr. Hanna/ JHS
I think that its important to vote because you want to make a different for your country. If you vote you have the chance to have your input in your country. It's important to vote because when it's neck and neck in the primary race, every vote does count. Your vote can be the change that everyone hoped for.

Lexi Haggerty
Mr. Faulhaber/Sidney High School
I think a big reason why it is important to vote is because we need to get people involved in our government. We need responsible people to take charge in our government system. Many people are being irresponsible by saying they are going to vote for a president just because of the publicity they are receiving. I think another reason it is important to vote is because it is allowing us to have a say in government. People always say how much the government runs things and doesn’t let people have a say well this allows people to have a say. I think it is definitely a good idea to vote.

Sidney, Montana
Christian Eggar
Mr. Faulhaber Sidney High School
I think voting to a point is important. Not everyone should vote though. In some cases people just vote to do so. I think that the people who truly want to vote should. But the people who do not take voting seriously should not vote. It is important though that some people vote. In my opinion I believe that we need to have people understand the person that they are voting for. So in conclusion I belive that we as the people of the United States should vote, and take that voting seriously. So yes vote, but vote for a reason!

Sidney Montana
Micala Morehouse
Mr. Faulhaber Sidney High School
I think that voting is important because it gets you involved in your government and also helps you to understand politics. It also gets you to have a say in your government. I would tell them the reasons on why I think it is important to vote. I think it would be cool to volunteer at my local election just to get a different perspective on the way elections work. I have not voted in an election yet, but I cannot wait till the next one so I can!

Sidney, MT
Quinn McGlothlin
Mr.Faulhaber/ Sidney High School
I think that it is important to vote for the people of the United States. But sometimes people just vote to vote. Or people just vote for the political party they belong too, even if the candidate running isn’t a strong one. Sometimes people even vote for the candidate’s name they recognize the most. People may not even know what that candidate intends to do if they are elected for office. In my opinion I think that people should vote for the best candidate that is running for president. Instead people vote for their own party or they vote for candidate that everyone else is voting for. But I do think that it is important for everyone to vote.

Clark summit, PA
Ms. Rudzinski / Abington Heights Middle School
I believe that certain children of America who are responsible enough should be allowed to vote. I say certain because in this years election many kids say, " Donald Trump 2016" because of many trends and posts about him but do not even know what he stands for which if we allow these kids to vote can be very bad for our government. i know though that there are kids that take politics very seriously and that know more about it then there parents and earn the day they will be able to vote. A way we can separate the "active" from the "non-active" is make kids who want to vote to take a test that is similar to but easier then the citizenship test. With very bright kids we can tip the scale and create a great nation.

The kids of america should be able to vote for whom they think because its not fair adults get to vote, then they brag to us that they want us to feel alone. but if we can have the right to vote we would at least be on the same level on the voting part.

Elko, Nevada
Josalynne Mosley
We kids should be able to vote, not just adults,the kids who can understand it all, or the ones who have the ideas that adults can't even think of can change for the better, but kids are just kids am I right? We should vote, this is breaking the second amendment if freedom of speech, so really you're taking our rights and giving them to adults

Elko, NV
Adobe Middle School
I think that everyone (including kids) should be allowed to vote. Some kids know what voting is for and what all we need to do. :yes I am a kid too:

Mrs. eckert
well personally i dont think everyone should vote because some of the candadites arent the best people to vote.

we should know our duties

Seymour CT.
Bungay Elementary
I think it is importent to vote so everything is fair wether it is voting for president or voting for a game in school say only one person was able to pick who the president was what if that person was mean and wanted to go into war know one would like that and it would be the kids worst nightmare not only the two countrys will be in war but everyone would be

Mrs. Rowland Torrington High School
It is important to vote because if you don't your voice will never be heard in my family every four years they complain that they like one candidate better than the other than for four years someone complains that someone didn't get elected when they didn't vote. Every vote counts even though you are one person you can still make a difference.

Audrey Bickford
Mr.Cummings, Oxford Middle School
If we didn't have voting, then who would run. Voting is important because voting is having everyone listen to each others voices, and its for sharing your voices for the world.

Ashley Diaz/Patrick Henry elementary school
Voting is important because it is a good thing for people who want to be the president of the United States of America and kids will start to doing it and also run for president of the United States of America

West Memphis/Arkansas
Andreniece Butler
Mr.Hill/Mid-South Community College
Voting is important because it is your voice as a citizen of The United States of American.

Lesieli Tupou
Mr Matangi/ Vava'u High School
I really think that you and I have the right to vote. First it is fun and it really with kids future

Cheyenne Wy
voting is this countrys backbone

Honolulu/ Hawai'i
Mrs. Gonzales/ HFCA
So things won't be unfair.

Bakersfield, CA
North High School
Voteng iz emportunt bcuz we knead to hav a prezident. An without a prez we wood be kiled by the comunits.

Troy NY
Tiffany Simpson
Mrs. LeCuyer
Voting is important because we need it to pick our next leader who will change things that the people really want. They listen to our words and inspire us to change and do better things in life.

west little river k-8 center
I want to vote

Mr.DK Choudhary
Voting is important because of our better future.

in my opinion a great porcentage of citizens are not putting in practice their basic right to vote due to bad propaganda aired by TV and radio. if the mesage sent out was more positive nore uninformed, elegible poeple would take part in elections. if politicians did use these tools to inform communities of their intention rather than attack their opponents the outcome would be more in their favor.

Palm Coast/Florida
To me voting is important its help us kids with a better way to learn

Why is voting important

Ann Arbor,Michigan
I think voting is good for our people

Mrs.Munroe/Lake Myrtle
It's important to vote

Honestly, I think that voting isn't important. The electoral college can vote for who they want. If they disagree with who the people vote for, they can change it and vote for the opposing canidate, and the people can't do anything about it. While this doesn't happen often, it can happen. Really, it's the electoral college who choses the President, not the people.

up faizabad
voters will not only be able to select their representatives in government for the next term, but they also often have the ability to decide on measures like bond issues that grant the government permission to borrow money for construction projects and other developments. And sometimes voters cast their ballots on social issues such as allowing same-sex marriage or banning smoking in restaurants and bars.

Free State Welkom in Thabong
Mokgethi lerato shearly
Teto High School
In ma school we create and promote a culture of respect, good manners and high level of moral behaviour amongst learnersas well as between learners and member of the staff.We always have a good time with our teachers and we like the way our principal deal with thing's....And we also like her...

Memphis Tennessee
Voting is cool.

ms. martin
voting is awesome

Miss Pipi
Parce que c'est la loi démocratique

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Central Dauphin High School
I believe that it is very important to vote because then we know what the country wants by getting a more accurate count and our country needs to make sure that we get the right person in office.

Belleville/ New York
Miss. Colby/Bellellive Henderson
I think that it is important to vote because it helps get your voice out and who you want into office.

Hunter B.
Democracy is a huge part of our nation. It is all based off of our votes. It has to remain that way.

Monache High School
It is important to vote because it is part of democracy. Our founding fathers fought for the right to vote rather than to just have virtual representation. I would tell peers and family member that it is not just their future that is at stake when voting but their children's as well. Much of what we vote for the government to do influences the role that our government will take. I would be interested in volunteering in a local precinct. I have not voted yet.

Honestly, it's frustrating to see so many individuals who have the privilege to vote not vote and then complain about how the government isn't satisfying them. If you want to see a change or elect someone into office that you feel should be there then vote!

Montgomery, Tx.
I feel that a lot of the reason that most people dont vote is due to the media mainly focusing on two opposite parties (Democrat and Republican) on when neither one satisfies on the majority of citizens.

I think is important because we are part of america.

It is important to vote due to every one has a saying in our government.In other words if people vote we say what goes on in our country's streets,goverment, and laws

Porterville, CA
It is important to vote to ensure that the majority really does rule. So many people don't vote that many laws are passed supposedly representing the American people, but really don't. I would not be interested in volunteering at my local precinct. I have not voted in a local election.

Jennifer T.
Voting allows you to "directly" impact government by choosing our nation's leader. We vote for the candidate that we want to see in office, so it reflects our political thoughts, values, and beliefs. We would not be a democracy if citizens were not allowed to vote. If you are given the right and opportunity to vote why not? It is easy and simple. If you don't speak up for what you believe, you won't get what you want.

To be a citizen of this country we have certain rights and privileges. We also have certain responsibilities to be active in positive change. We all contribute to society, either in a positive way or a negative way. That's why it's important to vote because it's the first step of involvement and interaction with our government. If we didn't vote people wouldn't take us seriously, and we would have no right to complain about how our government's being run. Someone else would make decisions for us, and we'd have no voice against them. Your vote is your voice in government. To convince my peers and family members to vote, I would explain the importance of doing so. I'd do my best to get my point across to them clearly, and understandably. I would be interested in volunteering at my local precinct just to experience the voting process considering I’m not old enough to vote. It'd prepare me for when I can actually participate in my government's decisions.

Miss Colby/BHCS
It is extremely important to vote. Without voting one can't have their opinion shown. The vote is a way to show that you care for this country and want to see new ideas come foward for the future.

Miss Colby/Belleville Henderson Central School
It is important to vote because it shows who is more qualified to be a president.

Mr. Rimas/Watertown High School
It is important to vote because you are giving your opinion. It is your dedication to your government. By voting you are showing your interest to the future of your country.

Watertown / MA
Voting is important because it gives everyone the chance to speak out and choose the right person for the presidency.

Because who gets elected affects your future so you need to vote!

Mr. Rimas
It's important to vote because while the President doesn't have complete power over what happens in the government he plays a a major part in it and will act according to where he personally stands.

It's important because it's your future your voting towards and this gives you an opportunity to speak your opinion.

Watertown/ MA
Wilson J
Mr. Rimas
It's important because if you didn't Mitt Romney could have become our president.

Voting is your way of expressing your opinions on issues you would not normally have an opportunity to. This opportunity only happens once a year and it is your way of telling the people who have power what you want to happen. This year had a very high turn out of voters but this should be the turn out every year. Although some people think they should only vote in elections every four years they should really vote every year. As many point out, people in other counties fight for this right and we have it every year. There are many resources to help one learn about the issues so that should certainly not be used as an excuse to not vote. Even though I desperately wanted to vote this election year, I was a year off.

Mr. Rimas/ Watertown High School
I think its good to vote because of voting we might choose the right person so that person might save our country from bad things that happening........

Watertown/ MA
Ariana S
Mr. Rimas
It's important to vote so you have a say in who you want running the country. If you vote it shows that you have a stand in the world- and if you don't vote then you shouldn't be allowed to go against who ever wins since you didn't do your duty as a citizen and vote.

Mr.Rimas/Watertown High School
It is important to vote because because we can choose the person who is good to run the government and it is our right to vote

Watertown / ma
Michael T.
mr.rimas/watertown high school
I think its important to vote because it helps choose the right person for the job they choose and its the right thing to help our citizenship

John Rimas/Watertown High
It is important to vote for many reasons. First of all it is very easy and doesn't require much work. Secondly, you should want to know who will be the next president or town council member will be etc. The only way to cast you're voice on the matter is to vote for who you believe is best fit for the job. The best thing you can do for your country is to vote for who you feel can do the best job. If you dont vote, you are not using youre voice properly. Go out and vote, its easy and the right thing to do!

Watertown, MA
Mr. Rimas/Watertown High School
The leader of the United States of America, otherwise known as Mr. President, is elected by the public as voters choose who they think would do a better job at leading our fine country. America is a democracy and therefore the importance of political awareness and voting is stressed even more. Without voting, the results of who our country thinks should lead us will be flawed and thus might yield a person the majority of the public does not agree with. The more people who vote, the less underrepresented our public we will be and the power the people will have, which is an ideal our Founding Fathers fought for.

Voting allows us the rare opportunity to decide the future of our government on the municipal, state, and federal levels. It may seem like our vote often doesn't count, especially in cases where one candidate is strongly favored over another. However, there have been many instances where the candidate has won by a very small margin, such as the 1974 New Hampshire senate race. Every vote counts. I voted for the first time this year. I enjoyed exercising my right to vote and would volunteer at my local precinct in the future.

I think it is important to vote because it allows you be a part of the voice of America. The purpose of the people voting for their candidate is to see what “America” wants. But what if less and less people voted? People usually choose the candidate that would most likely help them. So why should you let other people choose what you want? Maybe what they choose is not what you want but you would have to deal with it because you didn't take action and voted. I am still not capable of voting because of age requirement, and therefore I do not have an experience to share, but volunteering at my local precinct is something interesting i could do.

Irving Texas
Jasmin T.
Nimitz Bradley
People always complain that the government isn't good, or its never going to go smoothly. I noticed half the people that said those kind of things never voted, never contributed to society, or did anything to make a change. Voting is beyond just important, I think it should be something you have to do as a citizen. As citizens we want so much, we want to be heard and all this but don't want to vote? Voting for whatever it may be, in city hall about where you put your trash on trash day or who you want to be the president. Our vote matters, our vote could be that change that we want to see, not only talk about but actually do something so it can happen!

Rudyard, Mt
Mrs.Campbell / Northstar
Voting is a big deal. Voting for the runners up for president can change, how the government will do. The election is a good thing when its comes to a president. The election outcomes are determined by those who participate and come to vote to. When I went to vote I didn't know what to do, should I vote of Mitt or Obama. Then it hit me, I now who to vote for. Then after I voted and I was so happy that I did and it felt so good and I said to myself "I compliation something in life.

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